Best WEBFLOW ALTERNATIVES will be described in this article. Webflow is a website builder designed specifically for web designers and doesn’t require any coding knowledge. The drawback is that it’s expensive and has a steep learning curve, so it’s not really for beginners. Better and more affordable website creation options are provided by these user-friendly Webflow alternatives.

500+ customisable website templates are available. The best all-around Webflow substitute is WordPress, which offers all the customisation options available in Webflow while being less expensive and simpler to use. Runner-up: Wix, which offers stunningly functional websites that are really simple to create.

The world’s top ecommerce software vendor, Shopify, is the best solution for creating online storefronts. The most affordable site builder for building your first professional blog or online portfolio as well as a small business website is Zyro, which is the most cheap alternative to Webflow. The most crucial thing is to be aware of what you want from your site and take your budget into account because there are so many possibilities available.

WordPress is unquestionably a wonderful option if you’re looking for a Webflow competitor that offers the most features and customization choices while being less expensive. Squarespace and Wix come to the rescue if you’re searching for a simple drag-and-drop builder with excellent functionality and aesthetics.

Last but not least, I suggest Zyro or Site123 if you have a tight budget and want a simpler website. You can now create a professional-looking website or eCommerce store without having any coding or web development experience.

Webflow is a website builder designed specifically for web designers and doesn’t require any coding knowledge. The drawback is that it’s expensive and has a steep learning curve, so it’s not really for beginners.

Webflow alternatives can help with it. These are user-friendly website builders that anyone may use, regardless of their level of professional experience.

Top 7 Official Webflow Alternatives In 2024

Top 7 BEST And Official WEBFLOW ALTERNATIVES are explained here.

1. WordPress.org 


Open-source and cost-free to use, WordPress

There are more than 10.000 themes and plugins available.

With 42% of ALL websites running on WordPress.org, it is the most popular CMS (content management system) online.

You can download and instal the free CMS and website builder software from WordPress.org on your computer and customise it however you like.

Any kind of website you want can be made with WordPress.org for free, including blogs, eCommerce stores, basic online shops, membership sites, and simple landing pages.


  • You have complete control over your website and all of its data is yours;
  • Your website can be tailored however you desire;
  • A selection of more than 55.000 plugins (both free and paid) for security and data backup, CSS, customization, editing, faster loading times, and site optimization;
  • You can choose from more than 8,000 free, quick WordPress themes and adapt them to suit your needs and preferences;
  • Simple-to-use, open-source, free CMS software;
  • You are not required to split revenue with the platform if you run your own advertisements;
  • The fact that WordPress.org is available in more than 65 languages makes it simple to develop multilingual websites.
  • Plugins for WordPress


  • Despite being a self-hosted free CMS, WordPress.org requires that you pay for web hosting.
  • You’ll pay, on average, $2.95 to $11.95 per month for this.
  • Cheap web hosts are occasionally available for as little as $2 per month.
  • The cost of hosting varies greatly depending on your budget and website requirements.
  • You will also be responsible for maintenance, security, updates, and data backup because it is mainly self-managed.
  • The hosting company can handle some of this, but it will cost extra.
  • The platform must be downloaded and installed.
  • Regular upgrades are also implied by the abundance of themes and plugins and the open-source ethos.

Sometimes, these changes can cause your website to crash, necessitating troubleshooting.

Plans and Pricing

WordPress.org is a free, open-source website builder, as I’ve already explained.

There is no standard pricing or package.

The software is free to download and instal on your computer.

Nevertheless, you will have to pay for web hosting and occasionally the domain name as well.

Although there are many free ones you may use, you will also need to pay for themes and plugins.

WordPress.org vs. Webflow: Why Use It?

WordPress.org is a cost-effective and adaptable Webflow substitute that provides lots of flexibility for website modification, tweaks, and website design possibilities.

Additionally, developers have flocked to WordPress to create more than 50,000 plugins and more than 11,000 themes, both free and paid, because it powers about half of the world’s websites, so you don’t have to worry about running out of design alternatives.

