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Tips For Managing A Team Of Remote Employees

Managing a remote team? This is something that many managers find themselves doing right now and remains somewhat of a new experience for many. Remote work has been normalized during the COVID-19 pandemic and can benefit both the business and staff. Still, it is challenging for managers when they are used to managing a team in an office environment. You want to strike the right balance of giving your staff enough space to work comfortably from home while also checking in and making yourself available, and this post will offer a few tips that should help you to manage your remote team.

1. Outline Your Expectations

First, it is important that your remote staff know what is expected of them. When you have established what you expect from staff in terms of keeping in touch, taking breaks, and leaving the house, it becomes much easier for everyone, and you can then put faith in your team to follow these expectations.

2. Avoid Micromanaging

When you cannot see your staff, it is easy to assume that they are slacking off. Many managers end up micromanaging when managing a remote team as a way to make sure that everyone is hard at work. Micromanaging is not only frustrating for staff, but it also uses up a lot of your own time and energy that could be better directed elsewhere. Instead, have trust in your team and make yourself available for support if they need it.

3. Be Flexible With Your Approach

Flexibility is crucial when you are managing a remote team. It would be best if you learned how each person in your team works best and what their preferred way of communication is so that you can get the most out of everyone. Some people will want to jump on video calls throughout the day, while others will prefer to communicate via email and direct messages.

4. Give Positive Feedback

When staff are working remotely, it is very easy for them to feel disconnected from the business and also less sure of their performance levels. This is why it is vital that you are providing regular positive feedback so that you can maintain a strong connection, keep morale high and help staff to know that they are valued.

5. Use The Best Communication Tools

You want to ensure that you have the best communication tools so that it is easy for everyone to stay in touch. You can use intranet software solutions to improve communication, and specialists like Simpplr have useful guides on what you can do to improve the employee experience that should help.

Hopefully, the advice in this article will help you to improve your remote management abilities. It is challenging to manage a remote team, especially if you are new to this. Still, when you know how to manage a remote team effectively, you will find that remote work can be beneficial for both the business and your employees.

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