Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms where users share photos and videos on their profiles. It has a vast audience base. To get the most out of it, modern entrepreneurs execute Instagram marketing activities to improve their reach and enhance sales.

Are you a business person and planning for Instagram marketing? Well, you should know about the restrictions related to Instagram bio links. This will help you integrate your website and other social media handles on which you are present. With the help of this piece, you will be able to know about the Instagram link in bio tools, its usage, and its limitations.

Moreover, the details about the top Instagram bio link tools are given in detail.

What is Instagram Bio link?

Instagram link in bio tools


The Instagram bio link is the URL that you can add to your bio to improve the visibility of your website. Earlier, Instagram did not have a feature for its users to add any links to their profile bio. However, in recent updates, the social media giant allowed users to add a single link in the bio.

  1. The procedure for adding bio links on Instagram has some easy steps. All you have to do is to open your Instagram and handle and tap on the ‘Personal Profile’ icon.
  2. Secondly, you have to find the ‘Edit Profile’ option and tap on it. Here, you will get the option to edit your bio. You can either use ‘@’ or ‘#’ tags to create links to other places.

However, you can only add a single link to your website. On the other hand, you can also mention your contact details in the bio.

Ways to Use Instagram Bio Link

The key ways to use the Instagram Bio link are:

  • Attracting target customers to a particular business file
  • Promoting brand events
  • Promotions related to service and goods
  • Publishing facts about specific goods and products
  • Linking websites to increase traffic on your website
  • Show information about the packages and services related to a type of product or brand
  • Link up to a video or photograph

As Instagram allows the user to add only one link to the bio, they need to change it several times daily or weekly, or based on the requirement. This is not only a tiring process but also minimizes an even flow of traffic in every link.

If you need to do the same with your Instagram handle, the bio link tools are your solutions, for sure. There are several tools that allow you to add multiple bio links on your Instagram handle. Let’s check out some of them:

List of Bio-Link Tools

Sked Link

With Sked Link, adding bio links on your Instagram can get easier. The user interface is simple and enables you to execute the task efficiently. You can either use the Basic or Pro version of the tool, as per your necessities.

The basic package can cost you $25 monthly. On the other hand, the professional package comes in $135 monthly. You also get a free trial period of 7 days.

Sked Link allows you the following advantages:

  • Integration with your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook apps on Instagram
  • Easy customization of the Instagram bio links
  • A photo editing platform to ease the Instagram usage
  • Location and product tagging
  • Hashtagging the initial comments on each post
  • Team collaboration and client management


If you are looking for an easy Instagram bio link tool, Feedlink can be one of your key options. You will not only get a chance to make a clickable Instagram-friendly URL and enhance marketing, but also a landing page.

Feedlink is designed by EmbedSocial and offers you with free basic features. However, it would be best if you opt for pro packages to enjoy the advanced features available. The price range for which you can get the Feedlink packages is from $19 to $99 monthly.

Feedlink has the following features:

  • Feedlink landing pages helps to attract potential customers to your Instagram handle
  • Outstanding responsiveness makes the FeedlinkInstagram bio link landing page well active
  • Links made on Feedlink are reusable, and you can integrate them on multiple social media platforms
  • Ensures traffic boost on your website and lets you earn indirectly through your Instagram handle


Milkshake is a free application that you can download from the designated app stores of Android and iOS. The best thing you can do with Milkshake is designing an Insta website.

This Insta website helps to connect you to the followers and attract the target audience. You can share your Instagram website link on different social networking platforms, like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Top features of Milkshake are:

  • Easy link-designing procedures
  • Free usage
  • Single users can make up to 5 Instagram websites addition
  • Easy editing on the Insta websites
  • Add up the website link in different digital documents such as posters, e-books, PDFs and email signatures


If you have a fast-growing e-commerce website and are planning to carry out successful Instagram marketing, you can use the Like2Buy tool to diversify the Instagram bio link.

Like2Buy allows you an URL that you can add on your Instagram bio. This URL is automatically generated by Like2Buy and integrated on the Instagram bio in a clickable format. Moreover, you can consider the reliability of the Like2Buy tool as many retail brands use it.

Some exciting benefits of using the Like2Buy are:

  • Efficient visitors tracking
  • Automatic email capturing for the visitors
  • Diverting Instagram visitors to a website where they can shop
  • Providing information related to brand experience and awareness when shopping


Like most other Instagram bio link tools, Shorby gives you the chance to create clickable links that you can add to your Instagram bio. However, the diversified features of Shorby results in some good conveniences.

Shorby’s landing pages are extraordinarily designed to engage the potential customers to engage more on the shoppable platform. It dramatically increases the chances of sales. Moreover, as an Instagram marketer, you can customise the landing page anytime you want. With Shorby, you can add three bio links on your Instagram handle.

