best email app for Android

Being one of the oldest ways to communicate online, Email is still widely used across the globe. A study shows that people across the globe send over 269 billion emails every day! It is quite a staggering number, especially in the age of various social networking platforms. It shows that people still trust email as one of the safest ways of online communication. Many people consider Gmail as the best email app for Android because it comes as a default email app on each Android phone.

Many other email services emerged within the last two decades. There are some impressive options if you are looking for the best email app for Android.

10 Best Email Apps for Andriod in 2020

Below are the best Email Apps for your Andriod Phone to read and sent emails instantly.

  1. Blue Mail
  2. Gmail
  3. Cleanfox
  4. K-9 Mail
  5. Newton Mail
  6. Newton Mail
  7. Nine
  8. ProtonMail
  9. TypeApp Email
  10. Spark Email
  11. Individual clients
  12. Blue Mail:

Blue Mail is considered the best email app for Android because it supports many clients, such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, Office 365, etc. This app also supports other IMAP, POP3, or Exchange clients for the user. It will feature a different notification for each of your email accounts. You also get additional features such as configurable menus, Android Wear support, and also a dark theme from this app.

  1. Gmail:

It is tough to ignore Gmail because it is the most widely used email app on all the Android phones. You get this app pre-installed on your Android device. You may be already using it right now. You may not know this but your Gmail app supports most of the email services, including Microsoft Outlook, Yahoo, and some other popular ones.

This application provides you with a unified inbox for your email accounts. The interface is quite simple so that an ordinary Android user can also find, open, create, and store emails. Most of the people do not need an advanced solution because Gmail has sufficient features for their email communication demands and they consider it the best email app for Android.

  1. Cleanfox:

Even though Cleanfox is not an email service, its features are quite essential for email users. All of us deal with numerous promotional emails sent by various agencies, which unwillingly or unknowingly subscribe over the time. Cleanfox helps you in unsubscribing to all such services.

You will have to connect your email account to this app and it automatically checks all your subscriptions. It informs you about all such subscriptions and then unsubscribes to all the unwanted services. Try this app and your email inbox will look cleaner than ever before. Cleanfox one of the Email App for android.

Cleanfox deletes all the old emails sent by those unwanted services. This particular feature will allow you to manage your email account in the best possible way. It is free and you must try it.

  1. K-9 Mail:

K-9 Mail is the oldest email app available for Smartphone users. The users like its minimal interface, unified inbox, and no BS experience. This application supports maximum POP3, IMAP, and Exchange 2003/2007 accounts. The user interface might not look extra ordinary because the developers have kept it quite simple.

It is an old-school app but still quite effective and reliable. You can use it as an open source platform to build new features and make it better for the community via Fithub. You won’t get anything special here, but it is a lightweight app and thus it is the best email app for Android users who want a lightweight solution.

  1. Newton Mail:

Formerly known as CloudMagic, the K-9 Mail was closed and the revitalized by Essential. Today, it is known as one of the most incredible email applications available for Android smartphone users.

It provides you with a clean user interface which will never seem cluttered. You can access features such as email snoozing, scheduling emails to send later, two-factor authentication, one-click unsubscribe, and read receipts. This email app also allows you to link to the host of other applications on your phone for a better integration.

  1. Nine:

K-9 Mail is a premium email app available for Android users. You can trust this app for flawless security and also for using Outlook. This app does not offer cloud features because it only links you to the email services you want to use.

This app also offers support for Exchange ActiveSync. You can choose from various options, like the folders you are willing to sync, Wear OS support, and many others. Some users might find it an expensive email app for Android, but its amazing features ensure robust protection against all kinds of online threats. Therefore, it is best email app for Android users who seek quality protection.

  1. ProtonMail:

You would happily download and use K-9 Mail if you are concerned about digital security. This app provides end-to-end email encryption. In other words, only you and the intended recipient of the mail can read the email. This app also provides OpenPGP support, label and organization features, and more sophisticated features like self-destructing emails.

It will store your emails on the server. All your emails will be encrypted before storing and only you can read the data. Therefore, it is a safer alternative to other premium email apps for Android users.

  1. TypeApp Email:

K-9 Mail a middling email client. This application does everything you expect from a premium email service. You get support for all the popular email clients, push notifications, a unified inbox, wireless printing support, rich text emails, and many such useful features. You can customize the theme of the email and get OS Wear Support with this application.

  1. Spark Email:

K-9 Mail is one of the latest additions to a long list of email apps. It was launched in 2019 and it has received numerous positive reviews from the users. Its features, including email scheduling, email snoozing, pinned emails, reminders, and undo sent emails make it a wonderful choice for every modern email service user.

Its clean and simple user interface will allow you to check all the recent emails separately in a universal inbox. It will soon add many advanced features and become the next best email app for Android.

  1. Individual clients:

These clients include Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Outlook, etc. which offer great email communication experience. However, people are using these clients for a long time. You can pick one of them if you do not want to try something new on your smartphone. Consider one of above listed apps if you want better security and features.