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Top 14 Twitter Video Downloader App In 2022

On Twitter, every now and then, we come across some extremely creative gems that we simply cannot resist downloading. It is not difficult to save images. However, if you want to download videos from Twitter, you’ll need a dependable Twitter video downloader app.

Twitter video downloader apps, similar to a YouTube downloader or a Facebook video downloader, allow you to download videos directly from your favourite social network – Twitter. Whatever the reason, the ability to download videos with a few simple clicks can be extremely useful. This is especially true for content creators who may require new content every day to bring their ideas to life.

While there are numerous tools that allow you to accomplish this, not all of them are necessarily safe. I’ve compiled a list of the top 14 Twitter video downloader apps to try in 2022 to assist you. I’ll walk you through each one and discuss what makes them unique. Take note that the majority of them are nearly identical, in that they all do the same thing: download Twitter videos. However, the more backup options you have, the better.

1. Twitter Video Downloader

Let’s begin with a simple and straightforward tool with an equally simple name – Twitter Video Downloader. Simply follow these steps to download Twitter videos using this Twitter video downloader app:

Copy the link to the tweet or video (you can either copy it from the address bar or from the share tweet options below) Copy and paste the video URL into the field on the main page, then click the download button.

The tool will then convert the tweet to MP4 format, which you can save wherever you want on your device. Aside from videos, the tool also allows you to download GIFs. Twitter Video Downloader is completely safe and only downloads videos from the Twitter CDN servers.

2. Download-Twitter-Videos

Another Twitter video downloader app with an easy-to-use interface is Download-Twitter-Videos. You can use any web browser on your desktop, mobile phone, or tablet to access the tool. When it comes to video quality, you can choose between SD and HD (if available).

Overall, it’s a reliable online Twitter video downloader that functions similarly to any other video downloader.

3. SaveTweetVid

Another popular online video downloader that allows you to save Twitter videos to your devices is SaveTweetVid. All devices, including desktop computers, smartphones, and tablets, should be able to use the tool.

This tool, like Twitter Video Downloader, allows you to download videos (as MP4s) and GIFs from Twitter. It also allows you to convert Twitter videos to MP3 files. It also works in the same way – simply copy and paste the video URL into the field, and you’re ready to download videos.

4. TWSaver

TWSaver, the next free Twitter Video Downloader on our list Twitter video downloader app, is a quick and dependable way to download clips. The application allows you to download videos from Twitter in three different resolutions: SD, HD, and UHD (if the option is available).

Simply copy the video’s Tweet link and paste it into the text box on the homepage that says “Enter Twitter URL.” After that, click “Download” and choose the resolution that you want.

5. Jihosoft 4K Video Downloader

Jihosoft is a well-known developer of data recovery, management, utility, and multimedia software. The 4K Video Downloader, which allows you to save and download Twitter videos, is one of their most popular products.

You can also download YouTube videos and content from over 3,000 other websites/social media platforms. You can save videos in a variety of resolutions (up to 4K) and formats (MKV, MP4, AVI, etc.).

The free trial version is available for both Windows and Mac, and should suffice for the majority of users. If that isn’t enough, you can always purchase it for $29.

6. Android < Twitter Video Downloader

If you have an Android phone and want to download Twitter videos directly to it, this online Twitter video downloader app is ideal for you. Twitter video downloader app (for Android) allows you to save your favourite videos in a variety of formats (when available). It is extremely light (only 2.9 MB).

7. Twitter Media Downloader

If you use Google Chrome, you should give the Twitter Media Downloader extension a try (or plugin, if you will). You can use this tool to download videos without having to leave the app/window.

You can use the tool to download entire media libraries from accounts. Images and videos are downloaded as a single, compressed ZIP file.

8.  sssTwitter

If none of the above Twitter video downloader app work on your device (or if they are temporarily unavailable), you can use sssTwitter. The online tool functions similarly to standard video downloaders and is compatible with all devices and browsers.

9. GetMyTweet

GetMyTweet is yet another Twitter video downloader app for converting Twitter videos to MP4, MP3, and x-mpegURL formats. It like most Twitter video downloaders, is compatible with all devices. Furthermore, because all videos are extracted directly from Twitter’s CDN servers, this tool is completely safe.

The download will not begin on its own if you are not using Chrome. To do so, right-click the “Download Link” button, select “save as,” and save the video in the location of your choice.

10. MyMedia

Downloading Twitter videos directly to your iPhone is more difficult than it is on Android smartphones. There aren’t many apps that allow you to do so.

MyMedia – a file manager that allows you to easily manage files on your iPhone – is the only dependable option. It’s important to remember that MyMedia isn’t a video downloader in and of itself. It only allows you to move files to your camera roll/storage without any complications.

To use this Twitter video downloader app, save the video to Safari using any of the aforementioned Twitter video downloaders. The files will be saved on the MyMedia app. You can then save the downloaded video to your camera roll.

11. GetfVid

GetfVid is a lightweight Twitter video downloader app that allows you to quickly download videos from Twitter. It also enables you to download videos from Facebook.

Aside from the MP4 format, videos can also be converted to MP3 files. After you’ve copied and pasted the video URL into the provided field, click the download button.

You’ll then see a video preview and another download button. Click on it to begin downloading (again, if you’re using another browser, you’ll need to do the “save as” thing).

12., the Twitter alternative to, lets you to download videos with just a few clicks. You can convert videos to MP3 files in addition to MP4 files. Aside from that, the Twitter video downloader app has no distinguishing features.

13. Downloader4twitter

When it comes to Internet experience, we love speed because, let’s face it, no one wants to waste time waiting several minutes for a video from a Twitter post to download. Downloader4twitter appears to have resolved this issue.

Simply copy the video URL and paste it into the input box. As a result, you have two resolution options to choose from: standard and high definition.

14. KeepDownloading

KeepDownloading is a comprehensive video downloader that works with other different websites, including Twitter. It works properly on both desktop computers and mobile devices.It is a best Twitter video downloader app.

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