If your business isn’t optimizing your website content for search, you’re likely missing out on tons of prospective clients and customers. As such, it’s critical that you review your website and focus on improving your search presence.

The digital space is crowded. If you want to stand out, showing up high in targeted search results is the way to make it happen.

It’s pointless to spend tons of time on building a website and then sit back and wait for miracles to happen. To truly grow your business, you obviously need to have traffic, and without it, it’s extremely difficult to generate leads and sales.

SEO is the key to boosting your traffic and improving your pipeline, but it’s not easy. Fortunately, there are so many amazing tools available on the market to help you handle a variety of SEO tasks and improve your site’s visibility.

Let’s take a look at 10 of the top SEO tools on the market and why you should be using them.

Top 10 SEO Tools

Ahrefs – Keywords and Analysis

One of the most popular and most used SEO tools on the Internet, Ahrefs, is a hugely valuable resource with tons of great insights available to help you grow your business.

Two of my favorite aspects of Ahrefs are:

  1. It has a great keyword tool that can help you determine the best keywords to target.
  2. It offers the ability to easily analyze and highlight opportunities to optimize your pages and posts for search.

Another great feature is the ability to check into your competitors’ backlink profile to help with your own SEO backlink building strategy. As you analyze backlink profiles for your competitors, you can determine which sites you should be targeting to build links to your own site.

There are so many valuable tools available to you through Ahrefs, so check it out and dig around to see if it’s the right fit for you.

If you want to test out the platform, Ahrefs does offer a low cost 7-day trial, but I suggest starting with their free backlink checker to get an idea (albeit just a small dose) of the platforms capabilities.

Google Search Console (GSC)

As free option, Google’s Search Console is a very attractive tool for entrepreneurs who have websites or blogs. Search Console allows you to monitor and also modify the presence of your website on Google SERPs.

Besides being free of charge, another great attraction is the ease of use. The dashboard is simple and intuitive, allowing users to:

  • Submit a sitemap
  • Monitor organic traffic and landing pages
  • Uncover and resolve errors
  • Disavow negative or harmful backlinks
  • Assess site load times
  • Review security issues
  • Check out overall site performance

Through your Google Search Console account, you can control very important aspects of the entire SEO process, such as the content that is indexed and also the public display of your site.

This SEO tool can be invaluable. It is critical in helping you understand your site from the point-of-view of customers, optimizing all of its content, and further improving your rankings.

SEMRush – All-In-One Marketing Tool

SEMrush is a very popular SEO tool among marketing professionals and business owners. While the price tag can be a bit higher (the lowest package starts at $127 per month), the tools and resources available through the platform can offer huge benefits and ultimately pay you back for every penny you spend by driving greater inbound traffic and more business.

One of my favorite tools available through SEMrush is the site audit tool. It’s so important to audit your website, but doing so manually can be tedious, and even inaccurate. This tool digs deep and offers insights into what’s working and what’s not. It assesses links, crawl depth, comparisons to track progress and a number of additional SEO tasks.

Other tools available through this platform are designed to help you with:

  • Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Content creation and analysis
  • Link building
  • Rank tracking
  • …and so much more!

It really is an all-in-one tool, so if you’re looking to get serious about SEO, this tool is the one you need.


KWFinder (as in KeyWord Finder) is an excellent tool designed to help you find long-tail keywords, which have a relatively low level of competition. Long-tail keywords can help you grab traffic when you aren’t able to compete just yet for the more competitive keywords in your space.

Countless experts use this SEO tool to find suitable keywords. In addition to keyword research, however, the tool also performs an analysis report on backlinks and SERP results.

KWFinder also has one of the most valuable SEO tools available, the “Rank Tracker” feature, which helps provide an idea of where your site would rank in the most popular search engines. It then suggests keywords that can help boost your site’s performance further and give you a lift in search.

Moz – Powerful SEO Tools

Moz is always on top of Google’s algorithm updates, thus, it has become a go to SEO tool and for marketers and SEO pros.

It’s a very intuitive platform with a user-friendly interface. Plus, there are opportunities to receive one-on-one walkthroughs within someone from the Moz team to help even novice SEOs be effective.

With hundreds of different resources, utilities, and possibilities, Moz is one of the most complete tools, allowing you to not only collect and analyze website data but also uncover key opportunities to improve your content and enhance your SEO results.

There are too many amazing resources to discuss in one little section here, but one of my personal favorites is the link research capabilities. You can research both your own site and competitor sites to get an in-depth report showing your (or your competitor’s) backlink profile.

All-in-all, Moz should be at the top of your list if you are considering paid SEO tool options.


Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tool with paid options that significantly expand the tool’s capabilities.

You type in a suggested keyword, and this tool then creates lists of suggested keywords, including long-tail keywords, to help you target the right keywords for your site.

The metrics you can find using Ubersuggest include keyword volume, CPC, level of competition and even seasonal trends. As you can see, because of the depth of insights you receive, this becomes seriously valuable.

The metrics provided in Ubersuggest reports include keyword volume, CPC, level of competition, and seasonal trends.

Even the free version offers tons of value. Imagine what you can do with the paid version.

The Woorank Tool – Website Ranking Checker

Woorank is a package of tools with options for marketing and sales teams as well as tools for small businesses, SEO agencies and others. It’s a very diverse platform.

One of the best tools is the Website Review tool. It provides you with essentially a health report of your website. It looks at things like mobile services, site usability and ways to optimize your website.

if you are looking for an SEO tool to help in the content development process and boost the overall results of your site, then the Woorank tool is ideal for you. In addition to having paid or even free subscriptions, it also offers an extension on Google Chrome.


Majestic is especially useful as a link building tool. You can gain all types of valuable Link Intelligence data to help give your website a lift and uncover amazing opportunities.

Majestic’s Trust Flow ranking shows the quality of the links headed to your site. You can uncover whether there are issues with link profile, which gives you an opportunity to review and take steps to boost your profile.

Google Trends – The Original

This has been around forever, and it’s another free tool you really need to check out. You can search for insights into different search trends and even compare to see what searches have the highest volume.

Here’s a look at the results from a comparison of the keywords “Best SEO Tools” vs. “SEO Software.”


While duplicate content doesn’t have the hugely negative impact on your SEO that it used to have, it’s still not good. This is where Siteliner comes into play.

With the free version, you can perform monthly website reviews for websites with 250 or fewer pages. For sites beyond that, you can upgrade to the premium version to review sites with up to 25,000 pages.

Wrapping it up

One of the trends that will never change is the creation of relevant and valuable content. Without high-quality content, SEO won’t work.

Google algorithms, in many ways, are linked to the user experience with the goal of serving up content to searchers that is relevant and will answer their questions while also providing a smooth experience.

Focus on creating amazing content, but make sure you are also analyzing your website and the content you create to determine how it’s performing. If you are skipping the analysis step, you’ll miss out on so many amazing opportunities to improve your site and drive more business online.

Above all, don’t forget to have fun when starting your new business, or even improving something you already have. And don’t give up. If you stay focused on the long game, you will ultimately achieve your goals.