St. Patricks Day is just around the corner, which means a great opportunity to use the holiday to boost your business. This unique holiday is arguably the greenest day of the year. So, whether you offer special green cocktails on St. Patty’s Day or send out special food delivery discounts to your email subscribers, finding different ways to promote your services on St. Patrick’s Day is important.

St. Patty’s Food and Drinks

There is nothing more Irish than celebrating this holiday with some drinks and the people you care about. To bring more customers through your doors, try offering some specialty green beers and cocktails. Anything that matches the theme is sure to get people talking.

What’s a green drink without some golden food to compliment? Tasty shamrock treats and other St. Patty’s starters are sure to draw excitement. You can also modify your St. Patty’s menu with some holiday classics like corned beef, fried eggs, and Irish soda bread. A green theme also provides you the opportunity to give your customers some healthier food options to balance their potentially poor decisions.

St. Patty’s Apparel

No one wants to be stuck as the lone leprechaun who couldn’t find anything green to wear. A great way to sell some merchandise, and promote your business is to create an event shirt. Your shirt should have your business on it as well as something related to the holiday. 

You can give customers the option of purchasing the shirt or require the shirt to be pre-purchased to enter your business on the holiday. This way you can get customers in your restaurant, and advertising for you by showing off their exclusive merchandise to their friends for this year and next.

If you don’t have the time or means to make your own festive merchandise, you can still use apparel as a customer acquisition strategy. You can easily offer discounts for things like wearing green and other St.Patty’s attire. This way you can bring in customers looking to capitalize on your specials while they contribute to the atmosphere of your business.

St. Patty’s on Social

Another way to boost sales on St. Patrick’s day is to make a social media campaign to promote your holiday specials. You can do this across your platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. There are many specials you can promote online for your business before your customers even come in the door. You can use your platform to promote and sell the T-shirt you crafted for the holiday. This way your customers can see the product, and send the link for their friends to purchase as a group. You can also offer coupon codes, discounts for sharing a post, and provide a preview of your specialty menu.

St. Patty’s Entertainment

St. Patrick’s Day is renowned for going all-out green. Some inspiration to get green is the famous Chicago River for instance that gets dyed green every year for the holiday. People come to the city just to celebrate at the restaurants and take pictures by the river. 

There are plenty of other ways you can get some creative entertainment happening in your business, like hiring an Irish band or hosting an Irish themed game night. You could even bring in some Irish dancers to spend time on the dance floor with customers. 

Entertaining your customers will be important, as this is a very lively and opportunistic day for most businesses. Most, if not all of your competitors will be running a special for the holiday. Make sure to get your green and gold on so don’t get left at the wrong end of the rainbow this St.Patty’s Day.