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Voice SEO: Would Keyword Research Matter In 2022 & Beyond?

Voice search once seemed only fiction but today it has become our reality. We all once wished for having Jarvis from Iron Man in real life. Who can do anything on our voice commands, even wearing an iron man suit, if we had one? Lol.

But over time, Voice Search has become better and better. In addition, after the pandemic hit and the Covid-19 situation, refraining to touch smartphones when outside for prevention, has drastically increased the number of Voice Searches.
Voice Searches make our day-to-day jobs so easy. Imagine you’re cooking a new recipe in your kitchen. You are confused with the procedure in the middle. You don’t want to clean your hands amidst to type your query. You don’t even have someone else around. With just your voice you can mention it and get the result. How cool is that?

This shows that voice search is only getting better and bigger as we are getting habitual to the ease and speed it provides.

So every business should inculcate Voice Search Optimization in their Marketing arsenal. But what exactly is Voice SEO?

Ok Google, What is Voice SEO?

Voice SEO is optimizing websites with keywords and keyphrases for voice assistant searches.

Initially, it was just used for navigation. But today it is being used to order food to even buy products.

Today, around 27% of searches are voice searches over the globe. And over 49% admit Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri as a necessity now.

It is even found that voice searches are 4 times faster than regular searches. Which means you save a lot of time.

But if you see it from a business perspective. People are saving time and are not leisurely searching. They are in a hurry and have the intention of taking action. This reason should push businesses to optimize their websites for voice search from very now.

Voice SEO is essential than ever. To cater to this, a different keyword approach has to be adopted. What Will Keyword Research Be like?

Secrets You Need To Know About Keyword Research in Voice Search SEO

To optimize for Voice SEO you have to optimize your content just like you did earlier. But what has changed is the keyword research.

As voice searches are made by us with voice. The searches have turned out to be more specific than the regular search.

If one is looking for Cafes in Ohio. They simply typed “cafes ohio”. But with voice search. The search turns into “Show me some cafes in Ohio” or “what are some of the best cafes in Ohio”

Words like “what”,”Which”, ”when” and ”how” are used with search terms along with filler words. These are not usually added while typing.

Make Your Keywords Converse

This shows that we have to optimize for conversational keywords. As when searching through voice. We talk like we are talking to another person. This sets the tone for conversational language. This is why optimizing by keeping yourself in the mind of your searcher becomes helpful. How will he/she voice the search term? Hence, optimizing for the same.

Don’t Forget About Long-Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords won’t leave anywhere soon. As with voice search, long-tail keywords should be paid attention to. Mostly, these are the keywords used in voice searches.

Bots Will Never Understand Without Keywords

To answer the question “Would Keyword Research Matter In 2022 & Beyond?”

Yes, Keywords will always matter. So you should still spend time on keyword research. Although search engines are getting smarter, they will still use keywords to understand.

Your main concern should be user intent. However, you still cannot ignore keywords completely.

This is how Keyword research will change with the effect of Voice Search. But what else should you strategize to have a successful voice optimization?

5 Things That Matters In Voice SEO

  1. Mobile-Friendly Website

Most of the voice searches are happening from intelligent speakers and smartphones. So this means your website should be mobile-friendly.

Google recommends responsive design for websites for a better user experience.

2. Page Loading Speed

Not only should your website be mobile-friendly but it should also keep up with our short attention spans. As Voice SERP loads 50% faster than normal search. It is necessary to have a fast-loading webpage. Check how fast your webpage loads and take measures to correct it.

3. Snippets

Snippets are the box result that appears at the top when we search for some term. These are the suitable results for the query made.

To make your website appear in the snippet you have to be straightforward with your answers and easy to digest.

Also, once you get into snippets. You can then start voice search advertising using

4. Content Speaks (Literally!)

Not only should your article be optimized but also be fit to be read as a result. As the result is spoken by the voice assistant. You must have a conversational tone in your content as people will be listening to your results.

Also, the answers should be short and must respond to the query of the person faster and in the easiest manner possible.

5. Follow SEO Practices

Apart from the extra optimization for Voice search. You must not forget to follow the normal SEO Guide. As it is the optimization for search engines only. But we prioritize content for humans and then search engines.

Voice Search: The Future Of SEO

The future of voice search is unpredictable; however, we know it is gaining traction and will not slow down anytime soon.

This is both good and bad for marketers. Good is for marketers who understand voice search capabilities and start optimizing their content. This is not good for those marketers who ignore trends and create the same old content over and over again.

You need to go back to the drawing board and change your SEO strategy to enable voice optimization. This is hard work, but optimizing voice search can make your content closer to human language. Now is the best time to jump on the Voice SEO ship and become stronger than the competition.

Author Bio:

Gagan Luthra is passionate about SEO, Facebook Ads and Digital Marketing in general. Checkout his blog where he shares various tips and tricks for different kind of small businesses.

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