As an accredited residential treatment center, Elevations RTC in Utah has solidified themselves as one of the top choices for students looking to get back on track. Teenagers dealing with a wide array of challenges count on Elevations RTC to provide the proper care and guidance to build a healthier future.

Elevations proudly displays on its website that they are an accredited residential treatment center. Not every residential treatment center is accredited, but does that matter? Elevations RTC believes that there are several reasons why accredited options are the only way to go for families wanting the best results for their children. It starts with quality leadership and integrity to provide quality clinical care to families. Maintaining a high standard is also crucial for a reputation to stay strong.

Quality Leadership

Accreditation is something no residential treatment center should take for granted. It is essentially a process to give families the assurance they need to make the right decision for their teenager. Proper leadership is crucial, as making the suitable hires and putting the right system into place is the building blocks for a successful program.

Leadership at Elevations RTC also goes through every single organization that works directly with the students. If an organization does not have a student’s best interests in mind, they are immediately disconnected from the program.

The industry is always evolving, and leadership comes in the way of making proper decisions. For a residential treatment center to stay highly rated, it must grow with everyone else. Adding new features and learning opportunities is one major plus to look for with any accredited program. A program that refuses to evolve will lose its accreditation.


Sending a child to a residential treatment center can be one of the scariest times for a family. In essence, families are trusting strangers with helping get a teenager back on track with proper care. Working with any program lacking accreditation can be a huge gamble. They do not have to adhere to the same rules, and their tactics usually have a minimal proven track record. On top of everything, some of the practices can be controversial.

Elevations RTC offers complete transparency with everything that takes place on campus. Families are encouraged to ask questions and make visits to the campus before enrolling. When a child is on campus, there are opportunities for family members to visit and get the follow-up information needed to feel more at ease.

Commitment to success

Like any program, success helps to build reputations. It also allows programs to keep their accreditation. Elevations RTC works extremely hard and uses many different tactics to get through to each individual. By crafting a specialized version of the program for each student, the chance of success goes up. Many programs that are lacking accreditation will not have the resources or the time to offer such personalization. Instead, they rely on standard tactics meant to work on the majority of students.

Elevations RTC accepts the challenge they face with individual students. When other organizations might feel the desire to give up, Elevations RTC is working hard for a solution that sticks. Families should only trust a program that is willing to go above and beyond to help every student. All teachers are experienced, fully licensed, and meet with students daily. Small class sizes and having the opportunity to personalize plans show a commitment towards finding the right solution to help a child anyway possible.