The Top 7 Chocolate Brands in India

There are very few people in this world who would say they don’t like chocolate. Be it a kid or an old man, all can die for chocolates. Even according to science, chocolate helps us in many ways and the best thing that it does is the production of serotonin. It is that hormone which our brain produces when we experience some kind of pleasure. Chocolates are, basically, happiness in disguise and the companies that manufacture them? Well, they are next to angels for the mankind. And, thanks to globalization that buying chocolates has become easier, thanks to the online candy store.

So, let’s go through the list of 7 such companies that manufacture the finest and the most amazing chocolates and candies in India.    


It goes without saying that Cadbury is the most loved and successful chocolate brand in India. it was founded in the UK in 1824, but it came to India only in 1948 since then till now there has been no looking back for this chocolate brand. It has 55% of market share in the Indian chocolate industry. The bestselling chocolates of Cadbury in India are the Celebrations edition, Bourneville, Silk, Perk, Gems, 5 Star, and Dairy Milk.


This chocolate brand reached India straight from Switzerland. We all know that Switzerland is quite popular for its beauty, watches, and chocolates and since we know that Nestle hails from the same land, it is easier for us to understand why it is at the number 2 position. It was founded in 1866 by Henry Nestle but it reached India after many decades that is in the 1950’s. Nestle has 18% market share in the chocolate Industry of India and the most popular chocolates of this brand are Alpino, KitKat, and Bar One.


It was in 1946 that this Italian MNC laid its foundations by Michele Ferrero. Even though this company makes different kinds of chocolates, the most famous of them all is Ferrero Rocher which is quite renowned in the entire world. It’s texture, packaging, and taste, all are 10 on 10 and it is known to be the best chocolate ever for the same reason. It came to India in 2004 with chocolate products like Mon Cheri, Raffaello, Kinder, and last but not the least, Nutella.


The best part about this brand is that it is made in India and it is the reason why countless people in Gujarat have an employment. Founded in 1946 by Dr. Vardhese Kurien, who is known as the father of the white revolution in India, the brand has earned quite a name for itself not only in terms of dairy products but in terms of chocolates as well. It has a hold on 1.1% of the market share when it comes to the chocolate industry. The best chocolates made by Amul are Almond Bar, Tropical Orange Chocolates, Fruit and Nut Chocolates, Dark Chocolates, and Milk Chocolates.


This brand is yet again an Indian one, but there is a catch. It doesn’t manufacture chocolates, but candies. This is the brand which is responsible for making sugar-coated fennel seeds a trend. It’s candies are so mouth-watering that you cannot miss on even a single candy. They have n-number of candies, but the best ones are chatpati candy, paan candy, orange candy, and hing peda. 


This one was founded in the USA in 1911 by Frank C. Mars but it was only recently that it entered the shelves of the Indian markets. It became an instant hit in the country and now it holds 1.1% share in the Indian chocolate industry. The best chocolates that it has to offer are Twix, M&M’s, Skittles, Milky Way, Mars, Galaxy, and Snickers. It is believed that soon Mars is going to launch another chocolate in India and it is going to make its market ranking even better.


It was founded in 1994 and the only thing that it used to do was manufacture packaged drinking water. It was only in 1998 that it started manufacturing mouth-watering chocolates as well. Milk N Nut was their first chocolate that was manufactured in the year 1998. And, since that time till now, their chocolates have never seen a dull moment. Their chocolates such as ChocOn Coconut, Miclcreme Choco Bar, and Chocolaty Bar are a few ones that are most popular in the Indian market. 

So, that was all about the 7 best chocolate and best candy brands of our country. It is quite easy to tell that the chocolates that they offer to us are the best of their kinds and they also give us another simple reason to be happy. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your chocolate now to stay happy always!