The Coronavirus pandemic has given businesses a reason to explore technological advancements. Even though virtual events existed earlier as well, but the craze of conducting events virtually raised due to the pandemic. 

The sudden rise of virtual events gave businesses a reason to conduct their trade shows virtually but what exactly is a virtual trade show

What Is A Virtual Trade Show?

A virtual trade show is powered virtually and closely resembles a regular trade show. The biggest advantage of a virtual trade show is that it can easily be attended by the attendees from the comfort of their homes and can be attended by an audience all over the world. 

A virtual trade show eliminates the efforts of the presenters who spend a substantial amount of time and money in event planning, advertising the event, and trying to increase the reach of the audience.

By taking the route of a virtual trade show, you can awe your audience by utilizing stunning designs, conduct live webinars to keep the audience engaged, increase their stay time through gamification, and open doors for on-the-spot sales! 

Why Do You Need Social Wall For Virtual Trade Events?

A virtual trade show cannot be considered successful if it does not gather enough engagement from the customers. Since the event is virtually conducted, it may give audiences a reason to get distracted easily. 

To tackle such situations, it is rather necessary to incorporate an engaging and interactive tool to grasp the attention of the audience.

A social wall is the best tool that can effectively and efficiently attract the attention of the audience throughout the event and seamlessly keep the audience engaged till the end. 

We have listed below a few benefits of utilizing a social media wall during virtual events – 

  • Showcase Valuable User-Generated Content 

A social media wall allows you to display valuable User-Generated Content since it is the most genuine and authentic form of content. Moreover, users relate more to content created by the users themselves as compared to the content published by you. 

  • Give A Shoutout To Sponsors 

Sponsors are the back support of any event and because of them, you can conduct your event. Hence, it becomes mandatory to make them feel valued and important during the event. 

You can do so easily by creating a custom post for your sponsors and displaying it on a social wall. 

  • Display Your Promotional Content 

Mostly event marketers run promotional campaigns on various mediums to increase the reach of the event and for increasing the participation of the audiences. 

If you have run a successful hashtag campaign, you can collect all the content with a social media aggregator by typing the specific hashtag and display it on a social media wall as a token of gratitude for your attendees. 

Your attendees would be elated to see their content on a social wall. Moreover, you can run a contest during the event and motivate your audience to participate using the event hashtag and the content can be featured on a social wall. 

  • Analyze The Performance Of The Event

Using a social media aggregator, you can easily analyze the performance of your event too. You can utilize the tool to have a look at crucial metrics and statistics that will help you in measuring the overall engagement and behavior of your audience towards your event. 

Top Social Media Wall Examples 

Since you now know about the significance of social media walls for virtual trade shows, you must also know that presentation also matters equally. 

If your audience does not find the social wall attractive enough, then they would not pay much attention! 

In this section, we shall be telling you about the top examples in which you can showcase social media walls for gaining maximum attention from your audience. 

  • Social Media Wall In Waterfall Theme 

Using this theme, you can display your social media content in the form of constantly moving tiles. This theme displays visuals and texts together. Due to its vibrant presence, the audience will be able to relate to the content better. 

  • Display Social Wall In A Slideshow Theme 

This is another great example of showcasing your social media wall. Contrary to the waterfall theme that displayed the content collectively together, the slideshow theme displays every content individually in a slideshow form. This enables the users to give equal attention to all posts and have a close look into the content. 

  • Showcase Social Wall In A Ticker Theme

Those who are live streaming can utilize the ticker theme to display the social wall. This theme is specially designed for live streaming purposes since it utilizes minimum space on the screen to display the content. 

This theme can highly extend the event exposure and reach and can tremendously increase the engagement of the audience. 

Summing It Up

And here we are at the end of the blog. We are sure this blog must have made you familiar with the concept of social media walls and the significance of displaying them for your virtual trade shows. 

Apart from the main definition, you also got to know about the benefits of displaying social walls in your events along with the best themes you can use to display your social media content. 

Now that you are well aware of everything related to social media walls, you definitely need to incorporate one in your next virtual trade show to enhance the reach of your event and for increasing engagement with your audience!