Content is the fuel of online marketing, and most of the strategies must include content in different forms. User engagement and backlinks are a few of the main focus of the marketing campaigns, and content is the way to improve these. You get better rankings in SERP when your site has good audience engagement and a backlink profile. 

The question is, “What type of content can help you improve your user engagement and backlink profile?” 

Here are the top-performing content types that you may consider in your small business marketing to boost your user engagement and backlink profile.

1. Authority Content

It does sound basic to you, but quality content is the prime factor you should focus on. You should incorporate all your industry knowledge in the content piece to pass the maximum value to the users. Your content must show expertise in the content so that you can have the trust of the readers and engage them. Make sure you don’t share the content which is already available online. You need to create a better version of the existing content to improve your user engagement and earn some backlinks.

In order to make your content highly authoritative, you may support your content with references to relevant, credible sources. Don’t forget to give a link to those sources, so your users can verify the information. 

Moreover, be detailed and drill down to the most specific points to show your expertise in the domain. 

Lastly, be exclusive and provide information that isn’t easy to find on the internet. 

This way, you can make every content piece authoritative and win both user engagement and backlinks.

2. Ebooks

According to Statista, Revenue in the eBooks segment is projected to reach US$15,635m in 2021, with an annual growth rate of 3.18%.

As you can see, people are becoming more on eBooks, and you must invest in these to meet your goals. Ebook holds comprehensive knowledge of the subject and intrigues the people to engage. Moreover, the detailed information also gets numerous shares or references (backlinks). Hence, encircle a topic that interests your audience and curate rich, information-packed, long-form content to make your Ebook.

Once you are done with your eBook, promote it through social media, email marketing, blogging, etc., to increase your reach and audience engagement. The more people will read your eBook, the more the chances you’ll get backlinks.

3. Unpopular Opinion

As a business owner and industry expert, you can use your expertise to get some limelight for your business. So, if you have some unusual opinion about the current trends, events, or news, then you may share it with others.

You can use the platforms like Medium and Huffington Post to share thoughts and ideas. These platforms have large audiences, and you can get a huge audience exposure by sharing your opinion.

This may drive significant traffic to your business, which will further aid your engagement. Moreover, the platforms mentioned above have high authority, and you can get quality backlinks for your business website.

However, make sure your opinion makes sense, and you aren’t saying anything for the sack of promotion only. It won’t work. 

4. How-To Content

How-To or Tutorial contents are one of the popular content types that encourage the users to engage with your brand while getting solutions to their pain points.

You can create the How-To content around the topics that address the pain points of your readers. You can make a subtle introduction to your brand in the content to build a relationship with your customers and stimulate further engagement.

Moreover, You can create tutorials about various aspects of your business so that people don’t have to seek customer support every time. This way, your content will give customer support to many of your customers. 

There is no fixed format for the How-To contents, and you can create videos, infographics, blogs, etc., to encourage the shareability to get backlinks. 

5. Research Content

Original research content is a great way to multiply your engagement and backlinks. As research content is exclusive, users can’t find it elsewhere, and you get the maximum user engagement.

Moreover, when someone uses your research data in their content, then they’ll mention you as a source, getting your backlinks. 

Moreover, original content has better authority, which aids your engagement and backlink generation. 

You may consider the below content formats for your research content.

  • Whitepapers
  • Case Studies
  • Experiments
  • Investigative Journalism
  • Interviews
  • Trend Analysis

6. Trending Content

Everyone wants their content to go viral so that they can reach a vast audience segment. Earlier few videos were making it through to go viral, but now it’s a lot easier to spread your content among a wide audience.

You need to curate content on trending topics to attract people’s interest and spread your content. 

Social media is the right platform to make your content viral. So, keep up with your industry’s latest trends and create content on the trending topics to reach a huge audience.

Make sure your content is fast and easily graspable. Moreover, you need to make it amusing, so people view it multiple times, honing the audience engagement.

Lastly, make your content connect with the audience emotionally to encourage engagement and shares.

7. Video Content

Videos are the best-performing content format, and people like these a lot. Hence, video content must be a part of your content marketing strategy. You can use the video for various purposes like brand awareness, promotions, product launch, lead generation, announcements, etc.

Videos have great user engagement, and that’s the reason you must curate the video content for your small business marketing. Videos have a significant impact on the buyer persona and can help you improve your sales. 

You can share the videos on video-sharing platforms to drive traffic and earn shares. If you make valuable content, then people also use your video in their content and give you a backlink.

Additionally, you may consider the short videos to interact and bond with your audience to increase engagement.

Final Words

These are some of the top content types that you must include in your small business digital marketing. You can employ all these content types to nurture your user engagement and backlink profile.

Always do detailed research, diversify content formats, and use best SEO practices to curate high-performing content. You may also hire a digital marketing agency to create an effective content marketing strategy and meet your marketing goals efficiently. 

Be patient and create quality content to fetch exceptional business results.