We are living in a world unimaginable without smartphones or gadgets and limited to nothing but the newest inventions. It would not be vague to say that almost everyone today has a smartphone to stay connected and a lot more. Every smartphone available today itself have the capability of performing tasks equal to a computer. This evolved over time with generations of smartphones undergoing upgrades and modifications. Everything today is available through mobile applications such as TV, Games, Online marketplace, News, and a lot more, but there is a lot more to mobile application development than just coding.

The curiosity of unknown facts has always kept everyone excited and in a fascinated mood. Good for all wondering and big-eyed persons in the world of software application development, here comes the list of top 20 facts about mobile application development revealed by the experts. This will surely bring forth the importance of learning mobile app development.

General Facts

  1. With mobile application development comes first in order, mobile phones and Tablets will match computed sales by the end of 2020 fiscal year.
  2. Experts revealed that mobile applications are preferred more than websites. That being said, developers and coders are having a hard time working on enriching the features and enhancing the customer experience.
  3. Mobile applications can be developed through various platforms with different operating systems as well as a varied programming language at each platform. This has allowed developers to touch base with the widest range of audience and delivering the maximum return potential.
  4. 42% of the developers prefer to work on an iOS platform while 31% of the mobile application developers love to code on android.
  5. With more than $16 billion in revenue earned, marketing remains the highest source of revenue generation for mobile applications.
  6. Over 60% of mobile apps in the Apple Store have never been downloaded.
  7. India is the second-largest market for mobile application development after the USA. This makes India one of the biggest outsourcing markets for application development.
  8. Around 4,375 people show interest in the Playstore while only 1,082 people visit the AppStore.
  9. With around 2.8 million applications available for download, Android marks the highest number of applications in the market.
  10. The most downloaded app is Facebook marking the importance of social media among smartphone users.

 Revenue facts

  1. As predicted by 2024, almost 42% of sales in the US market will be supplemented by mobile apps accounting for huge term reliability on mobile application development. This will set mobile apps as the core element to drive sales.
  2. The market revenue for iOS and Android combined reached up to $39.7 billion by the second quarter of 2019. This was a straight hike of 15.4% from the 2018 revenue structure.
  3. Apple has paid off over $50 billion alone to mobile app developers for developing iOS applications.
  4. Apple put a price tag of $999.99 on the “I Am Rich” app that’s the only purpose was to affirm the capability of people to buy anything. Only 8 of this application was sold, 6 bought by an American and 2 in the European market.
  5. The cost for developing a mobile application in India is on an average $8/hour which is a way to less than that is the US with a typical rate of $200/hour.

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The mobile application industry has a lot to offer to the plate. With the latest technologies like augmented reality, artificial intelligence, etc. app developers have a lot of features to bring into this world. That being said, we are yet to discover more about mobile application development.