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Top 5 Things to Gift your Italian Food Fanatic Friend

Some of the greatest treasures that you give a foodie friend is understanding their passion for the kind of cuisine they love and give them a heightened real authentic experience of it, every chance you get—food bonds relationships and friendships. Often the key to an individual’s heart is through deliciously but lovingly bestowed foods. So, in these trying times, gift your friend authentic Italian cuisine ingredients, or some item from the heart of the motherland itself. 

Here are the few gifts that your friend will truly appreciate: 

a). Non-Alcoholic Aperitif

 If your buddy is the kind who enjoys different types of soft and hard drink choices, an excellent gift to get them would be non-alcoholic aperitif bought from Italian food stores online. These aperitifs are orange in colour and made from herbal extracts and sugar combinations. These aperitifs are consumed mainly in European nations or primarily in Italy. So, getting your Italian cuisine enthusiasts friends these will bowl them over. 

b). Italian Spices Ceramic Pots 

If you have a friend who not only appreciates fine Italian cuisine as a taster but also loves to venture into trying authentic Italian recipes, then get them a selection of Italian spice ceramic pots. For amateur home cooks, one of the favourite things to do is collect ceramic pots and vessels related to the cuisines of their choice. This particular gift could be a collector’s item that could hold all the Italian spices for occasional use. 

c). Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar 

Another great gift idea is presenting newly-wed couples with a perfect table set of a bottle of extra virgin olive oil, made from the finest presses in Italy. They contain the highest quality olive oil to be used as a spread on loaves of bread. The set also consists of a bottle of balsamic vinegar. Balsamic vinegar is an intensely flavoured vinegar that originated in Italy and is made partially or entirely from grape must. Traditionally, balsamic vinegar was used as an antipasto on cheese forms like Parmigiano Reggiano and mortadella. Nowadays, it is used to enhance the flavour of meats, eggs, seafood, fresh fruits and even gelato. Adding this to your friends’ tabletop counters will help them enjoy this new phase of life with new and fresh authentic flavours.  

d). Gift Card to Buy Italian Food 

Sometimes, even though you know and love your friends, you cannot for the life of you choose a gift for them according to the culinary standards and experiences of this friend. That’s where this gift card to buy Italian food online comes in handy. When it comes to ordering in food goods from across the globe, your find might prefer to have control over the things they’ll want to buy for their collection of ingredients to add to their kitchen. Present them with a gift card to buy Italian cuisine. 

e). Selection Gourmet Cheese Baskets 

Italy is known for its variety of cheeses. Each region of Italy specializes in a different kind of cheese made from the cattle that they grow and the pasture that they feed on. This special basket of cheeses is sure to cheer up most people. In comparison to all the cheeses made across the world, the climatic conditions and the rightly bred habits, cheeses from Italy are exquisite and cherished across the globe. Getting a slight whiff of these cheeses alone makes it feel like they’ve visited the motherland itself. 

With the help of these few items that can be bought at any authentic Italian store online, you will never again have to look up, “Italian food stores near me”, ever again. You don’t have to go to Italy, Italy will find its way into your life. Surprise your friend with these best selling items and give them the experience of a lifetime. 

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