Social media is important for the success of the digital marketing campaign of any company. Nevertheless, companies of all shapes and sizes do not use this method to its full potential. Although, the number of “likes”,” follows”, and “share” is still significant but there is far more to distinguish a brand reputation than just this. Social media today calls for a specific collection of skills where marketers truly need to understand their audience’s needs. Now, the question is what social media strategies should be the cornerstone of your strategy to remain relevant? So, in this post, I am going to discuss the top 5 social media marketing tactics that go hand in hand with the best practices of today’s social media.

  1. Customize your content according to the social media channel: Many brands make the mistake of sharing the same sort of content across all the social media platforms to which they belong. And thus, companies fail to deliver the unique user experience that social media users are looking for from each specific platform. Users who more often use Pinterest and Instagram are more interested in visual content and would be more drawn to high-quality pictures and graphics that tell your story. So, it is clear that the secret to success is to customize the content for each specific social media site.
  2. Tell stories instead of selling stuff: Although social media is still a digital marketing tool, advertising your products directly in front of the user’s face using this platform can bring more harm than good to your company. People enjoy stories and go to social media to read stories, be fascinated by captivating apps, and learn new stuff from uploads and shares. When you share tales, users start getting interested in you and your company. They would like to learn more about you and want to read, view or watch more posts, pictures and videos about you. And there will come a time when their interest level will rise to the right level and they will now be involved in your company, what you are doing and what you are selling and that will be the right time for profits to roll in.
  3. Influencer marketing: Social influencer marketing remains one of the highly successful marketing strategies for social media. Tagging others has become an integral part of almost any social network and is a guaranteed strategy for scoring the posts for further publicity. When selecting an influencer to work with, it’s important to choose those who have a business-relevant following. Social media users are sick of seeing the beauty bloggers pushing the newest protein shake. They may, however, be more open to seeing niche products that the influencer is genuinely valuing. So, the key is to go with the one that’s important to your niche.
  4. Create a personalized customer experience: Chatbots are not just a great way to simplify certain daily tasks, if implemented properly your chatbots will allow you to create a more customized experience for your customers. Stop connecting your advertisements exclusively to your landing pages, and create advertisements that link your customers to a messenger window with your chatbot. Linking your advertisements to your chatbot will boosts sales, develop a loyal fan base, and change consumer’s conventional perceptions of you that you’re just trying to sell them.
  5. Create and share more graphics, pics, and video content: When Facebook launched a new feature that allowed for the launch of Instagram videos, the social network experienced up to 5 million video uploads right after their announcement within first the 24hours. That’s the power of video and other visual elements, and learning how to leverage the power of these tools and elements will give your company more visibility. The goal is to ensure that your videos are watched by the right people, rather than thinking only in terms of audience size. There is no point going a video “viral” when most people are not in your business. Better targeting will give you the right audience.

Conclusion: Social media marketing is one of the digital marketing platforms that is rising more rapidly. So, it’s time to recognize that there needs to be a systematic approach to social media marketing. So, besides implementing these tactics utilizing the best social media marketing services will help you reach a larger audience.