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Best Similarweb Alternatives will be discussed in this article. If you enjoy what Similarweb offers but have doubts about the product, you should check out the finest Similarweb alternatives in the market. For starters, the product is the leading market intelligence platform out there. It delivers relevant data regarding your competitors’ online traffic strategy to assist you develop better online marketing campaigns. At the same time, there’s nothing wrong if Similarweb doesn’t do it for you. The beauty of internet marketing tools is that there are numerous for you to pick from. And it’s all about selecting software that provides you with all the information you need.

This essay will discuss numerous technologies that can achieve what Similarweb provides. And by looking at each of their price and pros and cons, you can pick which of the Similarweb options below matches your needs better.

Top 8 Best Similarweb Alternatives For Your Digital Marketing Needs

In this article, you can know about Similarweb Alternatives here are the details below;

We’ve gathered a selection of the closest and finest Similarweb alternatives for you here – have a look.



Semrush homepage – one of the greatest similarweb alternatives Semrush is one of the greatest Similarweb alternatives in this list. It’s a competitive intelligence tool to assist users design a stronger SEO and digital marketing plan. The Domain Overview provides you a site’s organic traffic, keywords (and the distribution of keyword intent), and link profile, among others. If you want to acquire further insights about your competition, use the Traffic Analytics function.

It enables you to compare and evaluate up to five (5) websites at once in terms of audience demographics, traffic sources, top pages, and other factors. This tool offers a lot of information akin to Google Analytics.

Imagine you desire a bird’s eye view of your market and industry. Data on benchmarks, trends, and demographics for your industry may be found in Semrush’s Market Explorer. You can also assess your competitor’s market share. It shows you examples of their traffic generation strategies so you may copy them.


The entry-level Semrush plan is $119.95 per month. Along with other SEO tools like its Keyword Magic Tool, link-building, and site research, it has the Domain Overview. Access to its Content Marketing tool is available with higher plans, starting at $229.95/month, to assist you create a content strategy that will drive plenty of website visitors. You can also view 2012-era historical data there for more illuminating details. In addition to your chosen plan, you must pay an extra $200 per user per month if you wish to use its Market Explorer and Traffic Analytics capabilities.



A powerful tool with a wide spectrum of functions and applications for businesses, agencies, and website owners.


The amount of functions offered in this application makes it challenging for beginners to navigate the website, therefore the user interface needs work. Check out our Semrush review to learn more about content strategy.



  • Similar to Semrush, Ahrefs is one of the Similarweb alternatives that continues to dominate the SEO field.
  • It began as a backlink analysis tool to assist website owners in examining their link profiles and discovering chances for link building to enhance their organic rankings.
  • Ahrefs has become into the most comprehensive SEO tool available.
  • By examining its link profile, the tool’s Site Explorer enables you to see your competitor’s referral traffic performance from all angles.
  • From this point, you can tell which links your competitors’ sites have and yours don’t. As a consequence, you can make a campaign to build these backlinks and improve your search engine results.
  • You can examine the top-ranking pages for your target term using its Content Explorer and filter them based on SEO and social data.
  • Find low-competition themes to rank on your site and guest blogging chances to create links using the material.
  • Read our Ahrefs review for more information on the toolkit.


A month’s worth of Ahrefs’ plans costs $99 ($999 if paid annually). Along with its basic Site Explorer, you also have access to the following:

  • Find low-competition keywords with a keyword research tool.
  • Site audit: Examine the technical SEO elements of your website.
  • Track the keyword rankings for your website using rank tracking.
  • Better Site Explorer features, like: are available with higher plans starting at $199/month.
  • Find the keywords for which your competitors are ranking well but not for which your website is.
  • Broken links: Look for external links on websites. Use this to fix broken links on your website and identify broken links on sites you want to link to.
  • Find links your competitors have but your website lacks by using the link intersect tool.
  • These plans also permit you to make better competitor analysis using the Content Explorer features of the program.



  • Gives each website comprehensive and current information, which is essential for competitive research.
  • Its filtering options facilitate quick research and give you access to the data you require while on the go.
  • Better research data can be obtained by placing the performance of your competitors in the context of historical data going back as far as two years.


Your experience with the tool is hampered by its credit limit. You must monitor how you utilize the tool so that you don’t use up your credits or accrue extra fees.



One of the top SEO instruments on the market, Moz Pro has been around for a while. It offers Doman Authority (DA) to web advertisers. It is a PageRank substitute that determines the most reliable websites by looking at their link profiles. You can use this statistic to filter out websites with high DA in order to gain backlinks, boost your organic traffic, and improve your ranks.

You can enter your domain URL into Moz’s competitive research tool to uncover your greatest competitors based on your keyword overlap, DA, and other variables.You can conduct a keyword analysis gap once you’ve identified your rivals. This enables you to view  the search phrases that your competitors are ranking for and for which you can rank.