Furthermore, you can get access to the link page where you can add unlimited links for different products for your customers. The best part of the Shorby link page is it allows the customers to click on any link for unlimited times.

Shorby has added a new feature on the recent update which is called SmartPages. This feature helps you to make your Shorby landing page more attractive. You can add graphical designs, GIFs and animated mascots on the Smart pages.

Apart from the trial period of 5 days, the packages prices range from $9 to $99 monthly.

Other important conveniences of Shorby are:

  • An easy link tracking mechanism
  • Smart clicks can range to 1 million
  • Shorby links are compatible with any social media platform
  • Availability of free trial


Lnk.Bio is a recent Instagram bio link tool that provides its services in most affordable packages. You can quickly generate the link along with a landing page with Lnk.Bio.

There are several paid packages of Lnk.Bio, which ranges between $0.99 to $9.99. However, the highest package comes in $24.99 for a lifetime where you can delete the logo.

Take a look on some added on features of Lnk.BioInstagram bio link tool:

  • Provides the opportunity of customizing the URL
  • You can enjoy unlimited links on the link page
  • Lnk.Bio can carry out efficient email support by tracking the email IDs of the visitors
  • Gives you access to the reports related to the traffic on the shoppable link


If you are into Instagram marketing and searching for a tool that comes with a variety of features, Campsite is undoubtedly the right pick for you. As a marketer, you can easily avoid the problem related to attaching links on the Instagram bio.

Being a user, you can enjoy the basic features of Campsite subscribing to the basic package. However, there is a paid package that includes several beautiful features. All you have to do is pay $7 as the subscription fee to access the Campsite Pro for Instagram bio link support.

A campsite can support you with the following ways:

  • It allows you to add unlimited links on the Instagram handle
  • Easy restoring of different links as well as archiving them
  • Proper analysis of the visitors on the landing page
  • Add written content on the landing page of the Instagram bio link
  • All-round compatibility with other accounts of Campsite
  • Easy link customizing and re-scheduling

Link in Profile

Unlike most other Instagram Bio Link tools, the ‘Link in Profile’ allows you to attach links on Instagram images separately. So, the viewers can visit your business website directly by clicking the link.

The single package of ‘Link in Profile’ costs $9.99. Moreover, as a first time user, you can get a trial period of 30 days without any charges.

The key features of using the ‘Link in Profile’ tool are:

  • Usage of Link in Profile requires minimum management
  • The landing page is well responsive
  • Allows you to add your Instagram name and display picture on the landing page
  • Provides both analytics and stats related to the traffic at a given point of time


ShortStack is designed as a tool for marketing campaigns. However, it can be used for attaching links on the bio section of Instagram. StortStack is efficient in making visitors interact with Instagram marketers. This prominently helps to expand the reach of a page.

As a tool for a marketing campaign, you can make unique strategies to increase the number of sales.

The links you make on ShortStack are customizable, and you can share them on different social media platforms. Moreover, access to the features of ShortStack is entirely free. Once you are accustomed to using the tool, you can take the premium plan that comes with the subscription cost of $29 monthly.

Top features of ShortStack that ensures your conveniences as a user are:

  • Easy procedure to make Instagram links
  • Frequent access to the analytics
  • Compatibility with Instagram as well as other social networking platforms
  • Email marketing and visitor tracking
  • Gives you the ease to set up around ten different marketing strategies


When it comes to a trendy tool to add links on the Instagram bio, Linktree can be a reliable choice. It helps to optimize the landing pages apart from generating links for Instagram bio. You can use the Linktree generated links in different places and not just on Instagram, such as online stores, e-books blogs and other social networking sites.

All basic plans of Linktree are available in the basic plan that you can use for free. However, there are some add-on features that you can access with monthly charges of $6. These features can provide you with extra conveniences leading you to successful Instagram marketing.

Conveniences of Linktree:

  • Allows the addition of unlimited links
  • Access to in-depth traffic results for a specific time period
  • Gives proper priority support
  • Audience tracking and post scheduling convenience


At present, Instagram is a trendy social networking site where a majority of the audience belongs to Generation Z. So, as an Instagram marketer, you should be clear about the services or products you deal with and its relevance among the Gen Z audience.

To carry out Instagram marketing successfully, you will surely need the bio link tools as it helps you avoid the shortcomings of Instagram’s feature to add a single link in the bio.

Since multiple tools can give you the same outcome, you must consider certain aspects at the time of picking up the right one. Make sure you are clear about the outcomes you expect from an Instagram bio link tool.

Secondly, you must consider the pricing of the tools in terms of your affordability. It is always better to avoid a costly package if you have just started with Instagram off as a social media (read: Instagram) influencer.

Finally, you must check the upkeep and genuineness of the features provided by a specific tool. To be sure regarding a tool’s performance, try utilizing the trial period to the fullest.