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Your Best Guide to the Ideal AV Equipment for Different Events

Whether you are planning to host and organise a conference, a public speaking event, or an awards show or ceremony, you need to have the proper AV equipment for it. And you may already know that not all events are equal – some events may have varying needs from others, and there are those which place a priority on different kinds of AV equipment to make the event more successful and relevant. Choosing your event venue is vital, and you also need to sort through all the other elements associated with your event – these are already a given – but your AV equipment will make a tremendous difference as well. Here is your best guide to the ideal AV equipment for different events.

  1. For a conference

Most of the conferences which are done today will follow a similar style and format, and your attendees will often be seated at a banquet- or theatre-style venue, or sometimes, they can be seated in a u-shape or in a classroom style. But more often than not, the speakers will be up on a stage, or a particular area in one corner or side of the venue. When you choose your AV equipment for a conference, keep in mind that the main purpose and goal of conferences is to give information. While there may be various activities, such as group exercises or team building, your conference’s main purpose will most likely be to inform. With this, your AV equipment should be clear, reliable, and easy to hear or see. For conferences and other events, your best bet would be an expert AV hire company.

You want to have a PA system for your conference, which usually includes amplifiers, microphones, mixers, speakers, and other related AV equipment. The PA system will be based on the size of your event and its venue, but you should also think about the preferences of your presenters. Some might want a wireless microphone, for example. Speakers will typically be part of a PA system, but for this, think about the various sounds you need to be amplified. For instance, will you have visual or audio components in the presentations? Do you want audio or music to play in areas such as breakout rooms and during the registration process? These will all have a big impact on the equipment you require.

You may also need projectors, and there are plenty of versions out there, so choose yours as carefully as possible. A projection screen will also be necessary as they work with projectors, and when selecting one, think about the size of the event, the number of your attendees, and the size of your venue. For a smaller conference, you may want to consider plasma or LED screens, which are ideal for smaller spaces.

  1. For an awards night or ceremony

Once again, you want a PA system with various microphones, from wireless ones to wired ones for the awardees to make their thank-you speeches. DJ equipment may be another consideration since many awards nights or ceremonies are succeeded by a party or other celebration. Get a good DJ with the proper equipment, but remember that they may need additional technical support based on the venue. For visual equipment, go for screens and a projector. A presentation screen may be a nice addition if you want the nominees’ and winners’ names announced on the screen. Awards nights are also a good time for companies to talk about updates, so a projector and screen may then be essential. Lighting can also be another important consideration, whether you’re thinking of disco lights or spotlights. Awards events usually make use of stage lighting for highlighting the event’s hosts and winners, and you may want special effects as well.

Another consideration would be a stage, and some venues will have one built-in, but some will not. You may want to think of a stage section or a modular stage which you can hire so you can easily choose the size of the stage and its layout for your event.

  1. For a public speaking event

A public speaking event may also have set requirements for AV, and whether your event is a large business meeting within your company or a lecture, the AV equipment you choose should be focused on the event’s speakers so they can impart whatever information they need to impart in an easy and professional way.

For this, you also need a PA system, but it’s even more important to choose the right one. Think about the number of guest speakers you will have, and if there is any spontaneous or instant participation from the audience (this would require additional microphones). Would you also need facilities for playing audio or video from a laptop or other devices?

Screens and projectors may also be a necessity to display the visuals of your speakers’ presentations. If your event is big, you would need a large projector of higher quality and a larger screen so all the guests and attendees will clearly see the content. Smaller events can benefit from plasma or LED screens, and you can easily hire these screens from your chosen AV equipment specialist as well.

It may also be quite helpful to have a display screen or two at your event, as these can show content such as info on the speakers or marketing ads for your company. You can hire these as panels and make them functional as well. Aside from this, you might want to consider scenery and sets to enhance your event’s tone. Conference or staging panels are a good choice, and you can hire them as a stock option or as a bespoke, customised setup. These will also work in relation to your AV equipment to create a more seamless, smooth experience for everyone.

Regardless of the event you’re planning to have, you need the proper AV equipment for it so it can run without any hitch. The best AV providers should be able to give you sound and expert advice and don’t hesitate to ask them about what you really require.

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