Business Text Messaging

One of the most critical elements to consider while running a business is the capacity to communicate effectively. Businesses must communicate with a variety of stakeholders, such as employees, customers, and suppliers. Companies that use an efficient communication approach can constantly contact their important stakeholders, improve their brand perception, increase sales, and maximize revenue. Business texting is a common way for people in the business sector to communicate. Companies can use SMS blasts, or broadcasts, in order to send a single text message to all or part of their contacts at once. The message is sent by businesses through an application-to-peer (A2P) messaging gateway. The text is then received individually, and recipients can reply to the message. Furthermore, this is a form of bulk SMS messaging, where the message is sent out in one go, rather than drip-style bulk texting. It can be used for both transactional or marketing messages. Text messaging software are used by businesses to send and receive text messages.

Because most consumers use mobile phones, business text messaging apps are at the top of the list when it comes to selecting the best communication technique. At any time, consumers can utilize their mobile phones to send and read business messages. Text messages can also be used to make purchases, contact the company’s customer service team, provide feedback, remark on anything, and make sales queries.

Business Texting App offers a texting platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses, as well as powerful capabilities for enterprise-level operations. It provides an SMS platform to boost communications and business processes.

What exactly are Business Text Messaging Software and Apps?

The Business Text Messaging app is a sort of app that enables organizations to connect with various stakeholders. It is a messaging platform for businesses to improve internal and external communications. This platform enables businesses to create, edit, send, and receive text messages. The messages can be delivered to anyone involved in the company’s operations, including managers, employees, consumers, suppliers, customer representatives, business, and other key stakeholders. Individuals and teams may communicate with the top business text messaging apps.

Business text messaging apps, in addition to building a handy texting network, enable businesses to deliver vital notifications to their employees, customers, and other essential individuals. There are various types of business text messaging apps, each with its own set of functionality. To satisfy the demands of diverse users, most messaging apps can send and receive text messages, save contacts, automate specific operations, interact with other business applications, and work on numerous platforms.

15 Best Texting Messaging Apps Programs for Business in 2021

In this article u can find out the 15 best Text Massaging Programs for your business.

1. ProTexting: MMS & SMS Marketing Software

ProTexting is a robust and sophisticated SMS marketing platform that provides a variety of interactive features to maximize the potential of mobile marketing channels. The platform has developed from a simple text messaging platform to a full 360-degree solution—from constructing your text messaging lists to creating SMS Surveys, Sweepstakes, and many more features that will constantly keep your audience engaged via their mobile phones.
The platform allows you to toggle capabilities on and off as needed, as well as search for extra functionality to enhance your SMS campaigns.

2. TextMagic: Text Message Marketing Software

TextMagic is a full-service bulk SMS provider utilized by businesses. TextMagic offers a business text-messaging solution that allows for the delivery of alerts, notifications, confirmations, reminders, and SMS marketing campaigns. TextMagic is a full-featured business SMS platform that allows companies to send accurate and brief messages to their clients, workers, or partners. TextMagic makes SMS text communications efficient, cost-effective, and secure. Some of the features include online texting, email to SMS conversion, SMA gateway API, two-way SMS chat, online SMS receiving, and SMS distribution lists. Businesses can use the online texting capability to communicate with their customers.

3. Textline: Business Text Messaging

Textline is a business text messaging tool used in technology organizations for communication, sales, and support. Textline enables organizations to provide unique consumer sales and support by efficiently responding to text messages. Textline also avoids the need for clients to install additional apps by allowing them to text messages to your existing business via a dedicated phone number. Textline offers a responsive web app that serves as a fantastic platform for your customers to text messages across numerous devices. Attachments, emoticons, whispers, claiming or transfers, reminders, and power tools are the major features of Textline. You can use Textline as a messaging platform.

