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Best free STL Editor Software To Create In 2024

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Best free STL Editor Software will be described in this article. To rapidly locate and automatically resolve Windows issues, use PC Repair Tool. This guide will be useful if you wish to create or modify STL files on a Windows 11 or Windows 10 computer. A native file format for 3D models is STL, which stands for Standard Tessellation Language & Standard Triangle Language.

On your computer, it is used to create, store, and print 3D models. Only programmes that support the STL 3D file format can now edit STL 3D files. You need specialised third-party software that enables you to open and change such files if you wish to build new 3D models in STL format or update an existing STL model.

This is the place to go if you’re looking for one of these programmes. In this article, we’ll list some of the top free STL editor programmes that you may use to create or edit STL files.

Best free STL Editor Software To Create In 2024

In this article, you can know about Best free STL Editor Software To Create In 2024 here are the details below;

The fundamental 3D designing tools offered by all of these STL editors include transformations, sculpting, adding 3D meshes and shapes, modifying textures, etc.

Let’s examine these free STL editors’ extensive features.

How to make an STL model on Windows 10/11 or alter an existing one

You can generate or edit a 3D standard in STL format on your Windows 11/10 PC using the free STL editor software and online resources listed below:

1. Autodesk Meshmixer

A free STL editor programme for Windows is called Autodesk Meshmixer.

In essence, it is a 3D CAD programme that enables editing of STL and other types of 3D models.

You can get all the modelling equipment needed to change your 3D models however you’d like.

Additionally, compared to other complex 3D modelling tools, it is also relatively simple to use.

As a result, both novice and seasoned users can use it.

It provides mesh design capabilities including extract, bridge, join, remesh, erase, close fractures, make solid, hollow, add tube, unwrap, develop a pattern, fill, separate, shade, 3D sculpting, surface stamping, etc.

It also has several tools for model change.

Translate, rotate, mirror, scale, duplicate, align, and other operations are among these tools.

You can study an STL model using a variety of lovely 3D model analysis tools that are included in this package.

To do that, you can utilise a variety of tools, such locate Mesh Query, Mesh Inspector, Measuring tool, Strength & Stability Evalautaor, Thickness Computing, and Optimal Orientation FInder.

The STL model can be saved in its original format after being edited, or it can be converted to STL, PLY, VRML, DAE, 3MF, and other formats.

You can accomplish that by using the File > Export function.

Additionally, it has a 3D printing feature.

You may download this beautiful STL file editor from this link.

View and convert IGS files in Windows by visiting this page.

2. Wings 3D

STL models can be edited with Wings 3D, a cross-platform 3D modelling programme.

You can use it to edit current STL files or to generate brand-new 3D models in STL format.

In order to change STL files to meet your needs, this software includes a sophisticated range of 3D modelling tools.

These tools include both sculpting and transformational tools.

Additionally, it offers sophisticated selecting capabilities so that you can properly change your models.

You may either use the File > New option to generate a new 3D model or just open an STL file that is already stored on your computer.

After that, you can modify your 3D model in general using tools like Move, Scale, Rotate, Extrude, Bevel, Bridge, Cut, Weld, etc.

Along with that, there are numerous other tools, like bend, shear, inset, circularise, circularise, lift, bump, lift, sweep, subdivide, tessellate, circularise, and extrude.

You also receive a tonne more additional tools that aid in editing or producing suitable 3D models.

Some fantastic features include Edge Loop and Edge Ring selection, Tweak and Sculpt, Virtual Mirror for symmetrical modelling, Magnets, and Magnet Masking.

The outside material of your 3D models can also be changed using the Material Editor function.

To correctly see an STL model, Wings 3D also includes model visualisation.

These tools include wireframes, shading, scene lighting, orthographic views, isometric views, use of hemisphere light, highlight aim, etc.

Additionally, STL models can be analysed with a variety of attributes.

You can also use the Outliner and Geometry Graph features to view a list of the objects, textures, lights, materials, etc. that were used to create your 3D model.

The STL model can be saved in its original format after editing.

You can also transform your STL model by exporting it in a different format.

This software supports the following output formats: 3DS, PLY, DAE, OBJ, GLB, WRL, etc.

You can easily convert STL to vector images like EPS and SVG using this tool.

For both novice and expert users, it is a fantastic free and open-source STL editor.

3. MeshLab

On this list, MeshLab is another STL editor programme.

You can open and edit STL files using this free, open-source, cross-platform CAD programme.

Additionally, it allows you to create completely new STL models.

It includes an intuitive GUI and all the necessary designing tools.

Mesh creation tools, edit referencing, shaders, different filters, translate, rotate, scale, align tools, Z-painting, quality mappers, painting options, etc. are some of the 3D modelling and transformation tools in it. Also check Alternatives to Nitro PDF MAC.

