Sunny days invite you to eat outside and everything tastes better if we cook on a grill; Being able to enjoy all this onboard our ship is the dream of many of us. If we are in the habit of fishing, then a grill is almost a must, so it’s no wonder that in the past decade many boat builders have started offering electric grills as an option. But if we do not want to buy a new boat just for the grill, we can choose one of the many nautical grills that we find on the market. How do we choose the best grill for our needs? Leaving size and price aside, for now, our first concern should be choosing between gas, coal, or electric grill.

Our goal was to make a complete beginner boat grill buying guide, so we have done extensive research and compared hundreds of different boat grills. Factors such as price, number of revisions, quality of assembly and material, as well as many other details were considered.

Gas Grill

Propane gas is cheap and easy to buy so a gas grill is a sensible choice for most boaters. Small disposable cylinders can be used even on the largest grills, making them very practical. They can also be connected to the ship’s gas installation. The fact that they can be switched on and off without further complications also works in their favor since the preparation does not take as long as a charcoal barbecue. Although they are undoubtedly a fairly affordable and easy-to-use solution, this type of barbecue does not provide the traditional flavor and authenticity of a charcoal grill.

Charcoal Grill

Although the idea of??a charcoal barbecue on a boat may seem illogical, manufacturers have come up with several solutions to avoid the obvious dangers. The simplest is in the form of a metal box attached to an arm that attaches to the balcony or another safe point on the boat, allowing us to cook outboard, on the water.

Many of these gadgets are designed to accommodate a conventional disposable barbecue tray, making them very easy to use and allowing us to get that smoky flavor from the coals that neither gas nor electric models can achieve. As expected, between the lighting of the coal and the obtaining of the coals there is a whole ritual, and this way of cooking is much slower than in the case of the other grills (gas and electric). They are also more difficult to store if we do not have much storage space.

Today we find some very sophisticated charcoal appliances since they have a double metal layer so that the temperature of the outer layer remains safe to the touch. These more sophisticated barbecues are very versatile for the most enthusiastic chefs and also much easier to handle than traditional ones, but they still require time, patience and work.

Electric Grill

Unlike gas or coal, electric grills require a reliable and constant power supply, be it a dock connection or a generator. While we often see them integrated into the flybridge of the most modern cruise ships or in the outdoor kitchens of the most sophisticated open boats, this type of grill has its drawbacks. On the other hand, the absence of an open flame means that we can use our electric grill in places where charcoal and propane grills are prohibited.

Tips For Using A Grill On Board

  • Always use a suitable barbecue designed for marine use.
  • It is useful to have a portable refrigerator to store food more safely next to the area where we are going to cook.
  • Grill = Anchoring: do not cook while sailing or leave the Grill without supervision.
  • Never use unapproved fuel (for marine use) to light a charcoal grill.
  • Make sure that you can adapt and secure the barbecue of your choice to your boat.
  • If the plan is a barbecue on the high seas, minimize stress by preparing your meats, fish, and vegetables in advance, preferably ashore.
  • Some zippers and multipurpose bags are ideal for transporting food and storing waste for later disposal.
  • Clean your barbecue well after each use so it’s always ready for the next party.
  • If we want the versatility of a barbecue that can be carried from the boat to the beach, a portable gas or charcoal barbecue with legs is the best option.