In this uncertain world filled with stories of cyber security breaches of even the biggest and most secure companies and businesses, it is difficult to believe you can fight the hackers and their constant barrage to break your security walls. Since your website is linked to the health of your company, it is important to keep any malicious intruder out. Here are some simple steps to take to protect your company from hackers.

1. Update Software

Your software may be one of the most vulnerable parts of your business website, so make sure you install updates as soon as they are offered. Updates fill in holes in security, make you less vulnerable, and help you protect valuable data.

2. Apply Firewalls

You may have a firewall your tech team installed a year ago, but if they are not constantly updating the application, it will offer little protection to your company or its valuable data. With the constant barrage of malicious spam, relentless bots, and unwanted traffic, your company needs a secure and up-to-date firewall.

3. Monitor Server

To understand the health of your server, it should be continuously monitored to ensure the operating load is secure. Server health monitoring prevents server failures, downtime, and catastrophic events. By making sure you have sufficient RAM, and that CPU usage levels are constant, you will avoid ways for hackers to enter your company.

4. Hide Pages

Many company owners are organized to the point they list all the names of all files on an open index so the information is easy to locate. The problem is that then the valuable information can then be easily found by hackers. Make it more difficult to find the admin pages by hiding them. If the pages are not indexed or identified in ways a hacker would look for, they will be passed over.

5. Tighten Security

Your staff may be one of the weakest security links in your company because of the way they handle document storage or passwords. To strengthen security connections, make sure passwords are complex and changed often. Scan for malware frequently and let your tech team know if anything suspicious is found.

Keeping your company safe is easier than you think if you keep the lines of communication open when any problems arise. Updating your software, monitoring your server, and hiding pages are essential elements of tight company security. Don’t let hackers disrupt your business with their malicious bots, fight back with strict safety measures.