You may get the dirt on the backlink data of your competitors with its link research function. The program lets you know which of their links is the best based on factors like anchor text, dofollow, and others.

Using this information, you can construct similar links as your competitors leading to authoritative sites. If you’re examining your site’s links, clean up poisonous links to increase your site’s ranking.


The lowest Moz Pro package costs $99/month. It offers you access to all its features, including:

  • Keyword rankings – track website ranks of SERPs across various search engines and devices.
  • Keyword research -Identify keywords based on monthly searches and difficulty.
  • Branded reports – Create endless reports from templates to clients.
  • Additionally, Moz Local is a tool that can be used to enhance local SEO efforts for your website. For the US, prices begin at $14 per month.



Generous restrictions on each feature. Additionally, consumers have access to all features without purchasing a more expensive package.


There aren’t enough features to analyze competitor traffic. The tool, for instance, cannot be used to examine a site’s paid traffic plan.

4. SE Ranking

SE Ranking

A similarweb option called SE Ranking places a big emphasis on keyword tracking and ranking. However, it provides tools for competitor analysis that can assist you learn how other websites get visitors.

To view the following details, enter the domain URL of your competitor:

Check the top nations sending the site the most organic traffic for traffic distribution by country.

See the organic keywords that the site is showing up for at the top of search engine results pages. To check whether keywords saw a rise or decrease in position over time, you may also view keyword changes over time.

SERP features – Count how many SERP features the site is listed in.

Using keyword overlap, identify the company’s top organic rivals. To assist you understand how competitive the site is in contrast to its rivals, there is also a visual semantics comparison of its competitors.

Paid advertising campaign: Check out the site’s top rivals and the keywords for which it is running advertisements. The Ads History displays the number of ads and the traffic shares that each campaign’s paid keyword receives.


Or daily rankings to check 250 keywords, SE Ranking starts at $39 per month. Prices for various plans can be raised or lowered by adjusting the amount of keywords and check frequency.

The following are all features:

  • Conduct both conventional and keyword research depending on competitors.
  • Check the on-page SEO of your website page to see how pleasingly it is optimized for the desired term.
  • Create client reports that show them SEO results and KPIs using the report builder.

Backlinks: To make sure you don’t lose your best backlinks, analyze your link profile or keep an eye on your backlinks.



  • Pricing that is reasonable and adaptable for many types of web marketers.
  • Constantly evolving, continuously adding new features, and building a database.


  • Data lacks the depth and breadth of other tools on this list.
  • In our review of SE Ranking, you can learn more about the product.



Serpstat is another one of those comparables to Similarweb that offers competitive intelligence tools along with being a reliable SEO and content marketing tool. You may see the paid and organic keywords that your competition is employing using its basic traffic analytics. Based on the dispersion of a site’s keyword rankings, it also assesses its visibility trend. A site’s top URLs might be used as a basis for additional analysis. It displays the organic search terms bringing in the most visitors to the page. Also check Gumroad Alternatives

You should also utilize Serpstat’s backlink analysis tool for competitor analysis; see our Serpstat review for more information. It examines a domain’s link profile and finds links according to their type, Domain rank, and other factors.


The starting price is $69 per month ($55 per month if paid annually). Along with the features listed above, it offers the following:

  • Track your keyword placements over time after starting an SEO campaign using the rank tracker tool.
  • Site audit – Examine your website and identify any problems that are preventing it from ranking correctly in search results.
  • Get suggestions from a seed keyword or look at the terms that your rivals are ranking for while conducting keyword research. The list is then arranged according to search volume and competition.
  • You may use its rank tracker API, branded reports, and other capabilities with higher options starting at $149/month.



  • A very good tool with limits that are more lenient and cheaper than those of Ahrefs and SEMrush.
  • Website owners can use the AI content generator function on their websites.


Only offers information about SEO rivals, not on the market or industry as a whole.



One of the top similarweb alternatives is the searchmetrics homepage. Two of the three services that Searchmetrics provides are useful if you’re looking for real Similarweb alternatives.

Similar to Conductor, Suite is the business’ corporate SEO software. Four features are available to aid with competitor analysis:

Research Cloud – Learn about the global and market trends, the SEO strategies of your rivals, and your search visibility. These give you a thorough historical and present-day market overview to aid in decision-making.

Content Experience: Produce content with the aid of competition data and a dependable, quantifiable approach. Additionally, by suggesting pertinent themes and keywords to include and discuss, its machine-learning technology aids in the optimization of your content.

Search Experience – Collect insightful data to increase visitors and sales to your website. To determine market share, you can also track keyword placements across numerous nations and platforms. Finally, make it simpler for the target audience to find your material by optimizing it for the intent of the relevant keywords.

Site Experience: Look for ways to enhance the functionality of your website.

Secondly, there is Insights. With only a occasional clicks, you can carry out precise, thorough market research without restrictions.

