Be ready to meet the changes in the industry’s only thing to decide the survivability in the industry. When you look into the food industry, growing technology innovations and the customer demands introduces the new changes day by day. The purchases and delivery are now shifted from customer’s hands to the marketplace. Efficiency and convenience are the two major things observed on the customer side. Fast processing the orders and how far easily delivered goods to the needy customers lies in the market side. 

Technology acts as a good platform to bridge the gap between customers and restaurants through the influence of mobile applications. Upon the competitive race, acquiring and retaining the potential customers in the long-term is a crucial factor for the restaurant owners. Tie up of the restaurant owners with the aggregators or the delivery partners to process and deliver the orders quickly. 

Putting so many choices on the customer side creates the intensified competition on the aggregator site. This blog brings some unique pinpoints regarding the creation of margin, how the technology trends impacted on margin, what are the realities of the food industry to win the competitive race. 

Meet Up Opportunity on Margin Among Restaurants/Aggregators

The interesting crossroads of the food ordering and delivery industry are the restaurants and the aggregators. The unawareness of one on the other has a huge impact on the supply chain. Ignorance of the usage of mobile devices and the digitization in the processing also affects the quality of service provided to the customers through the suitable on-demand food ordering system.   In general, there are two operating modes available. One is aggregator centric and the other is restaurant centric. 

In both the operating modes, customers are the deciding factors for winners or losers. If the restaurants are on board, they are responsible for the high-density supply and tried out the first place over the aggregators. Alternatively, the aggregators earn the money in the following ways:

  • Order processing fee
  • Delivery fee
  • Demand or marketing fee

The one particular way of making an opportunity on the margin is a marketing fee. But, in practice, there is no need for the marketing of brand items. Alternatively, placing the brand items on the aggregator board attracts more consumers and delivers the consumer brands quickly.  Recently evolving delivery only kitchens (Ghost kitchens) expand the existing restaurant capacity, control over their margin to add the incremental volume to the business. 

Look Out Technology Trends 2020 in the Food industry

Being updated with technology trends is one way to attract a huge volume of customers. With the recent evolution of ghost kitchen or virtual kitchen, customers can easily purchase the orders through the third party service. Besides, some specific trends are highlighted in this section. 

Self Service Kiosks will make more precise ordering and assure the good customer experience. Employing automated systems in place of humans reduces the errors in the ordering side and it offers the big relief to restaurant owners on staff shortage problems. 

Using Big data in the food delivery industry, one can easily track the customer preferences and difficulties they are facing while using the software. The mobile app development companies try to look out the big data evolution and make the necessary changes in the development process

Businesses can’t fulfill until the transactions are over. But, the drastic increase of fraudulent activities makes the question of whether transactions are in a secure environment. Cryptocurrency, a digital payment module that acts as a better interface for transactions. Making payment through the cryptocurrency features enhances the customer experience in the future. 

Going Eco-friendly with Zero waste concept pressurizes the traditional packaging restaurants to turn into the eco-friendly packing and assure the unique designs. Ban plastic and the use of reusable cotton bags for packing and delivering the items are the recent evolving concepts to preserve the environment. 

To make a cost-effective business, the major trend that suits very well nowadays is to use Cloud-based restaurant systems. With the aggressive features like the less expensive hardware, easy software upgrades, and remote operating feasibility, the use of cloud-based restaurant systems offers plenty of perks like tracking sales, menu planning, sales forecast and making fine decisions on employees’ performance.

What Future World Renovates the Food Industry?

Growing trends also increases the numerous challenges to the startup owners in the on-demand food delivery industry. Some of the top challenges are competing with giant players, gaining loyal customers and delivering on the timeline. Finding solutions for these challenges is necessary for the new business venture is necessary to win the race. 

Entering into the untouched regions is one way of gaining a huge customer base across the local regions initially. By satisfying them in a unique way, the expansion of the customer base irrespective of the region limits is achieved. This directly leads to gain high familiarity and makes you a good competitor. 

Offering deals, promo codes to the customers and making the delivery to the remote area are attractive solutions to earn customer loyalty. Creating awareness among the restaurant partners and aggregators to distribute the information across the customers is the necessary thing and this brings a special feel to the customers. 

Employing a Last-mile delivery solution in the startup is the required solution to meet the delivery timeline challenges. Acquiring this solution involves a specific concentration on including some real-time features like optimizing the routes, in-app alerts, real-time status updates, in the mobile app solution.

With the above solutions, the future of the food industry transforms its area into the following three dimensions.

  • Bringing the convenience level in the customer side is the not seen model on the battle of the marketplace since the customer expectations are ever-changing 
  • Evolving of a wide range of commercial models spurring the technological innovations and the fast consumer changes
  • Food ordering and delivery systems should understand their roles and how far they are going to have interacted with the peoples through mobile apps.

Bring the Realities of Food Industry Close to Eyes

So far, you know that winning the food race is not an easier thing and requires specific changes in the processing and delivery styles. On the birds-eye view, the pinpoints listed in the above look like enough. But, when you look deeply, some more realities close to your eyes.  

Battleground changes are the first reality to be understood. Nowadays, customers have made their interactions on common food priorities like local or organic across social media platforms. Need for assessing the feasibility of products on diverse stages like raw ingredients, hot or cold. Finally, the inclusion of an array of value-based options that makes the products come to consumers wherever. 

Enabling digital transformation is an essential thing. Startup players involved in the battle need to create a suitable platform that opens up multi-sided restaurant internetworks, supplier collaboration, integrated services for capturing the revenues, utilizing the opportunities of the margin between the owners and aggregators. A specific prototype and the new technology in the delivery process are required to gain better customer experience. 

Making Strategic discussions with the customers in the delivery journey and bring attractive changes in the design aspects of the application. Creating a user-friendly experience with the combination of real-time needs resolved the customer pains in a better way.

Providing Modernizations renovate the food ordering and delivery system with the inclusion of secure payments, optimization of routes, in-app conversations, scheduling the deliveries for special occasions and business events, and tracking feasibility strengthen the supply chain. The strong supply chain supported the winning in the race. 

With this blog, entrepreneurs who have the passion to recreate the food ordering and delivery platform gained some unique points and the realities in the industry. The growing technology trends also widened up the delivery process into multi-levels. The top three challenges to meet up in the market and what are the self preparations are needed to cope up with are highlighted. Unawareness of where to start and where to get the advice is the common thing for the new startup owners. It is suggested that you can approach suitable consultation services to transform your idea into a profitable business.