The top 15 video production company of 2022 for sharing your message. Nowadays, it is simple to create a video through your own. But when it comes down to it, when the video has to stand out, you really only have two options: engage an in-house team else hire another of the best video production companies can communicate your message and make it stand out. Video production companies manage the entire production process, so all you have to do is tell them what you want, when you want this to feel, and what you want viewers to do—they’ll do the rest.

And there are a plethora of video production companies ready to take their message and turn it into a fantastic video ad, video short, and feature film. But, with so many video production companies to pick from, how do you make an ideal one for your brand?

That’s where we can help. In this post, we’ll provide the top 15 video production company we’ve identified to add moving graphics to your message and turn it into something our target audience won’t be able to ignore.

Video is one of the most effective ways to advertise your company and stand out in a digital world crowded with other flashy objects vying for your attention. While it is possible to generate high-quality videos through your own, choosing a video production company allows you to focus your valuable time on steering the direction of your brand rather than figuring out video editing software with sound engineering.

The video production companies on this list are among the best in the market and are eager to put their skills to work to assist your brand achieve its targets.

1. Film District

Film District is an Indian video production company having a large presence in Navi Mumbai and Dubai, UAE. The company, which was created in 2008, offers video services such as advertising and branding, social media videos, corporate videos, and more. Film District also offers a staff of motion graphics specialists, so if you want your ideas to come to life through 2D or 3D animation, they’ve got you covered. In addition, they offer scriptwriting, storyboarding, voice-overs, infographics, and editing. Canon, Serco, Babyshop, and UNOO have all commissioned content from Film District.

2. SociallyIn

SociallyIn is a noteworthy social media agency that provides a wide range of services to clients from a variety of sectors. They assist brands in making long-lasting connections through personal involvement. They are creative and production masters with a specific focus on social media content production. SociallyIn covers all of your social media content production requirements in-house with the help of a team of creatives that are experts in their fields.

Through social media strategies, custom content, influencer marketing, ROI modelling and data analysis, social media advertising management, and community management, SociallyIn is one of the best video production company, utilizing innovation and top creative talent to keep your brand ahead of the competition.

3. SONA Studios

SONA Studios is a media agency based in Sydney that specialises in video production, social media marketing, live broadcasting, site development, and design. With their knowledge and experience, you will be able to expand your brand by reaching a larger audience, improving communications, creating more interesting content, and marketing more effectively.

4. ECG Productions

ECG Productions is a complete service video production company with over ten years of experience in “script-to-screen” video production and editing. They are situated in Atlanta, Georgia, and their services include scriptwriting, 2D and 3D animation, sound design, compositing, and original music creation. Comcast, Coca-Cola, UPS, and Verizon are among its notable clients.

5. Black Production Films

Black Production Videos is a top video production company that specializes in corporate films. They may assist brands in identifying and constructing what they require to expand. Black Production Films offers a wide range of production services to clients by combining their experience and creativity with cutting-edge technology. Facebook, Red Bull, USP, CNN, L’Oréal, Shell, USAID, Vice News, and Chevron are among their clients.

6. Bastion Elevate

Bastion Elevate is a video production company that also provides marketing services such as social media marketing, public relations, influencer marketing, and content production. They offer a highly skilled staff of professionals who can assist your company in increasing brand awareness, capturing market share, and expanding digital sales.

7. Blue Carrot Studio

Blue Carrot Studios is an excellent resource for video marketing and creative storytelling with heart, comedy, passion, and purpose. They use a variety of visual and animation styles to create animated explainer videos, promo videos, commercials, eLearning, cartoons, and corporate videos.

8. Picturelab

Picturelab is a video production company that specializes in explainer and commercial videos. They are specialists for both live-action as animation and will handle your project through start to end to develop powerful ads that will last.

9. DHD Films

DHD Films is a video production company situated in Dallas that provides full-service video production with motion graphics. They have worked with enterprises of various sizes, including Fortune 500 corporations and government agencies. H&M, AT&T, Jaguar, and Microsoft are among its noteworthy clientele.

10. Ydraw

Ydraw generates engaging, innovative, and interactive movies for brands to use in telling their storey in a fun and attention-grabbing manner. They provide video production services as well as distribution and marketing.

11. Bold Content Video

Bold Content Video, in addition to their other services, conference videos, provides branded content, and also event videos. This London-based video production company provides you with access to their in-house group of film specialists that bring innovation, enthusiasm, and passion to every job they produce. Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Tommy Hilfiger, and Google are among their most noteworthy clientele.

12. MultiVisionDigital

MultiVisionDigital is a New York-based video production and video marketing company. They offer a comprehensive range of services such as video planning, remote video production, marketing, and production. MultiVisionDigitla’s clientele range from solopreneurs to worldwide Fortune 500 firms across industries, and they have helped them grow revenue, generate more leads, raise brand awareness, enhance SEO, and build client loyalty.

13. Demo Duck

Demo Duck is a video production company specializing in product promotion, education, and brand affinity.  They can create high-quality solutions by combining creative strategy and video production.

14. Atlanta Video

Since 1976, Atlanta Video has provided video production services to businesses of all sizes. They are a boutique shop in Atlanta that works with top items, videographers, and graphic artists. Atlanta Video covered the 1997 Olympics for IBM, as well as NBC, TBS, A&E, and The National Geographic Channel.

15. Big 3 Media

Big 3 Media is a video production company based in Singapore that blends film, animation, virtual reality, content strategy, and graphic design to produce outstanding narrative for your project. With over a decade of experience and even a track record in over 32 cities, they are well-positioned to take on your project. Edelman, P&G, Asics, and Dentsu are among its more well-known clients.