You had a long tiring day. You went through your boss’s clattering or maybe your tutor’s bragging. All you want to do now is go home and lay down on your bed after a long and calm bath in the tub. Sounds good, right?

But what if when you come back home, the sheets on the bed are as dirty as they can be because they have not been washed? Or the bathroom tiles are laced with dirt because someone forgot to change the slippers before going in?

This is a scary scenario for every one of us and a nightmare for Ablutophobics! It is why cleaning becomes very important.

The picture of a messy house that I painted above is proof enough that having a clean environment aids in achieving peace of mind.

It’s not only a chore; it’s a war! And if you just decided to make this a necessary part of your life, we will guide you about all the ammunition you might need to go on this war against dirt!

  1. A Proper Strategy

No wars are won without a sensible plan. Cleaning is exhausting and not a onetime thing. You will have to incorporate it into your routine in a way that it does not clash with any other activities as it can take up a lot of your time.

Especially if you were not very disciplined before, the first time you pick up a broom to clean your house would be quite a challenge for you. You wouldn’t know where to start.

In this case, you can take help from a house cleaning guide. It will tell you how to begin with your newly taken hobby and which areas you should clean first.

Many people opt for “room by room” cleaning, which ultimately ends up being too time-consuming. A smart plan can be quicker and more effective.

Making a proper plan should help you not get bored, and even if it does, a good selection of songs should boost your mood. Call it the “Germophobic Album.”

  1. Appropriate Weapons for Better Aiming

How do you think you can win without an appropriate arsenal? There is no chance that you can wipe off the dirt (quite literally) without proper tools.

For instance, if you are trying to clean the surfaces of your room, bathroom, or lounge, the best choice would be a ‘microfiber cloth.’ It is soft and goes easy on the surfaces. Hence it does not result in scratches.

Similarly, different types of brushes can be used to get rid of embedded grimes. And there are multiple options to use, such as; scrubbing brush, hand brush, or stove brush.

Brooms are quite effective when it comes to clean the dust or strands of hair on the floor.  In comparison, a vacuum cleaner is easy to operate and requires minimal effort and sucks up the dirt giving you a clean house.

  1. To See And Tackle The Real Enemy

Many times in a battle, we hurry to defeat the visible enemy and fail to see the real one. Well, in this battle, the real enemy is the germs.

You do not only need to make sure that your house is shining, but also that if you were able to cleanse it or not. Studies show that using antibacterial products can make an immense difference in the long run.

If you have children or the senile age group in your house, then it is recommended that you switch to these products to ensure better health of your family.

  1. Wear Your Armor

You will never see a warrior going on a battle without his armor. Then why should you? Before getting in such proximity to the dirt and germs, make sure you have your cleaning uniform with you.

It includes rubber gloves to ensure you do not contaminate your hands while cleaning. Also, cotton shirts prove to be excellent tops to ensure unrestricted and comfortable movements. As the job is lengthy, it is always wise to wear the most comfortable attire.

Denim pants are a sensible choice when it comes to lowers. It is because of the thickness. It is much more durable and prevents the harmful substances of the cleaning products ruining your feet.

  1. Find The Best, Remove The Rest

Sometimes, leaders have to decide whether something, in particular, will be beneficial or not. Not every time, everything can be accommodated.

Similarly, to ensure that your cleaning is perfect and you do not have to put in the same efforts again entirely, it’s wiser to sort out your stuff. Give away the things you do not need so that your area looks less jammed and gives a neater look.

Final words

In conclusion, being the head of the house asks for hard work and patience. Just like soldiers lookout for their territory, you need to look out for your family.

Having a neat and clean space to live is extremely important. It’s hard and will take time to blend it into your routine. But given a strong will and these prerequisites, you can beat Monica from Friends!