To start with, the marketplace for ride-hailing services is ever-evolving. Though public transports are affordable, people never cut off their inclination towards public transportations, especially the on-demand taxi services. Of course, the reason is obvious – doorstep pick-up and drop-off. Therefore, stepping into the on-demand ride-hailing business is a great move. In this blog, we will discover the market scope for ride-hailing services after the pandemic and Tesla’s self-driving cars in detail. Stay tuned!

Ride-Hailing Services – One Of The Victim Of The Pandemic

Many businesses fell as a pry to the pandemic, and ride-hailing businesses are not an exception. Yet, ride-hailing businesses started overcoming the situation in an unimaginable way. We all would have witnessed the safety measures taken by Uber and other on-demand taxi service providers. First, let us see the different safety precautions carried out by Uber.

  • An online checklist

The app contains a checklist that must be filled by both the riders and the drivers. The checklist will elicit certain details from the drivers and riders that they follow the safety measures. Of all, both the riders and the drivers must self declare that they do not possess any Covid-19 symptoms.

  • Mask verification

Before starting the ride, drivers must take a selfie and upload it on the app. The app will detect the driver’s selfie to check whether they are wearing a mask or not.

  • Ride cancellation

Since safety is the most important factor, both drivers and riders can cancel their trips in case they are found to violate the safety measures.

  • Seat limits

One of the safety measures is social distancing. To abide by it, the company allows only two riders in addition to the driver. Also, riders must occupy the rear seat hence the concept of social distancing is not violated.

  • Safety kits

Drivers and riders are provided with safety kits that contain masks, sanitizers, etc. Therefore, from these safety measures, it is obvious that people will not hesitate to travel in taxis.

Other than these safety measures, there is another thing that is on the way to revolutionize the ride-hailing industry. Would you like to take a guess? Ok, let me uncover the deets about the invasion of self-driven cars by Tesla. In the upcoming sections, we will have a glimpse of Tesla’s self-driven cars and analyze whether it will be a success or not.

Self-Driven Cars Are On The Way To Revolutionize The Ride-Hailing Industry

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk stated that the company is working on self-driven cars which will revolutionize the ride-hailing industry. However, the concept of completely going self-driving cars is inviting criticism for the company. Yet, Elon Musk confidently states that in the next few years, there will be one million autonomous cars across the globe. Tesla has framed out two strategies for rolling out the concept of self-driven cars. They are,

  • Self-Driven Cars With Driver’s Supervision

Here, the cars will be automated to travel from the source to the destination. However, a driver will be present to guide in critical situations. The app will be installed with radars and cameras that will detect the objects that are present in the surroundings. 

  • Fully-Automated Cars

The most-awaited release by Tesla is the full-automated cars. Here, there will be no intervention of human drivers. The system is completely automated. This move by Tesla is welcoming many criticisms from all over the world that employing self-driven cars will compromise the safety of passengers. Yet, Elon Musk is confident that their automated taxi business will emerge out to be a success.

Radars Vs Lidar : Tesla Opts For Lidar

Firstly, self-driven cars need to analyze the surrounding environment to detect the presence of objects or humans. For that, they integrate radars that will send radio signals to surroundings and will detect the presence of any objects. The radar signals will cover 360 degrees in regard to the car’s current position.

In the case of Lidar, The signal from the lidar will fall on the object and return. Based on the time taken for the signal to strike the object and return, the distance of the object will be calculated. However, Elon Musk opts for radar-based sensors in contrast to lidars.

In addition, he states that the lidar is expensive, redundant, and a fool’s choice. Also, he adds that they would not invest in lidars though they are given for free.

Tesla’s Self-Driven Cars And Pitfalls

In the month of October 2020, a video on Tesla’s self-driven cars went viral on the Internet. One of the self-driven cars of Tesla was found clueless in making a roundabout. However, with the guidance of the human driver, the car was able to successfully navigate in the proper direction. Hence, this video raises the question of the safety of passengers.

Buckle Up To Launch A Ride-Hailing App

By now, you would have realized the necessity of launching your ride-hailing app. In this world full of automation, you must consider automating your traditional ride-hailing service. For that, you need to approach a taxi app developer, discuss your requirements, and easily launch an on-demand taxi booking app that is up-to-date and meets users’ expectations. Well, before launching your app, you must look after certain requisites. They are,

  • Your taxi app must be customizable. Meaning, you must be able to modify the app as per the needs of your business.
  • The app must be scalable because your business requirements may change in the future. For example, you may need to add some extra features to your app. Therefore, it is highly recommended to choose a developer who provides scalability options.
  • Most importantly, your app must be stitched with several real-time features. They are geolocation, GPS-enabled tracking, fare estimator, arrival time estimator, etc.,


On the whole, I believe that this blog is a comprehensive guide that covers the intricacies of ride-hailing services. Turn this fantastic opportunity into your favor by developing a ride-hailing app. In this era of Tesla’s self-driven cars, you can at least try giving an online presence to your traditional taxi service. Good luck!