4. Text Request: Text Messaging Service for Small Business

Text Request is a business-oriented text messaging software. Users can send and receive texts from any device using their current business phone numbers for applications such as sales, service, promotions, scheduling, reviews, and more. Because the platform supports numerous users, the responsibility of keeping up with client communications can be divided among several team members. Text Request allows website visitors to text you directly from your website and continue the discussion in the texting app on their phone. Text Request’s message service and all of its features can be added to your existing landline, toll-free, or VOIP number.

5. SMS-Magic – Top SMS Business Text Messaging Salesforce

Screen Magic is a comprehensive business SMS solution for Customer Relationship Management that integrates with Salesforce to provide the ideal communication path.
With a full SMS marketing automation, users can send and receive messages in bulk or individually to internal and external contacts. Users may simply design SMS campaigns for 50 to 50k contacts using the available customisable templates, and they can avoid future problems by scheduling messages. Its client site provides extensive analytics on SMS usage to users. They have the ability to simply monitor and analyze data, answers, and opt-outs.
It has about 700 networks.

6. EZ Texting: The Top-Rated Text, SMS & MMS Marketing App

EZ Texting is a business texting solution that allows you to engage with employees and consumers via bulk texting with SMS. Businesses can use EZ Texting to expand their operations, contact more customers, and save money. EZ Texting offers a low-cost, easy-to-customize program that enables launching a custom SMS marketing campaign quick, fun, and economical. EZ Texting also allows you to deliver bulk SMS campaigns to your marketing team. EZ Texting’s key features include advanced texting, image messaging, specialized short code services, contact list generation, on the go messaging, and integrations.

7. Pony Express HQ – Send Online Text Messages

Pony Express HQ is a platform for SMS text message marketing. Pony Express HQ is used by businesses, organizations, and communities to send and receive SMS text messages and MMS graphic images online in order to engage with a wide group of customers and members.
Bulk SMS text messages allow you to quickly and effectively publish updates, send notifications, last-minute bargains, alerts, reminders, and confirmations, gather RSVPs, and communicate with a wide group of audience and customers. Pony Express HQ was designed for non-technical teams, requiring no training or coding. Pay-as-you-go pricing is both competitive and long-term for any small business. There is no setup fee or monthly fee.

8. SendHub: Business SMS Text Messaging and Marketing

SendHub is a business SMS texting solution that is both simple and automatic. SendHub’s robust features and flexibility in business SMS texting are unrivaled. SendHub also offers a versatile and comprehensive API that includes MMS, SMS, shortcode, group messages, scheduled messages, text to join, and inbound and outbound messaging. SendHub’s features include a text-enabled business line, a shortcode, MMS messages, message attachments, bulk inbox operations, a contact database, an online messaging inbox, mobile phone apps, a messaging API, and discussion threads. The contact database is an ideal platform for uploading, adding, modifying, and managing all of your contacts in order to streamline sending.

9. TextUs – Business Text Messaging Software

TextUs is a business texting software. TextUs allows for simple texting and text management from your computer, as well as the incorporation of texting into your CRM workflow. TextUs allows you to control the results of business texting by employing message templates, response-rate tracking, and A/B testing. TextUs offers simple tools that allow you to improve communication and close more business. TextUs features include message templates, contact spreadsheet upload, conversation claiming, message scheduling, message delivery status, SMS to email forwarding, discussion flagging, incoming message notifications, and personalization merge fields. TextUs allows you to send group transmissions.

10. Heymarket: Business Text Messaging

Heymarket is a business text messaging software that allows you to manage customer interactions from wherever you are. Heymarket is an amazing platform for customer messaging, text marketing, and CRM messaging. Heymarket assigns you a new phone number or text that functions as an existing business number. Heymarket gives an amazing platform for texting with your customers in order to improve customer service while also generating purchases. Heymarket provides the following features: a shared inbox, mobile apps and web, shared templates, contacts, and lists, text enabled landlines, a shared inbox and messages, typing indications, and auto reply.

