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Smart Ways to Prevent Mistakes While Typing

Worried About Making Mistakes when you type?

Slowly Increase Your Speed

Sitting Posture and Finger Movement

Avoid Errors

Once you start following the rules stated above, stick to the following steps

Typing Software

Apart from the grammar and proofreading services specific software, you can take the help of the typing software listed below.

This free typing software imparts typing lessons through GUI interface

This freeware analyses your typing speed and offers feedback

This freeware is ideal for enhancing typing speed with accuracy, and you will get practice sessions and weekly reports

This is the best platform for practicing ‘touch typing’, i.e. typing without looking at the keyboard

This software offers a virtual keyboard and is concerned with the accuracy of typing

The software is aimed at imparting knowledge related to character and numeric keys

It offers a free course and the person taking the lesson can form his own practice session. The development is displayed on the screen itself, each day.

This open-source software offers typing lessons in multiple languages

This online typing tutor allows you to compete with each other and track your progress. It has an extremely user-friendly interface.

You should abide by the guidelines and take help of the tools to improve your typing accuracy

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