Everyone knows that households put large discretionary purchases on hold during times of financial uncertainty. You wouldn’t go out and buy a car during a global pandemic. Or would you? The loyal customers of Don Forman Nissan in Las Vegas would because they know where to turn for the best customer service when they absolutely need a reliable vehicle, pandemic, or no pandemic.

And Don Forman Automotive has earned his customers’ trust for good reason. Here is a businessman who has built a solid reputation for honest integrity, customer care, and community-focused philanthropy which has enabled his firm to do the impossible — to thrive in an economic freeze.

Business entrepreneurs, startup specialists, and textbooks on commerce will all tell you that the foundations of business success involve market and product research, innovative technologies, and sales and marketing reach. Don Forman will tell you instead that a thriving enterprise rests upon customer service, and he knows.

A Dealership With A Heart For People, Not Profit

Having a heart for what the customer needs and wants, and going out of his way to serve is not just Don Forman’s way of doing business; it is also his way of doing life. The goodwill Don’s customers show him when they purchase one of his Nissan vehicles is passed on to the community. Don’s organization has partnered with many local charities in the form of programs for the underprivileged and even scholarships for talented but vulnerable students. Don Forman Nissan was among the first businesses to respond to the tragic Las Vegas shootings in 2017 with compassionate help for the victims and their families. Unlike most enterprises that like to be seen as giving to recognized high profile charities, Don Forman and his employees are personally out among the members of their local community, uncovering genuine needs and quietly meeting them.

Whether gifting cars to struggling parents or to volunteer food deliverers, contributing to a class field trip expense, or transporting blood donors to donation centers, Don and his team are making a positive difference to the lives of countless community members, and they, in turn, show their gratitude by deciding where to shop for their next car: at Don Forman Automotive.

Striving For A Positive Customer Experience

Don realizes, however, that no amount of goodwill can compensate for inadequate customer service in his core business, so Don Forman Nissan takes great care of the customers that depend on him for excellent value. Forman’s Automotive is conveniently located along East Sahara Ave in Las Vegas and is the premier dealership for either a new vehicle from the extensive Nissan range or a certified pre-owned model. The sales staff are always courteous and take the time to answer all your questions, with the aim of professionally matching a vehicle to your individual requirements and budget.

Past customers appreciate being able to use the scheduled service option to keep their vehicle running perfectly and retain its market value, and Don Forman Automotive always has a selection of specials in his parts and service department. Don’s dealership understands that his customers’ time is precious, so they thoughtfully provide a Quick Lube and Express Service option, and their yard is open late to give you more choice of when to shop. Looking to accessorize your new (or older) vehicle? Don’s e-store makes it easy to do your shopping from home and have your parcel shipped within 24 hours. Don even provides a rewards program for his loyal customers, called One To One Rewards, which gives shoppers an effective discount across hundreds of retail outlets as they apply points they’ve earned At Don Forman Automotive.

A client-centered business always finds a grateful customer base, and in today’s market economy where customers have more choice than ever where to spend their income, courtesy, and customer service will always be rewarded. Don Forman Nissan is a business that clearly operates on this wise paradigm, whether a pandemic is disrupting normal life or not. The result is a car dealership that continues to thrive when others are closing, ready to do business, and always prepared to help out.