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Which advertising method has the highest audience retention rates?

Our attention spans are decreasing at unprecedented rates, and businesses are beginning to question how advertising works in the here and now. In the past, you could find adverts over a minute or two long! With the rise of short-streaming platforms such as TikTok, an advert that lasts a minute might be a minute too long. In the last decade alone, the attention span of the average customer has decreased from 12 seconds to 8. The question remains: how do you retain the attention of your audience, making sure they take notice of your product or service, and want to purchase it? We’ve done some research of our own, and uncovered the advertising method with the highest audience retention rates. Read on for more.

TV Advertisement

It’s easy to think, with our high-tech phones and streaming services, that TV advertising and other old-school ways of attracting customers have fallen out of fashion. Fortunately, you couldn’t be more wrong! With TV advertisement, it’s simple statistics. Millions upon millions of people tune into TV at least once a day, often for hours at a time. Whether they watch live shows, recorded programmes or the latest news, their eyes will land on your advert at one point or another. Adverts are a brief reprieve between lengthy TV shows, and the catchiest adverts become ingrained in the minds of your audience for years to come, appealing to even the shortest of attention spans.

In all actuality, this brief attention span can serve to enhance the effectiveness of your TV advertisement, rather than the other way round. 87% of 16 to 34-year-olds use a mobile device while watching TV; although their attention is split between devices, once an advertisement catches their eye, they are far more likely to search for the advertisement they have seen or the product itself, online. Regardless, customer traffic is driven towards your business for the better.

It is important to synergise between the TV advertisement you use, and any digital marketing campaigns you release. Once customers begin noticing your brand on television and on their phones (in the palm of their hand!), you’ll notice a pronounced uptick in business. Saturating the market to a reasonable degree greatly helps retain audience attention in the long-run.

Indeed, TV advertisement isn’t the only tried-and-tested advertisement out there, although it does have the highest audience retention rates! Email marketing and social media marketing prove particularly useful, too.

We must reinstate that, it’s – more often than not – better to expand your advertisement across every potential method, from social media to television. Certainly, customers don’t want to be overwhelmed with images of your business – that gets old, fast! Nevertheless, a wide coverage ensures you reach every potential sector of your customer demographic.

Ultimately, TV advertisement is always something to fall back on. As the age old saying goes, if it’s not broken, don’t fix it! For years, TV advertisement has proven wildly effective, and it will continue to do so.

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