Productivity of Employees

How Is Productivity Defined?

Productivity is the measure of efficiency in production. It is the ratio between the inputs to their outputs.  But in terms of employees productivity is measured differently.

There are different parameters and methods to find out the productivity of employees working in any company. Employees must be considered as one of the major assets of the company because the people, machines cannot perform anything. They cannot function the way things are to be used or most importantly if the employees are not efficient who will assemble the machines and so on. This all needs employees in form of office employees or labor. Both of them together helps a firm or industry to stand on it. It will not be wrong to say here that

“Employees are the ones who make it or break it.”

The reason is workforce have a chief role in taking the firm to its success. A company is unable to reach its goals and aims until and unless its employees indulge in doing so.

The employees must be working in a manner that their personal goals and companies’ goals go hand-in-hand. This is an environment that leads the workers to stay sincere with their work and company. Many of the employees who are seeking better opportunities leave the firms timely, which is not a good sign for the firm and the employee itself.

A firm must retain its old employees so that they stay sincere, their wages and working load should be kept into consideration. In order to gain advantage from these employees firms takes several actions and form methodologies.


Factors Impacting Productivity Positively

To briefly describe the factors which affect the productivity, some points are given below:

  • Organizational factors
  1. Working Environment
  2. Policies
  3. Employee satisfaction


  • Production Factors
  1. Sufficient material
  2. Availability of resources
  3. Adequate workforce
  4. Ratio of input to output
  5. Sales
  6. Demand and supply


  • Management Factors
  1. Relation between employees and managers
  2. Relation between employees to employees
  3. Job description
  4. Who reports to whom
  5. Guidance


  • Personnel Factors
  1. Task completion
  2. Job satisfaction
  3. Job achievement
  4. Multitasking ability
  5. Self motivation


  • Finance Factors
  1. Salaries
  2. Bonuses
  3. Wages per day
  4. Yearly bonuses
  5. Commissions



Factors Impacting Productivity Negatively

  • Lack of training
  • Improper policies
  • Lack of managerial skills
  • No leader only managers
  • Bossy nature of managers
  • Lack of guidelines
  • Lack of relations
  • Lack of information transfer
  • Salaries are not satisfactory
  • Bonuses are not issues yearly
  • Commissions are not market competitive
  • Employee’s satisfaction not meet
  • Environment is unfriendly


It is noticed that the workforce in government institutions easily engage themselves in corruption, which turns the outcomes to a minimum. The politicians are the ones who influence these government officials.  Hence, the development of the whole country suffers a great deal. Recently, in Lebanon the people are protesting against the corruption taking place within the government sectors and the politicians. The productivity of the country is destroying and the law makers are not making any attempt to punish the workforce in the government departments. with the intention that some sort of change can be noticed to improving the productivity  of employees.


It is very necessary to maintain a proper management inside a firm. Otherwise a firm will go through many hardships and corruption cases. The workforce makes the firm a firm without them none of the companies can reach to their successful paths.