Social media is a critical part of any business’ social media strategy.  Let’s face it – it’s now used as a search engine in itself, and is an outlet where prospective clients will seek information about your company and what you do.  There is the saying “people buy people” – which is why we will talk about why it’s essential employees are involved in your social media strategy.

People Buy People

When considering making a purchase, or using a service – people are now far more geared than before to ensuring they have a background of the business, who they are and what they are about.  By featuring your employees on social media posts – it allows them to build up a picture of what your company looks like, and the culture behind it.  They are then far more likely to buy into your product or service.

They Have their Own Connections to Tap Into

Businesses can definitely be accused of forgetting that employees have their own connections outside the business.  It could be friends or family, contacts from previous roles – or just friends of friends that could be worthwhile reaching.  Social media for advocacy is a great way to expand reach without an ad spend budget.   This can work particularly well for B2B social media channels such as LinkedIn.

It Allows you to Celebrate your Employees

Although it may be the case that you celebrate your employees internally, it’s good to shout about their achievements to make them feel valued.  If a member of your team has completed training, been promoted or even done something that’s important to them in their personal life such as raising money for charity – don’t be scared to let the social media world know about it. It will make them feel noticed, and actually these are the types of posts that tend to go down well.

It Includes them as Part of your Overall Strategy

In order for employees to be truly engaged, they want to feel involved in what’s going on with the company strategy.  If they are able to share their opinions and insight, and perhaps have a say in some of the content that is being pushed out – you are going to get some great ideas and much better results.  As well as this, you will have a team that feels heard.

It Makes for More Diverse Content

Businesses that post purely promotional material on social media tend to do less well.  We need to remember it is called “social” media for a reason.  The content calendar you push out should be mixed and diverse to garner interest and to make it more digestible to anybody who finds themselves scrolling on your corporate profiles.

The key thing to remember is that people do care about the faces behind the business, and they are interested in having them as part of the content, and hearing from them as individuals – not just as part of the corporate channels.