VoIP stands for voice over internet protocol and is a recent addition to the communication sector, mainly used by huge companies. This phone system enables companies to stay connected with their staff and has many benefits. More organizations are turning towards this technology due to its versatility and other benefits.

With VoIP, businesses get a vital tool that costs them a fraction of what they would pay to install a call center. This system has many features like voicemail and conference calls. Below we discuss the main features of VoIP technology.

1. Automated Attendant

Automated attendants are the most common features of the VoIP phone system. This system allows users to transfer incoming calls to the correct extension without needing a receptionist. Auto attendants are essential to most organizations as they enable their clients to reach them easily. This technology removes the need for unnecessary middle persons.

The less time clients take to reach their desired employee, the better experience they will have, thus better returns.

2. Caller ID

Caller ID is one of the essential calling tools today. Knowing who is calling you will help you prepare psychologically, thus enabling you to adopt the right tone. Users might also have a few seconds to prepare documents for the conversation.

Everybody hates robocalls, but they will no longer be concerned when using this technology.

3. Call Queueing

The call-calling feature puts inbound calls into specified queues instead of sending them to an individual line. Every caller is put forward in the call order, and they will hear jiggles when waiting.

This feature is essential for companies that receive more calls than the customer care team.  This process enables a business to organize its calls appropriately and handle more than one call at a time.

4. Custom Ringback

Custom ringback is what your callers hear as they wait to speak to you. This does not explicitly have to be music; it can be a collection of messages followed by a unique tone. Developing a unique sound series for your brand is advisable for the best results.

Research has shown that these jingles significantly impact a client’s decision to buy services or products, which explains why it is a considerable investment.

5. Hot Desking

Giving your staff a private line within their preferred space is challenging. However, a VoIP tool enables your staff to access the system seamlessly and have their accounts visible on all connected devices.

Hot desking is essential when you have receptionists sharing stations or working at different times in your organization.

6. Conferencing Tools

VoIP business phones enable users to conduct video or audio web conferencing. These tools are essential to a company that mainly operate remotely.

Conferencing tools enable businesses to contact their team members regardless of location and have many other benefits.

Final Thoughts

VoIP telephone system has become increasingly common, and it is hard not to see why. This system has many benefits, and the above article has discussed some.