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There is a different set of responsibilities for a woman especially a working one that makes it even more challenging to extract more from a lesser time.

Time Management-A Challenge For Working Women?

Time Management-A Challenge For Working Women? This blog is about the challenges faced by working women and how they can tackle it. And how they can remain as productive as men even if they are working from home. Also what kind of strategies they should make to get the maximum benefit out of their time.Yes, you read it right, ‘as a woman’. Gender equality at its own place but there is no escape from the fact that women need a different form of time planner. There is a different set of responsibilities for a woman especially a working one that makes it even more challenging to extract more from a lesser time. Let’s briefly discuss how to layout a time management plan for a woman?

Multitasking is actually good


Yes, we hear it too often multitasking is detrimental to productivity but for women, it actually works. They can start laundry work while feeding the pet. Or cook food and wash dishes side by side. There is no other way out. Men and women have different sort of psychological makeup. Men can focus on one task at a time and deliver their best. Whereas women can handle multiple things at a time with unique precision. Both fit in their roles well.

Divide the duties


If you and your spouse/partner, both are working. You both return home tired and exhausted. So one of you can’t execute household chores alone. Distribute tasks and see who is better at what. You might cook better and your husband finds it preferable to wash dishes. Just execute immediate tasks after returning from work. Like you need to eat and feed the kids or pets. But house cleaning or laundry can be postponed for another day. Keep the weekend for these tasks.

Getting organized is more important for you


It’s not that time management isn’t important for men but women especially those who are mothers need better planning. You should decide a night before what your next day will look like. If you can cook and freeze food for the next two or three days, it’s better. If you have to feed a baby every once in a while, cooking will seem like a burden. So try to plan in a way that relieves your burdens as much as possible.

Take enough rest to remain functional


Human bodies are like machines as they need fuel and rest to keep functioning. Never compromise your sleep for some favorite TV show or a guest that is unwilling to leave. Say it clearly without reservations that you need to sleep now so the other person may leave. Because nobody shall be your well-wisher as you care for yourself. Maintain your own sanity.

And fuel?


Yes, you need a nutritious diet more than your partner. Women begin losing calcium after a certain age. With childbearing or mother feed they lose even more energy so keep yourself well fed. Staying negligent of your own bodily needs can make you lethargic. That food doesn’t mean junk or carbonated drinks but a truly nutritious diet plan without making you obese.

Be selfish


You will find many around you seeking favors or taking your time for unnecessary purposes. It can be a friend calling you in odd hours at midnight to discuss some silly things. Tell them straight away that you are not available and shall contact only when having time. Nobody will come to the rescue when you will find yourself in trouble so better act as your own best friend.

Keep yourself entertained


Sleeping on time and missing a favorite TV show doesn’t mean you cut off the entertainment from life. Do plan a weekend out, spend time in socializing, watching movies in the cinema or going to a theater. Listening to some light music while working shall keep you active.

Maintain work/life balance


Must spend quality time with your kids. As when they feel disturbed it would affect your work-life eventually. Every mother feel strongly attached to their kids and when they feel neglected, mothers will naturally start hating the reason of it. Which in this case is their job? So try to keep them calm and happy by taking part in their activities and making them feel valued.

Freelancing can work where other things can’t


Yet if you still find yourself incapable of doing justice with your work and family life. And one is affecting the other. Then the flex work option is the only way out. With remote work, you are in control of your work life. You can decide hours and projects at your own choice and pace. This way your skills and past experiences are not wasted, you can earn some extra money through it and your domestic life is protected as well.

How to monitor time with freelancing


If you work freelance, your main concern is how to track and claim your time to get invoiced correctly. Because if you are taking out time from your family life to deliver a certain task but not getting paid in the end or unjustly paid. You will start regretting it. The best solution is to download and subscribe to a reliable employee monitoring software. It will record and monitor your time spent on each task in a precise manner thus liberating you from many concerns.