It is crucial for kids to know how to type in today’s digital environment. Even in primary school, technology is the standard, with most kids owning at least a low-cost laptop computer. Learning to type quickly, on the other hand, does not have to be a hassle. Here are the 18 best free typing games for kids to learn their typing abilities while having fun.

Top 18 Best Free Typing Games for Kids to Learn Fast in 2021

In this article u can find out the Top 18 Best Free Typing Games for Kids to Learn Fast in 2021 list are below;-

1. TypeTastic

TypeTastic is a colorful and enjoyable free typing games for kids in partnership with teachers. TypeTastic is a game that is designed for children of all ages to play in a specified order. As kids improve their typing speed, they advance to the next level. TypeTastic has games for children of all ages, from kindergarten to high school.

2. TypeRush

TypeRush is one of several free typing games for kids. First, the game instructs children to duplicate a sequence of sentences. The more quickly and accurately they type, the faster the race car advances on the circuit. There’s also the option of competing and ranking among a global squad of typing racers. Fancier cars become available as the child types faster and accumulate points.

3. KeyMan

An unlimited richness of adventure, treasure, and peril awaits deep beneath the ocean’s surface. The faster a child types, the more options he or she has for exploration. Keyman makes his way through the maze, munching the dots before the multicolored ghosts catch up with him. Keyman is navigated by children typing the many letters that appear above, below, and to either side of the dots. The navigation changes every time a letter is typed. It’s such a pleasant game that kids don’t realize they’re learning how to improve their typing skills.

4. KidzType

KidzType is another free typing games for kids. It has a vast range of typing games and allows players to select the difficulty level. The parents must study the games to pick which is best for their kids. These are two of the more tough ones.

5. Type-a-Balloon

Type-a-Balloon is a fun best free typing games for kids of all ages. The objective is to pop the balloons before they fly away. To pop the balloon, kids must type the appropriate letter on it. The game warns children that typing an incorrect letter will result in a loss of points.

6. Typing Ninja

The objective of these free typing games for kids is to type text on the box to assist the Ninja in defeating the monsters. The game’s numerous difficulty levels make it suitable for kids of all ages. Every child begins with three lives. A life is lost for every monster that a child does not defeat. If all three lives are gone, the game is over. The game is won by defeating all of the creatures.

7. Dance Mat Typing

Dance Mat Typing is a 12-step method that teaches and improves typing abilities to children of all ages. Dance Mat Typing introduces kids to the game gradually by employing charming characters and appealing hurdles. It teaches kids proper typing and placement techniques while also challenging them to go to the next level. When the stage of these free typing games for kids is completed, children receive a printable reward certificate.

8. ABCya

ABCya has many fun free typing games for kids, organized by grade level. The games are also sorted by category, such as Math, Art, Story, Food, and Music, etc. Typing games can be found by typing “TYPE” in the search box and pressing Enter.

9. The Typing Of The Ghosts

The Typing of the Ghosts is another free typing game for kids. It’s a good game for kids who want to improve their typing speed. The object of game is to type a word as quickly as you can before the ghosts in the backdrop reach you. Each youngster is given five lives at the outset. A ghost, on the other hand, can take away one of the five lives if a child isn’t quick enough.

10. Keyboard Climber 2

This game does not have a timer. As a result, it’s entertaining and appropriate for kids who are just learning the alphabet. A monkey is trapped in a cave in Keyboard Climber 2. Players assist the monkey in jumping up rock platforms. This is accomplished by identifying the letters on the screen. Each successfully typed letter awards the monkey with a slew of bananas. If the youngster inputs the incorrect letter, a coconut falls on the monkey’s head, and the level is reset.

11. Slime Kids

Slime Kids has a variety of  free typing games for kids to pick from; many of them are geared toward improving their typing speed. These games have classic principles like shooting aliens and playing Pac Man, but they focus on letters and typing them.

12. Type Type Revolution

In this free typing games for kids, the goal is to press the proper key at the right time. Type Type Revolution is best suited for older students who want to enhance their typing speed because it focuses on recognition and timing abilities. Children choose one of ten songs to begin the game. The goal of this typing game is to type the correct letter before it reaches the top row.

13. Nitro Type

Compete to see who can type most quickly! These free typing games for kids to practice typing while competing in fast-paced races against up to five other types from around the world. They may compete against their friends, acquire new cars, keep track of their progress, and much more free for all

14. Typing Fingers

These free typing games for kids, which have 32 stages, help kids learn basic keyboarding abilities from a young age. They will learn to recognize letters, numbers, and symbols, as well as memory. Students will obtain a typing certificate if they pass the final exam.

15. Type Racer

This best free typing games for kids practice tool teaches pupils how to type at a rate of 60 to 120 words per minute. Kids can learn alone or race their mates.

16. Ratatype

Ratatype program is intended for adults, but older children who want to learn to touch type will benefit from it as well. Free typing games for kids provides advice on how to maintain proper posture as well as tips on how to speed up typing.

17. Turtle Diary

Turtle Diary, which has over 30 games, including Balloon Typing, Under Water Typing, and more is a great place to start if you’re looking for free typing games for kids. Users can select the difficulty level as well as the practice keyboard area. There are 51 typing lessons organized into three levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

18. Learning Games For Kids

Learning Games For Kids is a website with a range of enjoyable free typing games for kids, including typing games that help kids memorize the whole keyboard. There are over 20 distinct challenges to choose from, ranging from easy to challenging. This software includes a speed and accuracy test.


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