Marketing your business with the help of stickers and labels is a creative way of engaging your audience. People really like attractive and fun stickers with a witty or fun message. The reason behind the thought is that when someone is keeping your sticker, they are supporting your brand and marketing it. It works in the same intensity as word-of-mouth marketing does.

Using custom labels and stickers as your marketing tool

If you want to know how to use stickers to take your business to the next level, then here they are:

1. Put brand stickers on personal items

Custom labels and stickers on personal items is a great idea. When you adhere to logos on various products in stores, customers notice it while they are shopping. Whether at the cash register desk or on the door or tip jar, let there be stickers everywhere for people to see.

In addition, add your branded sticker to daily personal use items, too, especially that you and your family use. For example, adhere the sticker to notebooks, water bottles, luggage, etc.

2. Sell out stickers in the face of branded merchandise

It is not a deniable fact that people seek to make a last-minute purchase at the checkout counter. So, if you have a retail counter, design yourself a custom sticker with catchy slogans for customers to purchase. These custom stickers with your brand personality imprinted on them will serve your purpose of marketing your brand and induce impulse buy.

3. Giving out bumper stickers

To market your company to others, you can send adorable custom bumper stickers along with the product your customer is ordering. It is a cost-friendly way to advertise your brand. If the customer finds the sticker attractive, they will put it in their vehicles, refrigerator, laptop and other places for others to see. Some ideas which you can print include pet-sitting, dog-walking, sarcastic quotes, etc. So, when you give them your custom stickers and labels featuring your brand, they are most likely to keep it. Thus, serving your purpose of marketing a huge audience.

4. Add informative sticker on your order package

If you have an ecommerce business, you must ship a lot of packages every day. So, one way of marketing your business is putting custom stickers on the inside and outside of the box. But make sure it contains an attractive message and brand logo. Firstly, the sticker pasted on the outside will let the customer know the package is from your company.

Next, the sticker on the inside with the details of your social media handles will engage your customer. In fact, if the customer finds the sticker or the product amazing, they will be likely to share your package on their story, which again will market your company.

5. Spruce up the store’s front window

You might not know, but stickers on the front door of the stores really grab the customers’ attention. So, if you have some exciting news, offer, new product or any other message to tell to your customers, stick it on the window or door. It will draw the attention of not only the ones entering your store but also the attention of foot traffic. It serves the same purpose as handing out flyers.

6. Stick them on the floor

Another unique way of marketing your company is sticking advertisement stickers on the floor. Usually, the ground is not the place where people advertise. So, it serves as a unique way of grabbing the attention of the public. No matter how busy a person is, they will always check what they are stepping on. So, get creative and print a sticker for sidewalks, parking lots, or malls with an arrow pointing towards your store.

Why choose stickers as your marketing tool?

Stickers and labels are the best way of marketing because of so many reasons like:

Affordability: Stickers are no doubt the cheapest way of marketing your business. The expense of printing the stickers and fun quotes is less expensive than billboards and other forms of advertising.

Call-to-action and other information: You can also use the sticker as call-to-action like for example, buy one get one free or sale 30% off. They are also good for providing additional information like prices, contact details, service details, company name, etc. In addition, when it is designed with attractive colours, it can definitely stand out.

Long-term value: Low-cost advertising means you can do it for a long period. Plus, if the stickers contain genetic information, you can print them in larger quantities at a reduced price and use them for multiple campaigns.


Above are only a few ways in which you can use stickers to your gain; there is literally no end to being creative. So, get your custom-made labels and stickers today with an attractive message, colour and shape, so it grabs the attention of maximum customers. There are companies that make high-quality stickers at a reasonable price and help you design the perfect sticker for your company.