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10 Golden Rules From The Designer

Generating a memorable logo is not an art, but science. There are a method and hierarchy to consider before constructing a logo. From choosing colors, fonts, to styles, there’s a lot to do. Then there are technical and psychological aspects to consider as well. In this article, you’ll know 10 golden rules to design an eye-catching and memorable logo straight from the designer.

1. Investigate the Situation

The first thing to do when selecting a logo design is to investigate thoroughly. Know what the brand is about and what it offers. Moreover, keep in mind who the target audience is. A good design will help you get the most out of your product and service. Look for a design that is timeless and won’t fade away with time.

2. Generate an Idea before Designing a Logo

When you know what the brand exactly is about, its values, as well as characteristics, next comes the idea. It is important to keep effective strategies in mind to attract the maximum attention of potential customers. Generating an idea before designing a logo will keep you on track and you’ll know exactly what you need to create.

So grab a cup of coffee, take your time, and think thoroughly. Your goal should always be to provide the best user experience.

3. Work with Sketches in a Black and White Palette

Now when you have creative ideas in mind, take a pencil and paper and start drawing. Let each concept evolve on its own. Try to keep coming up with ideas and don’t get frustrated if they don’t work out well.

Working with sketches at the start can answer all your questions and influence the outcome of new ones. In the end, you may end up with a shape, your brand name, or both.

4. Create a Logo According to the Goals and Objectives

So when you have your brand’s story in hand, it’s time to refine that logo draft. Every brand or business has its unique story that they need to communicate with the customers via the logo. That is exactly what you need to do. Keep the brand’s goals and objectives in mind and move further with these 6 logo designing Myths.

5. Simplify your Logo

Avoid creating something fussy and overdone. Always remember less is more. Therefore, create a logo design as simple as possible. It sounds easy but applying it to your logo is a matter of consistency and patience. Create a minimalistic design while being crafty at the same time. Your brand’s name and idea must be clear to the viewers.

6. Create Outstanding Logos

A logo is the identity of your brand. Your number one goal is to create a graphic and web design to feed people with the information they’re looking for. The logo must be easy to understand and it must make sense of the content. Choose an outstanding design that’s trendy but also timeless. Moreover, make sure you’re ahead of your competitors.

7. See the Logo as a System

A logo is what your brand will use to identify itself. This is what you’ll use on your website, social media, business cards, advertisements, billboards, products, magazines, and whatnot. Your logo must look perfect everywhere. So, before you start using it officially, make sure to know that it looks as good on print ads as it looks on the layout.

8. A Logo is not a Clipart

A logo is not something that you design or change every day. It’s a one-time thing therefore, you must do your best to make it memorable. A logo is not a clipart that you can steal and use. Instead, you must create an authentic design that only belongs to you and your brand. A logo is nothing but science. Besides, make sure to use the right fonts and colors as well.

9. Use Symbols

A good design is beautiful as well as useful. Get as creative as you can and create the best logo. Don’t forget to use symbols that have a positive impact on your target audience. There’s no layout of what a good or bad design looks like. So, make aesthetic designs as per your perception. But make sure to keep the brand’s motive in mind.

10. Make People Smile

People must be able to recognize your brand through your logo. A logo is not just a text, instead, a good logo is what delivers a positive message to the audience. Your color scheme, fonts, symbols, and design, everything must be eye-catching. So, bring life to your brand by creating the best logo.


Creating a logo is not as simple as it seems. However, the more you continue to attempt it, the more you’ll understand how it works. So, if you want to create a new logo, follow the above golden rules as they promise a productive outcome. Therefore, take inspiration, know your brand, and create an aesthetic logo for our brand today.

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