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Best Online Task Management Tools will be described in this article. Have you ever experienced difficulty finishing your tasks? Perhaps you’re a student who struggles to keep up with assignments and coursework, or a businessperson who is overburdened with work.

Top 10 Online Task Management Tools In 2024

In this article, you can know about Top 10 Online Task Management Tools In 2024 here are the details below;

Whatever the situation, task management is crucial if you want to restore order to your life. To assist you in completing all of your tasks, we have put together a list of the top 9 online task management tools. These tools, which range from calendars to task tracking software, will keep you organised and on schedule!

Task management tools – what are they?

The usage of task management tools can help you stay on top of your goals and tasks.

They can aid in your task organisation and ensure that you are acting appropriately at all times.

There are many different task management tools on the market, but some of the more well-liked ones are Asana, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Outlook.

Choose a tool that will meet your demands because each of these tools has benefits and drawbacks of its own.

Utilizing a task management application has the benefit of assisting you in maintaining your focus and organisation.

You can employ it to keep track of your progress and make sure you meet your deadlines.

Even sharing your work with others is possible with some task management tools, which can be useful for gaining feedback or coordinating efforts.

But not every task management tool is made equal.

They all have their own unique collection of features and benefits, albeit some may be more intuitive than others.

In the end, it’s wise to test out a few different ones before deciding on one that works well for you.

Why do companies require task management tools?

For firms of all sizes, task management tools are crucial.

In order to run your business effectively, they can assist you in managing your workflow and keeping track of the tasks that need to be finished.

By assisting you in organising and prioritising your work, monitoring the status of each task, and keeping track of deadlines, task management tools may keep you productive and organised.

They can also assist you in keeping track of adjustments that must be made to your process to ensure that everything is current and uniform.

Additionally, task management tools can be utilised for other tasks like managing team member communication or keeping track of client contacts.

They can even be utilised to increase worker productivity by streamlining operations and monitoring results.

What qualities should a task management tool online have?

There are a occasional key things you should search for when it comes to managing your work online.

These consist of:

An intuitive UI that is simple to operate and navigate

A system that is trustworthy and secure, ensuring the security of your data.

Features that facilitate task sharing and management within your team.

A programme that keeps tabs on your progress on each task you’ve assigned so you can meet deadlines.

Support for several languages and cultures enables you to use the tool in the language that seems most natural to you.

Considerations to make while choosing an online task management solution

There are a lot of crucial elements to take into account when choosing an online task management application.

These consist of:

Usefulness: Does the product contain features that are simple to use and will help you handle your chores with ease?

Is there sufficient flexibility to allow you to modify the tool to meet your needs?

Does the product offer integrations with other tools, such as file sharing, email, and tools?

Task organisation: Can the tool arrange your tasks such that they are simple to find and manage?

Can you work together more effectively with other users to accomplish more work?

Top 10 Best Online Task Management Tools In 2023

Top 10 Best Online Task Management Tools are explained here.

1. nTask


You can simply manage your assignments and deadlines with the help of nTask, a fantastic online task management application.

It is a very useful tool for managing your workload because it is simple to use and has many functions.

The drag-and-drop interface, configurable task settings, ability to work with others on projects, and platform integration of nTask are some of its most significant features.

You may connect nTask with a variety of other tools and applications thanks to its extensive integration capabilities.

Overall, nTask is a fantastic online task management tool that can make it simple and quick for you to keep track of your responsibilities.


  • Task management: You can add, edit, or delete tasks as you see appropriate to easily organise and track them.
  • Timestamps and timesheets: To make it simple to locate what you’re looking for, nTask also offers a number of sorting choices.
  • Always be aware of the task’s completion date, the person who was in charge of it, and the deadline thanks to timestamps and timesheets.

Progress Tracker:

Track the amount of time spent on each task and the amount of work still to be done to keep an eye on your progress.

In case you attain a particular objective or milestone, you can also configure alerts.


View data on the tasks you completed, the time you spent on each one, and more.

Throughout the project, these reports assist you in remaining informed and organised.

Working together to finish things more quickly and effectively than ever before with other users who have nTask installed on their PCs


  • Premium
  • Business $8/month $3/month
  • Individualized Business Plan
  • available on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android?
  • web-based, iOS-based, and Android-based
  • Customer Feedback

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2. Monday.com


You may stay organised and on top of your professional obligations with the help of Monday.com, a fantastic online task management tool.

Because of its user-friendly interface, creating, managing, and sharing tasks with other members of your business is simple.

It also has a number of features that make it perfect for professionals with busy schedules like you.

You can keep track of all your due dates and events at once using an online calendar, automatic reminder notifications, simple task assignments, and collaboration tools.

In general, Monday.com is a terrific resource for active professionals who wish to manage their workload.

You can complete more tasks in less time since it’s quick, simple, and effective.


A list of chores that allows you to see every task you have, together with its due date and other details, in one spot.

Having the option to make notes to activities, which might aid in understanding or memory retention.

