These companies do have conquered the attention of billions around the globe. That happened over years, making America one of the leading figures as a developed nation. The list of American companies will cross the limits of over 500 businesses with a wide network of a phone number list. Yes, not just the United States of America or Canada, list of American companies comprises of both North as well as South America. 

  • Ube

Now, that is an extremely familiar name to almost every person using a smartphone or not using it at all. Uber became one of the leading names from the year 2009. Founded by Garrett Camp, Uber is a leading vehicle providing services amongst the list of American companies. 

With a broad phone number list, the company accounts users from almost all backgrounds. The Ubercab services help the user fetch a car at any point of time, and at any desired location too. So, that is a big win-win for the application, as well as the users. 

  • Apple

Who is not aware of the luxury of purchasing an Apple device? Though it is one of the oldest IOS services around the world, Apple is just the most luxurious of brands since 1998. Founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, Apple is actually the most reputed amongst the list of American Companies around the Globe. 

  • Microsoft

Being one of the best multinational technology company, Microsoft has a wide network of phone number list and is the best among the list of American companies. Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Microsoft has its headquarters at Redmond, Washington. 

  • Amazon

Who is not aware of the fanbase of Amazon? Any sort of online shopping first and foremost comes the name of, because this has a huge chain of retailers around the world. Founded Jeff Bezos in the year 1994, Amazon became the most popular brand in the list of American companies in the last 2010s. 

  • Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg, developed Facebook for just a limited group of people in the early 2000s. Today, it is an everyday place for billions of people all over the world. Facebook is so popular because it doesn’t just check you on their phone number list but also as an active user who can share and showcase their life worldwide. 

  • Xerox

Not just phone number list, but also documenting thousands of papers to the users. Yes, it the oldest photocopy companies in the States. They have their machines around the world, being one the oldest in the list of American companies. 

  • Coca-Cola Company

You must have had Coke at least once in a lifetime. Coca-Cola is among the top beverage companies around the world who has been on top for over 128 years. Yes, it was founded in the year 1892, and it is amongst the oldest in the list of top American companies. 

  • FedX

Frederick W. Smith is the founder of the biggest multinational delivery agencies, one among the list of American companies prospering around the world. This held important for shipping parcels overnight, since 1971.

  • The Walt Disney Company

Disney is the most familiar thing to almost all children in the world. Say that of Toy Story or Mickey mouse, Disney is just the most amusing things for viewers. But, the most shocking thing is, the fairy tales are actually the works of the biggest media and entertainment house at Burbank, California, United States. 

Among the list of American companies, this is the most unusual names but has the biggest influence on the media industry of America. Founded in the year 1923, by Walt Disney and Roy O. Disney. 

A phone number list is something that is extremely essential while creating a business, that too if the limits have crossed the Atlantics and the Pacifics. The list of American companies is not so small, as it has more names than one can actually imagine. But, without the influence of these businesses the world economy might shatter, so they have a greater place for inflation and economic downfall at the end of the day.