WordPress.org’s self-sufficient ethos makes it an excellent platform for refraining from spending money you don’t have or don’t want to.

WordPress.org is a far less expensive option than Webflow, whose single plan costs $12 per month (on an annual subscription; a monthly subscription is more expensive).

2. Wix


Individual websites powered by their own Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) software

Wix is an intuitive website builder that enables customers to quickly create highly customised websites using a questionnaire created by their ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence).


  • Many integrations, applications, and templates for a custom-made site;
  • Advanced SEO tools built-in;
  • A unique CSS responsive editor called Editor X for building dynamic and stunning websites;
  • Depending on the type of industry, different eCommerce options are available.


  • The Basic plan comes with Wix advertisements, whereas Advanced options are quite pricey;
  • Difficult to migrate your site if you decide to switch platforms;
  • You will need to manually re-upload your content if you choose to modify a Wix template.

Plans and Pricing

Wix provides a basic, free plan that is fairly constrained.

A Wix Premium Plan can also be tried out for free, and if you’re not satisfied, you can cancel within the first 14 days.

With the exception of the most basic website plan, all premium options include a free domain voucher good for a year. This is another webflow alternatives.

Wix offers 7 premium options, including 3 business and eCommerce plans and 4 website plans.

Why Use Wix Instead of Webflow?

Wix greatly simplifies the process of creating a website.

Wix can help you get there more quickly if you don’t know exactly how your site should look or what its functionality should be.

You simply need to respond to their ADI software-generated questionnaire to quickly gain a more precise understanding of your project’s goals.

For all features Plus the newest discounts, go to Wix.com right away.

3. Shopify


It’s no surprise that Shopify is currently the most well-known eCommerce platform online.

Shopify, which was created specifically for e-stores and online enterprises, has served more than 1,700,000 companies worldwide.

Shopify gives you the option to connect your website with hundreds of applications for enhanced functionality and performance, as well as for specific customizations to suit your target market.


  • Both the front end and back end are quite simple to use;
  • Useful for dropshipping businesses in particular because it interfaces with so many dropshipping apps;
  • All of Shopify’s paid plans include the “Abandoned cart saving” feature;
  • Being able to offer your goods in up to 20 different languages;
  • With more than 1,000 ready-made themes, you may personalise your online business.


  • Despite the fact that Shopify allows you to sell in 133 different currencies, it lacks full support for localised payments, thus you might need to utilise a third-party programme to do this correctly;
  • The functionality of email marketing is too simple.
  • Depending on which Shopify apps you need and what you need them for, some of them can be quite expensive;
  • If you don’t use Shopify Payments, there are high transaction fees.
  • Online store plans and pricing for shopify
  • There is a 14-day free trial available from Shopify, following which you can choose the package of your choice.
  • Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify are three paid Shopify plans, and their prices are very different from one another.
  • Additionally, Shopify has two additional premium options: Shopify Lite, which is designed for new businesses, and Shopify Plus, which is oriented at large enterprises.

Plans and Pricing

  • Monthly payments of $29 USD
  • Monthly payment of $79 USD
  • Advanced
  • Shopify
  • $299 USD per month, due on the 15th
  • Purchase Plus
  • Beginning at $2000 USD monthly and payable monthly
  • Buyify Lite
  • $9 USD per month, due on the 15th

Why use Shopify when Webflow is available?

Shopify has a much larger selection of templates than Webflow does for your eCommerce website.

The procedure of creating an online store has also been much simplified.

After all, isn’t that what they do best? This is another webflow alternatives.

Therefore, I recommend giving Shopify a try if you want a simple start to your first online business venture, get it up and operating in no time, and you want plenty of alternatives to select from in terms of design.

For all features + current discounts, go to Shopify.com right away.

4. Zyro


A unique combination of AI tools to aid with website development

One of the most competitive pricing available

Similar to WordPress.org, Zyro is another free website builder.

