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Your Business Logo is Your Identity, Carve it Right!

A logo is a pictorial or symbolic representation of an idea, a thought, a brand, a product or service, or a business. It is one thing that people will recognize you with, even if they don’t read your name or content. Remember how the
famous company logos of Nike, Apple, Facebook, Coke, Instagram, etc with logo makers. are part of our daily lives, and we recognize them in any context. They represent the corporate image, evoke a sense of familiarity and brand loyalty.

People in general, and even target niche audiences, identify with a logo, and viewers can distinguish similar services from different companies or blogs from different blog writers. A company logo is an intangible asset that is hard to quantify in value and impact.

An excellent business logo Design has a distinct personality and visual impact; it is easy to identify, recall, and channel emotions; it helps promote regular consumption through a lasting association. A logo plays a decisive role in defining a memory point, creating interest, generating a desire for use, or the first impression. If you know how to design your own logo, you can also save on the expensive charges that famous brand and image designers charge.

famous brand and image designers charge.

What does a Great Logo Represent?

How to create a business logo? That’s a million-dollar question. But before answering that, you must know what a great logo represents and what it takes to nurture it.

  1. Identity: An IT company logo or a travel company logo has to represent a unique and different identity without infringing upon others’ trademarks. A unique identity helps to distinguish from competitors, their products, or services.
  2. Relevant: If a startup logo for a tech startup has horses and fairies, it is not appropriate. It should reflect the line of work the company’s involved in, their cultural ethos, their geography, their customers, and their values. A logo is a physical embodiment of their entrepreneurial spirit. So, when you create a blog logo for the blog you have created, make it relevant.
  3. Leadership Role: Logo is present on all the documents, webpages, mobile apps, business cards, stationery, letterheads, products, packaging, and building. It has to assume a leadership role, and cannot convey a meek or cowardly allegory.
  4. Simple: Complex designs, distorted fonts, too long texts, too many symbols all make excellent barriers to effective communication. Never overcrowd your company logo and apply the KISS rule – Keep It Simple, Steve! Only a few elements can help design a visually distinct logo.
  5. Recall Value: If a logo is distinctive and straightforward, most likely, people will attach great recall value with it. Whenever and wherever someone sees your logo, they must say your name; when they see similar shapes, they must recall what you represent; when they see your colors, they must relate to the emotion you conveyed.
  6. Longer Run: Advertisements campaigns, marketing material, and promotions change from time to time, not the brand logo. The brand logo has to be timeless and relevant even in a changing world – the logo has not changed for more than 75 years!

Design Standards for Logos for Blogs and Businesses With Logo Maker

The design of a logo must always meet specific practical standards and convey a perfect representation of the underlying business with the logo maker. Once designed and adopted, a logo will always represent you and your brand; therefore, creating it carefully and with utmost creativity are the most critical tasks. The most interesting question in any business owner is how to design a logo? So, let’s discuss what some essential aspects of excellent logo design are:

The logo maker must remember that content, color, and contrast are the three most important factors for any great design. As a logo would represent a business, three more factor Companies, Customers, and Competitors also come into play. Company logo designs must take care of all these factors, whether they are custom-made or picked from a template.

Remember the logo for Apple or Microsoft. An art designer turns an object or geometrical elements into some abstract concept and uses it as the base shape around which your business logo design is created.

The text in a logo is optional and can be the full name of the blog or the business or product – Standard Chartered bank; it can also be the initials of the name – GE. The text should be in a font that is clear, artistic, and has longevity. The characters in the text can be made translucent, slanted, piled upon each other, or arranged in creative ways. The text MUST ALWAYS be eligible to understand.

Math is integral to design and graphics. Artists have long maintained that the Fibonacci numbers represent a Golden Ratio in graphics, and images have the most significant appeal and approval among the audience. 

After the broad contours and text for your custom logo design are set, it is time to add colors to it to bring it to life. The choice of colors influences recognition, readability, visual effects, messaging, and overall experience. Proper contrast and color coordination help set the mood of the logo – intense, focused, reliable, trustworthy, fun, etc. – and reinforce brand image. You can include color contrast, big/small size contrast, orientation contrast, positive/negative space contrast, etc to make a difference.

Types of Blog Logos

You chose a niche, to set up your blog, and need to put final touches before going live. With the design, content, and images for the main blog done and out of the way, so the time came to put the icing on the cake with a cool logo. You will use the logo on your social media channels/accounts/pages – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. – to popularize your blog and enhance the personal brand. Your logo will also be used as the favicon on browser pages.

Established and professional designers can charge very high fees for designing your logo. Being the artists that they are may not even consider your actual and full requirements in the design outcomes. The other option is to go DIY! But not all people are artistic and can visualize multiple designs and associate them with the brand identity. Amplify your brand with Logo design templates effortlessly using PhotoADKing

There are three main types of blog logos – Icon-based, text-based, and hybrid-logos containing both texts and symbols.

Logos from Design Templates

In such a scenario, the logo design template services of PhotoADKing come to your aid and rescue. If you wish to make a good logo for your business, then you must first read our logo design blog and later try our free logo maker to sample our services. Our online logo maker tool has more than 10K design templates to suit all kinds of themes and needs.

The steps to how to make a business logo are elementary:

  1. Keyword Search: Search using the keywords that most suitably represent your work, theme, and ideas.
  2. Take a Template: Depending on the search results, the PhotoADKing logo maker will suggest many templates that you can choose for the appealing visual senses.
  3. Enter Text: Enter your blog, business, or brand name and an optional tagline to the template.
  4. Select Fonts: The fonts play a critical role in a clear and understandable logo design. We offer hundreds of creative and unique fonts to go with your blog logos.
  5. Choose Iconography: Select icons and shapes to go with your text to complete the logo design. Try different options of placing the text above, below, or over the icons/shapes to get the desired effect.
  6. Add Colors: Colors of the icons, shapes, text, and background can be customized to blend and represent the mood you wish to convey.
  7. Preview & Save: Preview the logo in a separate window before saving it for final use. Once you are satisfied, save your logo for free.

Logo Design Templates by Industry

PhotoADKing has a wide variety of logos to go with blogs, websites, and stationery categorized by industries and sectors to which your blog or business belongs. Some of the more used and downloaded logo design belongs to the following industries on PhotoADKing:

  1. Accounting firm logos – It is easy to create unique logos for your accounting software or even an accounting firm with the right templates.
  2. Apparel Store logos – Brand your clothing store with no hard work using PhotoADKing’s apparel store logos Maker. You can modify our templates and get your brand new logo in just a few clicks!
  3. Bakery logos – An elegant bakery logo is sure to have your customers coming in seconds. Your bakery logo should precisely define to clients what your specialty is.
  4. Construction logos – Each construction logo is modified for your Construction Company. PhotoADKing offers free logo templates to motivate you to no limits.
  5. Fitness logos – Whether you’re a personal fitness trainer, gym, or launching fitness apparel, our logo maker will make exclusive logos.
  6. Hair salon logos – Hair salon logos best fits makeup artists, hairdressers, hair styling product suppliers, and many more.

Why Choose PhotoADKing for logo design services?

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