The capacity to break jobs down into smaller assignments and assign them to other teams or individuals.

You can share information with others more easily if you have the option to add attachments to assignments. Also check supply chain management software.

Setting deadlines for assignments will aid in keeping you on course.

Weekly summaries that display the number of tasks that have been finished, how long they have taken, and how much time is still needed to complete them.


  • Basic $8 per seat per month
  • usual $10 per seat per month
  • Pro $16 per seat each month Business


  • Available on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android?
  • Accessible for download across all forums and platforms.
  • 4.5/5 from customers 3.

3. Asana


Asana is a very well-liked online task management programme that has long been transforming the way we work.

It has a user-friendly interface and is made to assist you in managing your chores, appointments, and notes.

The drag-and-drop capability of Asana is one of its best features.

This makes it simple to add new tasks or notes to already-existing ones, as well as making it simple to move tasks between folders.

Additionally, you can set up automatic reminder notifications for particular due dates, keeping you on track even when you’re swamped with other obligations.

Overall, Asana is a great web-based task management solution that can greatly simplify your life.


It offers an intuitive UI that is clear and uncomplicated.

It has tools for time tracking, project tracking, and deadline reminders.

You can design the ideal task management system for your requirements using the many templates available.

Tasks can be distributed among members of your team or organisation, shared, or given remotely.

You may simply complete tasks outside of Asana thanks to its integrations with numerous other tools and programmes.


  • Business Premium $10.99/month
  • $24.99/month\sEnterprise/Custom
  • Available on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android?
  • Accessible for download across all forums and platforms.

Customer evaluations 4.3/5

4. ClickUp


Any successful firm must have a strong task management system.

However, organising activities manually can be challenging and time-consuming.

This procedure is made simpler by the task management software ClickUp, which includes tools for time tracking, project tracking, and automatic deadlines.

The additional capabilities that ClickUp provides make it ideal for managing your professional life.

For instance, it makes it simple to share files with coworkers and distributes duties in accordance with the preferences and qualifications of each worker.

Additionally, it enables you to give each task a distinct priority so that you may better manage your workload.

Overall, ClickUp is a great task management solution that makes running your business more effective and easy.

Anyone who wishes to be able to concentrate on their objectives rather than their tasks should use it.


You can regard all of your assignments in a single list, regardless of their state or location, using the task list view.

Drag and drop functionality and a date filter make it simple to move jobs between folders.

Give each task a priority so that you can better organise them.

To ensure that you never forget when a task is due, set reminders and due dates.

Within a project, break it up into smaller projects and give each one a different priority.

Search for any task or project, or narrow your search by keyword or category.


  • Unlimited
  • $12/month for Business Plus $5/month for Business
  • $19/month\sEnterprise/Custom
  • Available on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android?
  • Accessible for download across all forums and platforms.

Customer Evaluations 4.2/5

5. Airtable


An Airtable task management tool is the ideal choice for you if you want to manage your chores and projects more efficiently.

With the help of the task management app Airtable, you may keep your information on a safe, convenient platform.

It allows you to create, edit, and share tasks with others while keeping tabs on their development and accomplishments.

Project templates and dashboards are additional capabilities in Airtable that make it simple to monitor the status of your work.

Overall, Airtable is a great task management application that will assist you in organising everything from simple projects to regular work routines.

There are no adverts or additional costs while using it for up to five users.

Why then wait?

Try Airtable right now!


You can arrange your data as you like in tables because there are no limits on the number of rows and columns.

You can rapidly eliminate undesirable data with fast filters.

Automatic device syncing keeps track of your progress at all times.

incorporating live tables into blogs or webpages so that visitors can access your data without downloading anything.


  • Business $24.99/month Enterprise/Contact Premium $10.99/month
  • Available on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android?
  • Accessible for download across all forums and platforms.
  • Customer evaluations 4.3/5

6. Todoist


Popular task management software called Todoist enables users to save and monitor tasks in an easy, structured manner.

It includes a variety of functions that make it perfect for usage in both personal and professional settings. Also check best drawing software

Todoist has many great qualities that make it a great task management solution, including flexibility, a mobile app, and the ability to sync with other hardware and software.

Additionally, it offers a user-friendly layout that makes it simple to locate the data you need.

Todoist is an excellent and dependable task management solution that will help you better organise your hectic schedule.


You don’t need to be particularly technical to get started because it’s easy to use.

The tasks you create will always be automatically categorised and can be of any length or complexity.

Even when you have dozens of activities open at once, its gorgeous design is simple to use.

Your most recent changes are immediately saved so you can easily keep working on your projects even while you’re not connected.

It provides a variety of tools to keep you organised, such as alerts, labels, and stealth mode in addition to reminders and alarms (which lets you work in complete privacy).


  • Pro $4/month; Business;
  • Available on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android?
  • Accessible for download across all forums and platforms.
  • 4.2/5 from customers

7. Teamwork


Although there are many alternative task management tools available, Teamwork streamlines project management for agencies.