According to their front page, Zyro is a Webflow substitute that allows you to create a website, a portfolio, or an online business in less than an hour.


  • Free and dependable web hosting with a 99.9% uptime guarantee;
  • Specialised AI technologies for better user experience, higher conversion, and more SEO-friendly content, including AI Logo Maker, AI Slogan, AI Business Name Generator, AI Content Generator, and AI Heatmap;
  • Responsive, quick, and light websites;
  • Extremely user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.


  • Zyro offers incredibly fantastic photographs that don’t need copyrights, however it doesn’t have more comprehensive image-editing features;
  • Lack of a scheduling tool for blog articles;
  • Not having the option to swap templates without deleting your entire website;
  • No trial offer.
  • AI content creator Zyro

Plans and Pricing

Zyro has four plans but no trial period.

If you’re unhappy with one of their programmes, you may, however, get your money back within 30 days.

Why utilise Zyro?

Zyro is a fantastic choice for those who are just starting out with a modest, straightforward online business and who want to quickly and affordably create a professional website or portfolio.

Zyro provides a lot of good features for the price you pay, including practical AI tools, free and reliable hosting, an SSL certificate, and a simple site editor.

For all features Plus the newest discounts, go to Zyro.com right away.

5. Squarespace


Squarespace offers everything. It contains a very user-friendly editor, a website builder based on attractive templates, and everything you need to create and launch a website, including hosting, domain registration, email marketing, and even the ability to customise site/business logos. This is another webflow alternatives.


  • Beautiful templates that need little to no tweaking;
  • Responsive design; built-in website integrations that do not require plugins; portfolio designs.


  • Ready-made templates mean little room for customization and lots of coding expertise if you wish to make additional adjustments to the templates;
  • Layouts can be quite inflexible due to the drag-and-drop concept if you choose to move them in a less conventional manner;
  • Limited capacity to scale for larger, more sophisticated websites.
  • Rectangular templates

Plans and Pricing

There are four pricing tiers offered by Squarespace: Personal, Business, Basic Commerce, and Advanced Commerce.

You can choose to pay yearly or monthly, however yearly payment is significantly less expensive.

All Squarespace plans include round-the-clock customer service.

Why Choose Squarespace Over Webflow?

Squarespace is an all-in-one platform that is really simple to use and has fantastic visual appeal.

Squarespace’s user-friendly interface can assist you in creating anything you need, from a basic blog to a place to display your portfolio, a restaurant or delivery service.

For all features + current discounts, go to Squarespace.com right away.

6. Site123


Building a website with Site123 is as simple as following the instructions in the name.

According to the nature of your business, Site123 provides you with the essential tools you need to build a straightforward, useful website with a strong design that allows you to select from a variety of site categories. This is another webflow alternatives.


  • A quick, cost-free, and secure web host;
  • The option to select a single page or a website with multiple pages;
  • Option to design a menu for a restaurant;


  • If you want to remove the SITE123 floating tag that comes with the Free plan, you must upgrade to the Premium plan;
  • If you like your website to look better distinctive, layouts are rather straightforward and constrained;
  • Compared to its rivals, the paid package is expensive;

Plans and Pricing

The pricing structure for Site123 is quite straightforward; there are only two choices, a Free plan and a Premium plan.

Why use Site123? Site123 Pricing Plan Pricing Free No payment Premium $12.80 per month

If you want to create a small business website, a blog, or an online portfolio, give Site123 a try.

For tiny projects with few content options, Site123 is a great choice.

The best part is that you can do all of this for nothing.

For all features + the newest discounts, go to Site123.com right away.

7. Weebly


Another user-friendly website builder that is comparable to Wix and Squarespace but a little less expensive is Weebly. This is another webflow alternatives.

You can select from a variety of nicely made themes on Weebly.

You can quickly and easily establish a company website or an online store using its drag-and-drop editor.


  • Excellent technical support and an emphasis on platform technology advancements;
  • Image optimization, the ability to design your own galleries, presentations, and backgrounds;
  • Dependable hosting for nothing;
  • High-quality video backgrounds are an option.


