Would you prefer to do one call rather than a hundred messages? On-line video conferencing is your greatest asset. It is very easy to organize it by yourself. To do so, sign up a profile, open a negotiation room in your private office and share the link to this room with your colleagues. It is in the room that the video call will be held.

The iMind only has two demands: you have at least one Internet connection and a device plugged into it. Phone, laptop, pc, tablet doesn’t really matter. Use whatever device with a display, sound speaker, mic, and an Internet access for online video conferencing.

The operational system also does not matter: iTunes, Mac, iOS, and Android, Linux – the iMind works wherever up-to-date browsers work.

Among other things, iMind, as a corporate video conferencing service, takes the security question really hard.

Terms of Using iMind for Online Video Conferencing

No need to install a special application for videoconferencing in iMind. No extra downloads or installs! Make the call online with iMind simply through the browser.

Move participants around on your mobile phone by simply clicking on the participants. Toggle between species by sliding your finger across your screen. You might find a chat text on the right and a mosaic of participants on the left. That leaves an open space in the center for the primary active listener.

If you like, you can download the attachment as well. It’s more handy to have the startup icon handy rather than open the website every single time. It runs the same as the desktop browser version.

Connecting a Video Conference at the Link

Suppose you have your hands full or you’re in a hurry: cooking, cleaning, or just running to work with a heavy bag. At this unfortunate moment comes an invitation to a video call. What to do? You just need to click on the link!

Yes, that’s the 1-click. Click on the invitation link and you will immediately find yourself in a conference! A “waiting room” function will protect you from uninvited guests.

Advantages of Registering with iMind

You don’t have to register and create an account to communicate, but registered users have more opportunities. For example, there are the following benefits:

  • Recording Meetings;

Without registration, a conference record cannot be linked to the conference organizer.

  • Name Availability;

You don’t have to enter a name before every meeting. It will be automatically substituted from your profile. Without registration, you’ll either get a random name or have to write your name every time you enter the conference.

  • Publish your Cover Photo;

Without registration your avatar will be just the 2 letters of your first and last name.

  • To Create a Conference.

To create a conference, you must register. That way you automatically get a free conference plan. It comes with 1 free room.

Create conferences with iMind and enjoy the process of meeting!


So, your room for a quality conference is ready.

For example, calling a video conferencing session for doing business is not very different from calling your parents on a video call. The essence is exactly the same – a video call in which everyone you see and listen to. However, there are still additional eligibility requirements for conducting commercial conversations.

Now all that remains is to select the attendees, and correctly figure out the efficiency of an online appointment.