You may have thought that your current house was going to be your dream home when you bought it. Whether it’s because your dreams have changed or the house simply couldn’t live up to your expectations, it is time to move on. Having a custom-built home is the ideal way to make sure that you get a dream home that you’ve actually dreamt about.

It is a complex process that does require doing things correctly, however. It is not as simple as buying a house on the market. In fact, many people that have a house custom built make a lot of common mistakes that make it more difficult than it needs to be. In this article, we will go over several mistakes to avoid when you are having a house built for you.

1 – Not being patient 

There are a lot of moving parts that need to come together just right when a house is being built. This means that things rarely go according to schedule. It could take longer than you thought to get the right permits, for the materials to arrive, and for certain contractors to finish their job. You have to be patient during this process.

You may need to find a temporary place to stay such as one of these furnished apartments Toronto has available. Have a place where you can stay so you aren’t cutting corners while trying to rush the process to move in early or even on time. This can present problems further down the line since things may not get done properly.

2 – Picking the wrong location 

One of the downsides of having a house built is that you usually have to look far from a city to find a lot that is suitable for building. Otherwise, you may have to buy a house to tear down to get near where you want to be.

The location is extremely important and more important than the actual home itself. If you end up too far from work and face a long commute every day then this will lead to burnout and frustration no matter how nice your home is.

Make sure to look closely at the area where you plan to build to make sure it has the things you need to have a happy life.

3 – Having unrealistic expectations 

It is very easy for that wish list of items you have to have in your dream home to spill off of the page. Since you have a blank slate, you want to fill it. It’s ok to go for it and try to get everything that you want, but you do have to have realistic expectations.

There are some things that your budget won’t allow for so you’ll need to make some difficult decisions about which ones aren’t going to make it. There are other things that won’t be feasible from an architectural or even engineering perspective. Make sure to listen to the professional technicians when they tell you something isn’t possible.