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Top Unblock123 ExtraTorrent Working Proxy will be discussed in this article. Everyone is aware of the type of torrents that Kickass offered. However, it is a well-known truth that anytime torrent sites get famous, the authorities take them down. This also applies to Kickass. ExtraTorrent was able to satisfy user demands following the demise of Kickass.

With the aid of proxies, ExtraTorrent managed to distribute the content safely. This site frequently saw heavy traffic as a result of the proxy. What was more impressive was that ExtraTorrent offered its members a ton of entertaining stuff in the shape of movies, games, and TV episodes.

ExtraTorrent was shut down in 2017, much to the chagrin of the owners and users. The groundbreaking P2P file-sharing technology used by ExtraTorrent was one of the main factors in its success. As a result of the government’s strong policies against copyright violations, several torrent websites are currently offline.

ExtraTorrent proxy sites broke into the scene for this reason. To assist you in downloading a wide variety of content, ExtraTorrent also features a fantastic selection of magnet and torrent connections. You can learn about the numerous ExtraTorrent proxy kinds and options right here.

You could access and download content using ExtraTorrent with the aid of both proxies and alternate methods. So let’s look at the proxies before moving on to ExtraTorrent’s other alternatives.

Reasons to use ExtraTorrent proxy Websites to Unblock ExtraTorrent

You are already aware, of course, that copyright violations led to the removal of the ExtraTorrent site. And employing proxies is the best approach to unblock ExtraTorrent for users who want to download content via the torrenting protocol.

These days, it is simple to locate a variety of proxy sites that lead to ExtraTorrent clone platforms. But take notice that copyright watchdogs frequently target even these ExtraTorrent proxies. To access different sorts of content, it is crucial to be aware of ExtraTorrent proxy sites.

ExtraTorrent Proxy and Mirror Websites which you should be aware of

You should be aware of the following list of ExtraTorrent proxy and mirror websites. Your IP address is concealed by the proxies listed below, which operate as intermediary servers. In other words, when you use these proxy sites to access the ExtraTorrent platform, no one can determine your IP address.

1. https:// extratorrents.ch/

Well, all ExtraTorrent mirror sites and proxies agree that this proxy is highly popular. You may find a huge selection of movies, games, apps, and the most recent TV episodes here. If you’re a tech nerd, on the other hand, you can also find a wide range of interesting software out there.

2. https:// extratorrents-cc.com

It is one of the biggest BitTorrent systems the torrent ecosystem has ever seen. You would have access to a huge selection of movies, albums, TV series, and productivity tools at this platform. It is also quite well-liked because it has many entertaining games.

3. https:// extratorrents.ch.si/

This website is a well-known ExtraTorrent proxy that offers a variety of movies, audio tracks, anime series, and other media. The newest games and literature are frequently accessed on this proxy website by users.

4. https:// extratorrents.unblockit.id

You can view superb movies, TV series, and games at this additional top-notch ExtraTorrent proxy site. The customers of this proxy site can also get the newest music albums and e-books.

5. https:// extratorrents.unblockall.org/

It’s possible to unblock the ExtraTorrent platform using this proxy site as well. Users like using this proxy service to get their preferred movies, TV shows, and games because there are fewer redirects. With the aid of this proxy site, you can also download electronic books.

6. https:// extratorrents.nocensor.rest/

This proxy would be a great choice if you’re looking to quickly download movies and TV shows from the ExtraTorrent marketplace. This proxy site would assist you in accessing the best torrent content by reducing the amount of intrusive advertising and redirects.

7. https:// extratorrents.mrunblock.pro/

This proxy site would be your best option if you wish to unblock the ExtraTorrent platform as soon as feasible. You may access a huge selection of movies, TV series, and games with the use of this additional helpful proxy. Over this proxy service, users can download music tracks as well.

8. https:// extratorrents.123unblock.monsters/

It is among the proxy websites that might assist you in unblocking ExtraTorrent. It provides a huge selection of games, films, and TV series. Over this proxy site, you may also obtain the most recent productivity apps.

9. https:// siteget.net

You can use this representative site to unblock websites even if it has nothing to do with ExtraTorrent. This proxy site can also be used to unblock websites that are accessible in your area. You would have access to a sizable amount of torrent content through this proxy server.

10. Kproxy


This proxy platform is a different one from ExtraTorrent. You could get around restrictions on the ExtraTorrent platform via Kproxy, though. For people who don’t want to visit another website while downloading a torrent, this proxy service with fewer redirection is the best option.