Pick your industry from the list of product categories that include the most recent market information. then include information about the effectiveness of your website, your competitors, and your clients.

The program will then aggregate data from both sources to produce insights and practical suggestions for gaining market dominance.


  • Pricing for searchmetrics with Capterra
  • The cost of Searchmetrics’ tools is not disclosed on the website. To discuss a cost-sharing arrangement based on your needs, you must speak with its representatives.
  • Our investigation shows that the monthly cost of Searchmetrics Suite varies from €397 to several thousand euros.

Users outside of the United States can unbundle Searchmetrics Suite and pay less to subscribe to just one of the four products. The Research Cloud, for instance, costs €89/month for one (1) nation and €159/month for several countries.



To provide users a complete picture of their sector and how they might dominate it, search data complements market research.


Access and price structures that are complicated.



One potential alternative to Similarweb is SEO Powersuite, which allows you to do competitive analysis to create and manage initiatives intended to increase organic traffic to your website.

There are four different tools in the software:

Run a technical and on-page website audit report with the help of a website auditor to find areas where your next SEO strategy needs to be improved.

Rank Tracker – Keep tabs on and track the keyword rankings for your website across a variety of search engines and devices. You can tell from the results if your campaign was successful over time. Additionally, it has tools for keyword research. Here you may generate topic ideas and research the keywords that your opponents are ranking for.

SEO Spyglass – Analyze the backlink profile of your competitors to find the links that send the most traffic their way. Additionally, it displays a site’s distribution of anchor texts, penalty risk determined by the number of harmful backlinks, and other information.

LinkAssistant – Scrub email addresses of link prospects and contact them to request a backlink from their website. Select an email template, change it, and send it to your potential customers.


There are two plans for SEO Powersuite as a whole: Professional ($299/year) and Enterprise ($499). The first one is ideal for website owners, but the second one is for agencies that work for clients. This is so that customers of the Enterprise plan can send clients reports with a single click and take use of its higher feature limits.

You can buy each of the aforementioned devices separately if you’re only interested in one of them. Each can cost between $99 and 149 for professionals and $199 and 249 for businesses.



Pricing that is fair with even more fair constraints.


  • Pricing scheme based on licenses. The program on the device you installed and activated is the only one you can access, so to speak.
  • A small handful of projects are available online. The remaining data must all be saved locally.
  • Market and industry statistics are not available; SEO is the main focus.



Conductor is a business SEO solution used by companies like Comcast, Verizon, Philips, and others. It has qualities that make it suitable as one of the alternatives to Similarweb.

Its platform gives you the ability to carry out the actions required for a successful SEO strategy:

The tool’s Search information function offers information to assist you better understand your audience when you research keywords. Then, using Conductor’s Keyword Index, use the insights to find keywords you can use as topics for your content. Also check Rewording Tools

Comparing similar websites to your own and understanding each one’s advantages, disadvantages, and paid traffic analysis tools will help you analyze your competition. Concentrate on competitor information that can help your website become more visible online.

Get AI-driven advice on what to write about and include in your content to produce content that your audience will appreciate. As a way to streamline your process, you can also apply SEO recommendations as you are currently composing your content.

Track your website’s visibility based on the SERP positions of your keywords by keeping an eye on keyword rankings. Compare your ranks to those of your rivals and stay up with their performance. In order to locate the information you’re examining for, filter and segment SERPs.

Run a technical website audit to find problems that require your urgent attention, then make adjustments as you go. After that, make the required adjustments to your website to address issues as they arise and improve future SEO performance.

Measure outcomes and develop an action plan by looking at which pages received the most or the least traffic over time. Create dynamic, personalized reports that are focused on adding value to persuade stakeholders about your impending campaign.


  • Pricing for conductors using Trustradius
  • The custom price for the platform may only be obtained by contacting Conductor for a demo. Reports state that the monthly price can reach $1,995.



Excellent resources and client onboarding to get you using the platform.


If you do not understand how to use it effectively, it could become even more expensive. If you track your term ranking on extraneous devices or geo-locations, for instance, you can pay more.


Nearly all of the tools from the list of Similarweb alternatives above place a significant emphasis on SEO in their feature sets. To be honest, it’s a terrific technique to comprehend your rivals and identify strategies for outranking them in search results.

However, in the strictest sense, Similarweb isn’t an SEO tool. It gives you the ability to conduct market research on a variety of market segments, including your audience, rival businesses, and consumers. Using the data acquired, you may compare the performance of your website and those of your rivals to market and industry norms.

Therefore, the closest alternatives to Similarweb that fit this use case are:

  • Searchmetrics – Using current data and machine learning technologies, the Suite and Insights products offer users relevant market data.

The market data in Semrush works well with the tool’s SEO and content marketing features. When creating digital marketing strategies for your websites and clients, this gives you an advantage.