A safe and protected atmosphere at workplace is the major consideration of every employee in a business organization, whether it is big or small. Safety and health are the key factors for all companies and it promote the wellness of workers as well as employers. Protecting the health of workers and providing them a safety workplace is the duty and moral responsibility of all companies. Workplace health and safety protocol must be placed on top of all executive priority list in a company. These processes have significant role in the success and failure of a company.

Identify Hazards in the Workplace

A good business practice depends on the effectiveness of managing health and safety at work. A robust health and safety practice help achieve benefits such as increased productivity, fewer absence for sickness, reduced insurance premiums, reduced cost of replacing new employees, better employee retention, etc.

Identifying workplace hazards as soon as possible is the primary factor in preventing accidents. The next procedure is conducting a thorough risk assessment at the problem areas. Once you identify the type of risk, you can determine the seriousness of the problem. Then, necessary resources can be allocated for resolving the issue. Risk of injury can be prevented by addressing it quickly. While assessing a risk at the workplace, you must evaluate the seriousness of the risk, effectiveness of the current control measures, actions that should be taken to reduce the risk, and urgency in managing the particular risk.

Importance of EHS to Businesses

EHS (Environment, Health, and Safety) has greater role in the overall business strategy of a company. In simple meaning, EHS is a combination of rules, regulations, laws, standards, and processes, which are formed to protect employees, environment, company, and the public from hazards. It is essential for maintaining the workplace safe and healthy for all.

EHS is the vital and valuable tool in today’s business environment because of changes in consumer attitudes, strong competition, and the advancements of technology and regulations. Today, the public is more conscious and aware of the EHS and sustainability-related problems. Thus, you can promote the EHS efforts of your company and protect your reputation by reducing workplace hazards and risks.

Workers are more conscious about their workplace and they want to get the best safety and health measures from their companies. EHS and sustainability programs are helpful for companies to show their commitment to their workers and environment.

Benefits of Implementing Engage EHS

Effective Software is a recognized leader in the EHS technology. To address the changing EHS challenges of customers, it has re-branded the name as Engage EHS. A cloud-based EHS management system, Engage EHS is suitable for all organizations irrespective of its size. This software solution provides you 10 modules, which include observations, training, audits, incidents, and risks. Your company may be a multinational corporation or an SME. Whatever may be the size of your company, this software helps protect the health of workers and keep them safe. It is also useful for industries such as pharmaceuticals, Engineering, education, construction, manufacturing, waste, oil and gas, and many more.

Engage EHS is the largest and a reputable health and software provider. The company has clients across 55 continents. Through health and safety procedures, the software, helps creating a positive safety culture, minimize risk, and prove duty of care. The vast and diverse experience of the company helps to understand the specific needs of a client.

If you can able to find out the hazards on time, you can reduce the accidents considerably. The Insights Dashboards of Engage EHS helps to provide you 360-degree visibility of safety with a single click. The information is displayed in the form of graphs, charts, and dynamic visuals, which helps to generate reports very easily. Thus, without wasting your time, you can collect safety data from all your modules.

Engage EHS is the best alternative for slow and ineffective manual accident or incident reporting. Using the mobile app, you can report the incident immediately to the concerned people. Besides, the investigation process is configurable, so you can attach risk assessments, images, and other supporting documents. The chances of re-occurrence can also be reduced by decreasing time spent between an incident or accident and closing an investigation.

Some of the key features of Engage EHS are easily track process, detailed investigation, module integration, email notification, etc.


Headquartered in Dublin, Engage EHS has offices in many cities in UK and Ireland. The software is highly useful for raising the levels of employee engagement, achieving higher levels of individual performance, and getting greater business outcomes.