Autonomous driving might entirely replace humans when it comes to driving. Hence, it requires new technology, a great deal of testing and great software development. Given it’s an intricate area that needs close collaboration with multiple firms the right IT outsourcing partner is imperative.

Individuals might not pay attention, but they may be driving an autonomous vehicle. The first level identifies automobiles that have driver assistance. The driver is completely responsible but is aided by computers.

While client confidence remains divided the market opportunity for autonomous driving is on the rise.

Market prediction

The market for completely automated vehicles, by 2030 will value roughly $60 billion, based on data by Statista.

Autonomous driving advantages

Why is autonomous driving enjoying such popularity? There are advantages to it that usual cars don’t have.

  • Human and environmental security – more cars, more accidents. But not with autonomous driving. With this technology, human error can be avoided. This brings higher security and functional safety.


  • Cost-effective – because the number of automobiles on the street is constantly on the rise a more effective solution is needed. Autonomous driving seems to bring a lot of new solutions, like cheaper travel, and beneficial conditions to nature. It will also cause fewer traffic jams. It is a win-win for humans and for the greater population.


  • Leasure – with computers taking over driving you can focus on what is really important for you. This could mean more time for your family, yourself or work. With more free time there will be a noticeable productivity rise.



Depending on how much autonomy is given to the vehicle the Society of Automotive Engineering differentiates 5 levels:


  1. Hands-on — with integrated innovative driver-assistance systems, contemporary automobiles assist the drivers while on the street and while parking.


  1. Hands Off – at this degree of freedom the automobile takes on the steering, braking and accelerating. Nonetheless, the driver needs to be prepared to act in the event the automatic system doesn’t react responsibly.


  1. Eyes Off – that degree gives greater liberty to the vehicle and concurrently to the one that drives it too. When driving you can text or watch movies, because the automobile will react instantly when needed, such as in the event of emergency braking. On the other hand, the driver still must be in control.


  1. Mind Off – in this level, the vehicle has a very high autonomy. The driver still must be present, but if he/she isn’t reacting fast enough the automobile will. Additionally, it handles complex situations such as urban driving. However, at this stage, you can temporarily go to sleep.


  1. Entirely Automated – means total autonomy for the vehicle. There is no need for a driver. The automobile will handle any circumstance that a motorist could. That’s the reason why when speaking about this level of autonomy, individuals consider robot taxis.


As time has become our scarcest resource and nature our main worry – autonomous might solve some of our problems. But, it’s still a debated subject and mainly it’s a question of consumer adoption. A study made by Deloitte reveals, that from 2014 the customer tendency for autonomous driving improved in nations like the US and China but has rather decreased in India and South Korea.


Autonomous driving at AROBS

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