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Top 9 Features for Quality On-Demand Mobile Apps

As with the advancement in mobile app technologies the on-demand industry has made it to the top of the market. On-demand apps are providing customers with great convenience, saving their time and money. It has gained huge popularity among users from the past few years.

The on-demand delivery start-ups are becoming successful to a great extent and generating good revenue by launching a feature-packed app. This blog will reveal 9 top key features of the on-demand mobile app Which are providing by top on-demand app development companies.

Top Key Features of On-Demand App

1. Login and Authentication

The login is the foremost process that a user confronts after opening the app which asks about the information like name, phone number, location, etc. to login to the app.

But, nowadays the on-demand app development has become way too advanced. The user can simply log in through any of the social media platforms such as Google, Facebook, etc. This login feature has added a great convenience to the user with which he does not need to remember the hard lengthy passwords and can sign up with just a single tap.

2. Better user interface

A better user interface leads to better user experience. After getting the basic information from the user the app should show the products which are available in his location or not.
Also allowing him to review and edit his shopping list before confirming the order is a good feature to add. Keeping the interface such that the user can easily add or remove the items from his cart. This always makes the user better while using the app and increases the overall convenience of the app.

3. Real-time GPS tracking

This feature is considered as one of the best features in the on-demand apps. On this platform when a user orders a package he is always eager to know where his package has reached.

Providing this feature will be extremely helpful for the customers to know where his package has exactly reached and how much time will his package take to reach his location. Also, the integration of the in-app calls and messaging to the driver can help the customer to know the exact condition of the parcel and the time taken to reach to reach.

4. Integrated payment gateway

The integrated payment gateway system provides a huge level of convenience to the user as it is the final step after the completion of the shopping. Providing users with many integrated payment options like a credit card, debit card, net banking, mobile wallets and cash on delivery adds a good convenience to the user.

Also allowing the user to save their card details for future transactions allows him to smoothen the transaction process and ordering quickly.

5. Rating and reviews

Implying the rating and reviews in the app places the faith of the customer in your app. With this feature, you can know the improvements in the app which are needed to be done.
As 59% of the customers check the reviews before downloading the app it becomes necessary to apply the changes which you got by reviews. It places the trust of the customer and you get to know the bugs of the app which you can fix as soon as possible.

6. Help and support

Sometimes customers and the driver need assistance and it needs to be necessary where you need a 24/7 customer and the driver support system.

By the 24/7 support system, one can call the support anytime and get the assistance and one on one solution of the problem. It enhances your customer experience and helps you get more customers to the app.

7. Adding chatbots

The chatbots are an amazing way of handling the clients in a new manner. It not only chats with the users but also solves queries and the problems of the users with wasting their time.

It also helps to manage the employees better. Making the chatbots on the platforms like “”, “Chatfuel”, or even is good. One of the best examples of that is Baidu Melody bot which works on the doctor’s app helping the customers to solve their problems as quickly as possible and book the appointments with the doctors.

8. FAQ section

Adding the FAQ(frequently asked questions) section to the app helps the user to solve a lot of queries to the customers without even contacting the customer service. With this feature, the customer and the support executive both can save their time and use it efficiently.

A smart FAQ section is always a good feature for professional on-demand ordering apps which help them to clear the customer doubts and questions.

9. Push notifications

Push notification is the best feature of any app, it gives notifications to users about the latest updates of the app. One can also get the notifications of the discounts or the offers from the app at the festival times or the special days.

It reminds the customer about the app which keeps him on to the app and he goes to the app to avail of the special benefits.

Final Words

If you have awesome on-demand app ideas then consider these features. These top 9 key features that will help you out with developing a better on-demand app. Launching a feature-packed on-demand app can enhance quality and make it more engageable among users.

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