Additionally, there are editing tools for 3D acquisition, hollowing, closing, simplification, refinement, and remeshment, as well as colour processing, colour mapping, and texturing.

It has a sophisticated selection of Filters choices.

There are numerous options available, including colour generation & processing, point set, sampling, texture, cleaning and repair, remeshing, simplification & reconstruction, rate measures and computations, and multiple more.

Other helpful 3D model rendering tools include those that enable shadow mapping, show curvature, display UV Tex Param, show quality histogram, show quality contour, and show box corners.

Using the File > Export Mesh As menu, you can save the edited performance of your STL model.

You may also convert your STL model into PLY, DAE, OBJ, etc. formats.

Another excellent free STL editor is this one.

4. Blender

For Windows and other platforms, Blender is a well-liked free and open-source 3D modelling and animation programme. It allows you to unlock, view, & modify STL models, therefore you can also use it as an STL editor. To fully utilise this software, some experience is needed. It is a difficult piece of software that requires some learning to use its features effectively.

In order to get started, we advise that you watch some video lessons before getting your hands on it. Returning to the major capabilities of this STL editor, you can modify a model’s orientation and location by using its transformation tools, such as translate, rotate, scale, flip, etc. Additionally, it includes a number of tools for editing STL models to meet your needs, including tools for shading, mesh generation, animation, rigid bodies, and stiff body.

When the STL model has been edited, you can either maintain it in the same format or convert it to another one, such as DAE, PLY, 3DS, FBX, OBJ, or another one.

You may edit 3D models like STL with Blender, a fantastic and cutting-edge 3D CAD and animation programme. You can edit video files using it as well. Associated: The best free 3D file viewer software for Windows

5. 3D Slash

Online STL editor 3D Slash is free. You may edit, build, and print 3D models with this online application for creating 3D content. You must create an account on its website in order to use it. After logging in, you may import and update your STL model. Alternately, you may make a brand-new one.

Simply select “Start a new model > Create a new model,” add an empty model to create a unique one, or import an existing STL file to change an existing one.

It offers a variety of Shapes tools, including as a Hammer (remove one cube at a stretch), Trowel (rebuild one cube at a time), Chisel (remove portions of cubes), Wall (rebuild slices of cubes), and Drill (rebuild slices of cubes) (remove a piece). Additionally, you can include 3D objects such as boxes, cylinders, spheres, cones, etc.

Additionally, it offers colouring tools so that you can paint the cubes, colour them, add depth to the colour, etc. There are also other tools like Projector, Filler, Finger (change a shape), and others. The model is viewable in virtual reality.

Select STL format to save the model locally after clicking the 3D print option. The updated STL model can also be saved in additional file types, such as OBJ, DAE, FBX, GLB, etc.

Additionally, 3D printing is a possibility. There are certain functionality limitations, however it is free for personal use. To use more sophisticated 3D modelling tools, you can try out its premium versions.

6. SculptGL

You can use SculptGL as the next free STL editor. You can edit your STL file using this online-based STL editing tool, which you can use in a web browser. You can design a 3D model or edit an STL model using the various Sculpting and Painting tools that are provided. Also check Dumpor Instagram Story Viewer.

To the existing scene, you can also add cubes, cylinders, spheres, and torus. These include the following: Inflate, Twist, Brush, Flatten, Pinch, Drag, Paint, Crease, Move, and Transform. You can change the radius, intensity, and other settings of any of these tools.

Additionally, you can add textures to your model. Additionally, it provides topological features including dynamic topology, voxel remeshing, and multiresolution.

Which STL editor is the best?

Wings 3D and Autodesk Meshmixer, in my opinion, are two excellent STL editors that include both basic and sophisticated sets of 3D modelling capabilities. A number of other 3D file types, in addition to STL, are supported by this software.

The beautiful thing about these is that they are also extremely simple to use, so both professionals and inexperienced users may utilise them.

Blender can be used to build or edit STL models if you are proficient with it.

Check out this post where we talked about some of the STL editors’ features.

How are STL files produced?

Wings 3D, Autodesk Meshmixer, MeshLab, and Blender are the programmes that may be used to produce STL files.

You can make new 3D models in STL file format with these effective STL editors.

You can create STL files using a number of reliable online applications, including SculptGL and 3D Slash.

You can access these websites and then use the 3D modelling software on hand to generate a new STL file.

STL files can be altered.

A 3D CAD programme that supports the STL file format can be used to edit the 3D designs contained in an STL file.

Software like Wings 3D, Autodesk Meshmixer, or MeshLab are good options because they allow you to open, read, and change STL files.

Use free web services like 3D Slash or SculptGL if you wish to use an online tool.

Check out this post where we talk about these and other free STL editors.

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