Last week saw Meta launched a brand-new app, the so-called ‘Twitter killer’, Threads. Modeled after the infamous micro-blogging site, Threads appears to be something of a combination of Instagram and Twitter.

In any discussion of the best social media strategies in 2023, it’s vital we look at the newest platforms and how they compare to established social channels. Threads and Twitter might be functionally similar, but does this mean businesses should approach them in the same way? Let’s find out.

Threads vs Twitter – What’s the Difference?

Twitter has long been the most well-known and most popular micro-blogging platform. However, since tech mogul Elon Musk’s takeover in 2022, the company has been mired in controversy and has seen a mass exodus of advertisers and users. Meta clearly spotted an opportunity here and launched Threads last week in an attempt to target what appears to be a rapidly widening gap in the market.

Like Twitter, Threads allows users to post short text-based posts, limited to 500 characters. Images and videos can also be posted. Users can like and share posts – or threads – posted by other users.

One of the major differences between Threads and Twitter is that Twitter does not have a search function or a section for trending topics. However, Meta has not ruled out adding these features in the future.

What Does Threads Mean for Businesses?

When Threads was first announced, many brushed it off as a pointless venture on Meta’s part. After all, who could realistically challenge Twitter’s long-held market position?

The answer, it would seem, is Meta. Just days after the launch, Threads has attracted over 100 million users and is making headline news across the world as a result of its incredible early growth.

While this will no doubt be worrying for Twitter, it also means businesses must sit up and pay attention, as these incredible figures are impossible to ignore.

Marketing on Threads

So, how can businesses go about actually marketing on Threads? How similar is the approach to one used for Twitter?

The first and most important thing to note is that Threads is connected to Instagram. Signing up requires an existing Instagram account, which shouldn’t be a problem, given that almost all businesses use Instagram.

However, a significant advantage Threads has is that it migrates your full follower list over from Instagram. This means you won’t be starting from nothing and can make use of the community and reputation you have previously built on Instagram.

Threads is a new platform that is still growing. This gives businesses a chance to get in there early and establish an immediate presence. Focus on user engagement to solidify your position as the app continues to expand.


There’s no denying that Threads is similar to Twitter, and marketing on it successfully will call for much of the same strategies you would use on any platform. High-quality content and user engagement are key. However, Threads is unique in the fact it allows you to migrate Instagram followers, which means you can focus less on growth and more on engagement as you incorporate this new app into your marketing campaigns.