Let’s move on to the alternatives now that you are aware of the proxy sites that you can use to access ExtraTorrent. To access ExtraTorrent and download torrents, many users choose VPN services. Although utilizing VPNs is generally safe, you should avoid using the free versions. Numerous VPN providers are infamous for selling the government user data. In other words, unless you have a paid subscription to the platform, you shouldn’t utilize a VPN.

Well, many people today don’t want to go through the arduous procedure of using proxy sites to access the ExtraTorrent platform. If you belong to this group, the following options would be very beneficial to you. In light of these considerations, let’s look at some of the widely used ExtraTorrent solutions.

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay, one of the first torrent websites on the internet, is unquestionably one of the best ExtraTorrent alternatives. It is one of the select platforms that has contributed more to file-sharing than any other website, which is rather astounding. In case you didn’t know, its creators have been engaged in a lengthy legal action with law enforcement officials and copyright watchdogs.

Well, the majority of Hollywood studios want to see Pirate Bay vanish from existence. But despite all the obstacles, the platform has managed to survive. Different categories of torrent files are hosted by Pirate Bay. It is distinct due to its availability in more than 35 languages, which is rather outstanding.

2. LimeTorrents


LimeTorrents is an excellent ExtraTorrent substitute. It is a general-purpose torrent site, in case you didn’t know, and it seems to be growing and changing over time. The homepage of LimeTorrents has been updated recently. Large buttons for major categories are present on this new homepage’s excellent user interface.

The search bar on the homepage is another prominent feature. To one’s dismay, though, the rest of LimeTorrents is not as tastefully made as the homepage. The site has a huge selection of torrent files, therefore it would be great if you didn’t allow it stop you from accessing them. The material is one thing that LimeTorrents will never let you down in.



RARBG is a fantastic torrent website offering a broad selection of movies, games, TV shows, and software. Unlike other torrent sites, RARBG has a clean, simple user interface and is well-organized. Additionally, each torrent file available on RARBG includes a brief description, cover art, screenshots, and other crucial data. Also check AnimeBee alternatives

Additionally, you get access to movies and TV series in a variety of resolutions and bitrates. Additionally, software nerds and gamers frequently visit RARBG. Additionally, the RARBG community is close-knit, thus downloading torrent files from this website won’t cause you any problems.

4. Zooqle


If the subject is the recently developed ExtraTorrent substitute, Zooqle will invariably take first place. It’s noteworthy to note that Zooqle has over 3.5 million torrent files available. Additionally, a sizable quantity of torrent files are daily being added to this platform. So when you access Zooqle, you would have access to a highly updated torrent site. You may view the most seeded torrents right away on the homepage. On the Zooqle website, you may rapidly conduct searches.

5. 1337x


1337 x would always make the news while discussing the wackiest torrent sites available. In case you were unaware, 1337x has been a torrent website since 2007. If you have trouble accessing the central portion, you will also find a number of backup websites.

6. Kickass Torrents

Kickass Torrents

You must be aware of this great platform to download torrent files if you are familiar with the world of torrents. Kickass Torrents, which was introduced in 2008, has gained a lot of user popularity. Visitors do not seem to like Kickass Torrents’ present layout very much. It is still one of the multiple popular torrent sites worldwide. Additionally, it has a straightforward search interface that is very similar to Google Search. On this platform, you can also choose a different homepage.

7. YTS.ag


YTS.ag is the new name for Yify Torrents. The current site has excellent videos, just like the earlier one had. Additionally, a variety of seeded torrent files can be found here, which facilitates user access. Also check Kazefuri alternatives

8. Torrentz2


Torrentz2 is another outstanding ExtraTorrent substitute. It is also known as a meta-search engine because it uses other torrent websites to help you find the information you’re looking for. Additionally, this site has evaded law enforcement’s notice because it doesn’t keep any kind of torrent files.

1. Can higher authorities outright outlaw Extratorrents proxy?

Yes, proxies and mirror sites for ExtraTorrent may be blocked by authorities.

2. Can I use a VPN to access the ExtraTorrent website?

You may use a VPN to access the ExtraTorrent website, yes.

3. Why is a proxy necessary when using ExtraTorrent?

In order to get beyond the blockade put in place by our ISP, we should use proxy websites.


As you can see, there are several methods for gaining access to the ExtraTorrent website. As previously noted, all proxies and alternatives are operational.