  • Exporting your material to a different platform is not particularly simple;
  • Despite having attractive themes, there are less possibilities than on Squarespace and WordPress.org;
  • The same is true for plugins, with fewer options than on other platforms of a similar nature;
  • Sophisticated marketing tools are lacking.

Plans and Pricing

Three of them are for online shops, while four are for websites.

Yes, Weebly has a free plan.

Pricing for Weebly’s Pricing Plan (with an annual subscription)

Why should I use Weebly?

Weebly is a high-quality, simple-to-use website and page builder that offers attractive themes.

Weebly is the ideal choice for you if you desire the appearance of Squarespace and the features of Wix but want to pay less.

For all features Plus the newest discounts, go to Weebly.com right away.

Not Worth Your Time or Money: The Worst Website Builders

There are several website builders available nowadays.

Sadly, not all of them are made equally.

In fact, some of them are just plain awful.

Do you consider that a flaw you can live with?

Designers who want to create beautiful websites without writing a single line of code can use Webflow, a no-code website builder platform.

Because Webflow includes many built-in functions, it doesn’t require the usage of other plugins and gives you a lot of control over the appearance of your website.

It has tremendous scaling potential and is powered by Amazon Web Services.

Webflow Main Features

The Webflow CMS offers a very flexible visual editor website builder, as well as support for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, allowing for a great deal of creative freedom.

Additionally, it includes a wide variety of web design and motion design components, such as more than 2,000 web font families, trigger-based animations, 3D animations, and CSS transformations, enabling you to create dynamic websites.

Additionally, it provides a selection of SEO and marketing tools as well as MailChimp, Google Optimize, and Google Analytics integrations.

The HTML 5 responsive and fully editable templates from Webflow.


  • Free, dependable hosting with 99.9% uptime assurance provided by a SLA;
  • Webflow offers a tonne of resources on how to use the platform and navigate it;
  • complete control over your website, including the ability to alter its look and feel, responsiveness, and user interface;

Having the ability to export and embed your own HTML code will ensure that you never get locked in.


  • Steep learning curve; you must possess the necessary technical knowledge to use Webflow and to take full advantage of all of its features, or you must set aside enough time to learn;
  • Compared to Webflow alternatives, the more expensive plans are more basic;
  • Confusing variety of pricing plans and categories of pricing plans.

Plans and Pricing

Webflow has two main categories: site plans and account plans, each with two subdomains for site plans, eCommerce plans, as well as individual plans and team plans, respectively. It also offers a free-forever plan.

Large businesses also have an additional option.

FAQ How Difficult Is Webflow?

It requires a significant amount of technical IT knowledge and has a steeper learning curve than the Webflow alternatives listed here.

The good news is that Webflow provides a tonne of free resources, including courses and video tutorials that teach you how to use their platform, through their University programme.

Who Are the Primary Rivals of Webflow?

Webflow doesn’t require coding per se, but in order to use all of its features to the fullest, you’ll need to understand how to use a CMS (content management system) and how HTML and CSS function since these will be the main building blocks of your website.

Webflow Is Best For Who?

Webflow offers team areas where you can share the website project and allow others to make changes and suggestions to it. Users who like to have more customization options than they would with other website builder platforms; designers with advanced tech skills (or ones who have the time to learn them); enterprises/businesses that require teams to collaborate with others from the company or with clients.

The Best Webflow Alternatives – Summary

As you can see, there are many excellent alternatives to Webflow. I suggest WordPress.org as the best overall alternative to Webflow. It has a tonne of features, is very customizable, and is equally thorough as Webflow.

I recommend Wix if you want a more straightforward but still highly functional website builder, and Zyro if you want a website builder that is more affordable. On the other hand, Squarespace might be the best option if you place a high value on aesthetics and have a lot of themes that are exquisitely designed.

All in all, it depends on the nature of your site and on how much you’re ready to spend on it – or not.