The hospitality management sector encompasses a variety of job roles, from hotel events and catering management to business development and marketing. Obtaining a degree in hospitality management provides you with the skills and knowledge for a successful career in a range of fields. Let’s look at some job options which are directly related to a hospitality management degree.

  • Regional chef – Regional chefs experiment with different ingredients and come up with new dishes for restaurants within a specific region. These professionals create the steps of each recipe that are worked upon by other chefs who know the culture of those locations well. This is to ensure every process comes out in a suitable manner. Additionally, they may also be responsible for sourcing ingredients, finding new equipment for the restaurant and planning fresh menus for each season.


  • Cabin crew – Cabin crew employees are accountable for ensuring that all the passengers are safe and secure before, during and after a flight. These professionals specialise in providing a high standard of customer care, making sure that the passengers are aware of safety procedures. They perform pre-flight checks to ensure that security equipment is working properly, as well as making sure that passengers follow safety procedures at the time of an emergency. These professionals should possess the ability to remain calm during an emergency and be capable of dealing with a large number of people at the same time.


  • Catering manager – Catering managers lead teams of chefs and catering assistants. They are responsible for planning, administering and supervising an organisation’s catering operations and services. These professionals also work to monitor the quality of the food and service and make sure that their outlets are performing at their best. The primary focus of catering managers is to achieve good quality service within a budget and maintaining high standards of hygiene and customer satisfaction.


  • Head of housekeeping – Head housekeepers carry out a wide variety of roles on a day-to-day basis, such as supervision, training and collaborating with staff members to ensure all hotel rooms are of the expected standard and in the best condition. They are highly proficient in dealing with materials suppliers and overseeing stocktakes, budgets and maintaining reports and safety audits.


  • Casino property general manager – Casino property general managers juggle a range of responsibilities while focusing on generating profit for the casino. In addition to ensuring the efficient operation of a casino, these professionals are also responsible for taking into consideration that the casino and its employees comply with government regulations, while the casino is earning a profit.

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