If you have decided to invest in an air conditioning system for your business, you are not alone. Many business owners have made the same investment, particularly in areas like Kent, and they can honestly tell you that their investment has paid off in terms of better efficiency, comfort, health and safety, and more. A proper air conditioning system can do wonders for your business and make your customers want to come back. But this investment can be a big one depending on the size of the space, so you would want to ensure that you make the right decision regarding the air conditioning system you choose. But with all the options, it can be quite confusing, especially when coupled with industry jargon. Here, then, is your essential guide to your top three choices in air conditioning systems for your business.

1. A single air conditioner or unit

Small businesses have long used a single air conditioner or unit, and it is an ideal solution if your business space is small. Business owners opt for such units because they are not as expensive as other types of air conditioners, and they can also be easier and quicker to install. You can opt for a portable one, which means you can easily transport it from one room to another. But that said, you also have to think about the unit’s weight, which can make it more difficult to move from room to room. It’s a solution that can be simple and quick, but be mindful of another aspect: it may not be as effective at controlling indoor temperature compared to other types of units.

2. A split-type unit

Split-type air conditioning units have become a more common sight in recent years; business owners often use them for compact or smaller spaces and for cooling and heating individual spaces or rooms. A split-type system is specially designed for you to use in a separate area. For instance, you may only want air conditioning on the shop floor of your retail store, or you may only need air conditioning for a meeting or conference room. Split-type systems come with a compressor, and this is installed outdoors. You can choose to mount the actual unit that will pass air into your premises on a wall, or you can have a floor-standing unit.

Split-type systems are more robust and powerful than single type units, and they make less noise, as confirmed by air conditioning in Kent professionals like Sub Cool FM. Such a system can also be less expensive than other AC systems because you only need to buy and install a single unit.

3. A multi-split system

A multiple-split system is much like a single split-type system, but you can connect several AC units to one unit containing the compressor outdoors. With this, you can independently control the temperature for each room where you have had the indoor unit installed. It is perfect for providing both cooling and heating for individual spaces or rooms, and it is also ideal for premises that don’t have much space for a ducted system. This system offers more flexibility and choice because you can have indoor components for different areas, from ceiling installations to floor-standing components to wall-mounted units and more.