If you have spaces that with a lot of electronics or areas that provide secure spots to store important documents, investing in FE-36 fire extinguishers is a smart move. Designed to release an agent that discharges as a liquid and flashes to a gas, this type of clean agent fire extinguishers helps to minimize the potential for damage while still providing the protection that you want. Here are some ideas of where to place these kinds of extinguishers.

Communication Rooms

Sometimes called a server room or a telecommunications room, this is the area that serves as the hub for all of your communication needs. Given the nature of the equipment that’s housed in the space, you do want to bring any type of fire under control as quickly as possible. You also want to avoid liquids that might damage servers and other key equipment within the space. This type of clean agent fire extinguisher will do just that.


Museums have displays that often contain valuable artwork, artifacts, and other elements that must be protected. They are also structures that are likely to make use of electronic surveillance equipment, alarms, and devices that are designed to prevent theft. Should a fire break out, having an FE 36 fire extinguisher on hand reduces the risk of damaging the electronics as well as the items that are currently on display.

Archive Facilities

Archives are maintained in all sorts of structures. From municipal buildings to schools and colleges to historical societies, there may be items archived that are impossible to replace. You can bet that keeping a clean agent extinguisher in each critical area of the building will make it easier to stop a fire from spreading. That in turn means less potential damage to various types of collections.


From research facilities to laboratories found in institutions of higher learning, the potential for a fire to develop is quite real. All it takes is one piece of electrical equipment to malfunction and a blaze can begin. It’s good to know that the FE 36 clean agent fire extinguisher can keep the fire at bay and allow people to exit the building quickly.

Document Rooms

Documents are found in many different types of facilities. Some of them may be kept in areas with around the clock digital surveillance as well as other equipment designed to discourage break-ins. If something goes awry and a fire breaks out, you need something that will bring it under control without damaging the equipment or the documents. You can bet that a cleanguard extinguisher will provide the aid that is needed.


Bank personnel rely heavily on technology to get things done today. From the timers on vaults to safety measures in the areas where safe deposits boxes are located to managing the main floor of the facility, there are quite a few electronic systems present. In the event of a fire, some forms of extinguishers could cause a lot of damage to those areas. With the aid of FE-36 clean agent fire extinguishers placed in the right areas, there’s less of a chance of injury or damage.

Do you have high-value assets that need to be protected in the event of a fire? Now is the time to determine how many extinguishers are needed and where to place them. Once you have an idea of the number, take a look at what’s offered at HerbertWilliams.com in the way of fire safety equipment. All it takes is one event to make the expense worth every penny.