11. Trumpia – #1 SMS Text Marketing Software

Trumpia is a platform for mass SMS text messaging. Trumpia blends bulk texting, smart targeting, and automation to allow you to deliver individual alerts or mass SMS to the appropriate people at the appropriate time. In terms of text messaging, Trumpia offers a good platform for sending MMS and SMS text messages in a visually appealing manner that is delivered via a single device. Trumpia’s features include landline texting, mobile keywords, long and short codes, auto campaign, smart targeting, cross-channel API, and clickthrough monitoring. Every message can be tailored and appropriate to each receiver thanks to the clever targeting tool.

12. MessageKite: Business Texting App For Your Front-Desk

Small business entrepreneurs use Message Kite, a business texting app. Message Kite allows small business owners to engage with their consumers and entice them to return for additional business. Message Kite employs a platform developed for business text messaging for small firms, while also providing powerful capability for enterprise-level operations.
Message Kite is most suited for automotive platforms, music schools, condo management, and health and medical platforms. Message Kite’s key features include email notifications, message templates, an autoresponder, text messaging history, a message composer, and real-time telephone messaging.

13. Medallia Zingle: Customer Engagement Mobile Messaging

Zingle is a texting and message software application that assists businesses in communicating with their customers, increasing revenue and boosting customer satisfaction.
Zingle features Unlimited Contacts, Unlimited Automations, In-App/Email Support,  International Messaging, MMS Support, Group Messaging, Facebook, WeChat, LINE, Touchtone Automations, Scheduled Automations, Language Translations, API Access, Dedicated Account Manager, Hospitality Integrations, and Setup & Training. Zingle is a startup and software that enables businesses to engage, support, and answer to customers via mobile texting in the new mobile messaging era. Zingle’s iOS and Android apps allow the user’s team to receive real-time messaging across all channels.

14. TextMarks!: Mass Text Messaging, SMS Service

TextMarks is an SMS text messaging platform that allows you to engage with groups, expand your business, deliver on-demand information, and generate leads. TextMarks allows you to send hundreds of messages at once, while also attracting, engaging, and retaining customers with SMS marketing. TextMarks’ features include mass text messaging, SMS lead creation, SMS marketing, and SMS API. You can use the mass text messaging tool to send out news updates, reminders, and text alerts to all of your SMS users. Users have a good platform for sending information using the bulk text messaging feature.

15. FastSMS: SMS Text Messaging for Businesses

Fastsms is a business text messaging platform with personalized support. Fastsms makes use of a global network coverage that allows text messages to be sent all over the world.
Fastsms uses high-quality UK routes to ensure that messages are delivered as quickly as possible. Fastsms hosts all of your data in the United Kingdom, providing great performance and data security. Fastsms’ capabilities include online text message reception, reporting and notifications, email to SMS conversion, contact management, and sub-user management.
Fastsms gives an outstanding platform that is simple to use and allows you to send text messages.

Features of Business Text Messaging Software and Apps

Text Message Management:

This is the most crucial feature because sending and receiving messages is the primary reason of utilizing business text messaging apps. Users can execute a variety of actions, such as generating, editing, sending, and deleting messages. Furthermore, users can send bulk communications to several people or teams. Some apps can convert emails to text messages before delivering them to their intended recipients. A shared inbox also allows teams to share communications in one location.


In addition to the capacity to produce and deliver text messages, business text messaging apps may do various activities automatically. They can, for example, send automated alerts or reminders to thousands of contacts at once. Businesses can also use the automation tool to provide automated responses to specific enquiries.

Address Book:

Another essential feature is the address book, which allows businesses to save and import their most significant connections. Companies can also utilize this function to save notes about their most devoted customers in order to ease quick searches for specific contacts.
Furthermore, businesses can group contacts into lists and utilize them to send targeted communications.

Web and mobile apps:

The top business text messaging apps are compatible with a variety of platforms, including web browsers, Android devices, and iOS. As a result, they may be used on desktop computers, tablets, and cellphones.