These three tools are all very good at organising tasks and due dates.

They make it simple to delegate work to team members, monitor their progress, and maintain tabs on deadlines.

Additionally, you can set up alerts so that everyone is aware of what is happening.

All things considered, using these tools is a terrific approach to keep teams focused and organised.

They’re also helpful for communicating what needs to be done and when to do it to the entire team.


Time tracking: This enables you to keep track of the amount of stretch expended on each task individually as well as overall.

Utilizing this data, you may assess how well your team performed and distributed tasks.

To reduce workload and make it simpler for everyone to do their work, task sharing enables team members to assign tasks to one another.

Tools for collaboration: Enable users to interact and communicate in real-time, allowing them to remain on top of their workload and ensure that everything is completed correctly.

Reports: Gives a thorough analysis of how well your team performed, including information on the amount of time spent on various activities, the progress made on each task, and more.

  • Deliver for $9.99 each month
  • Gain $17.99 per month
  • Request or scale a demo
  • Available on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android?
  • Available for Mac and Windows
  • Customer evaluations 4.2/5

8. Basecamp


Basecamp is the ideal tool for you if you’re seeking for a quick and effective approach to manage your online chores.

With the help of this free online task management application, you can create, share, and keep track of tasks with coworkers or friends.

Basecamp makes it simple to add new tasks, distribute them to team members, and monitor their development.

For a thorough record of what was done and why, you can also add comments and notes to each task.

Your project files can also be easily exported so that you can store them in another file type or even print them out if necessary.

Basecamp is a fantastic online task management application overall, so it’s definitely worth signing up for.


Having a simple UI to create, edit, and organise your tasks.

You can keep track of instructions and changes by having the option to add comments and notes to each task.

The capacity to distribute tasks across other team members or community members so that everyone may work on them simultaneously.

The capability of giving jobs various levels of importance so you can quickly determine which ones are most crucial.

The choice to transmit a task by email or as a PDF file so that others can follow it more precisely.


  • Basic package for $11 monthly per user
  • Available on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android?
  • Accessible on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Customer evaluations


9. Trello


Trello is a well-known online task management programme that has shown to be quite successful in assisting individuals in juggling their professional and personal lives. Also check Logistics management software

It is simple to use and accessible from any computer or device.

Trello’s ability to visually organise your tasks makes it simple to see how your work is related to one another and is one of its outstanding features.

To make your assignments easier to understand, you may also add labels and comments.

Trello also features an integrated chat tool that makes it simple to convey with team members about your tasks.

Overall, Trello is a great online task management application that can assist you in being more organised and maintaining your concentration on your work.

Trello boards are the fundamental framework for managing your tasks.

Each board can contain as many chores as you like, and you can build as many boards as you need.

Using cards to represent tasks makes it simple to see what needs to be done when.

To make individual cards easier to utilise, you can also add labels, comments, and images.

Reports: Trello offers a number of reports that can be used to track your performance and keep an eye on your progress.

A index of all involved cards, a list of finished cards, a list of deleted cards, and a list of modified cards are all included in these reports.

Tasks can be delegated to other users or teams so that everyone involved in the project is aware of their responsibilities.

It is now simpler for everyone to work together and exchange information without misunderstanding or contention.

10. Chanty


Chanty is an excellent team chat app that lets you handle all your tasks in an organized and productive manner. The app’s intuitive design makes it simple to create, manage, and share projects with other members of your team.

It also has a number of features that make it perfect for professionals with busy schedules and deadline-driven projects. You can keep track of all your due dates, and create, manage, and assign tasks with its simple Kanban board. Another great feature is that you can turn any message into a task that lets you remember things more easily.

In general, Chanty is a wonderful resource for teams of all sizes and backgrounds who wish to manage their workload and increase their productivity. You’ll be able to complete more tasks in less time because it’s quick, effective, and simple to use.


A team book to get quick admission to your entire message history & easily find people on your team.

Chanty extras with the ability to share multiple contents in a single app, highlight members with @mentions, save innovative ideas with pins, and code snippets with dev-friendly formatting.

Assign & filter tasks by status, dates, and people.

Enjoy a flexible, visual, & simple way to implement scrum methodology & manage all your tasks in one place.

Keep only relevant people and conversations in your team play. Suspend the partners who are no extended on your project, and archive the conversations with no activity.

Turn a simple team chat into a powerful business tool and reach a new level of productivity with third-party apps in Chanty


  • Free plan for up to 10 members
  • Business Annual $3/seat/month
  • Business Monthly $4/seat/month
  • Available for: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac
  • Available on all forums and platforms to download.
  • Customer Ratings
  • 4.5/5


As you can catch, there are many amazing tools available to help you organise your activities and work more efficiently.

Choose the best option for you, then start managing all of your crucial responsibilities for the day.

After carefully evaluating hundreds of goods on the market, these tools were chosen.

Some of them come highly recommended since they provide a variety of straightforward navigation options and seamless app interaction.

Do give them a try!