A solid team of professionals, especially the agents, is the key to success for any real estate firm or brokerage. However, building a powerful team is a big challenge for real estate firms. 

With so many career options, candidates are less inclined towards real estate jobs. Thus, real estate brokers or agencies often struggle to find and retain the right candidates. 

From choosing the right staffing solutions to your current hiring process, anything could be affecting your real estate recruitment decisions. Here, we will help you know the right approach and some expert strategies to simplify and improve your recruiting. With these proven guidelines, you can recruit the right talent for your real estate agency and move towards success. 

1. Encourage Referrals

Many industries have already been recruiting smartly with employee referrals. Then why not you? Employee referral is the most popular and smartest tactic to hire the best people, within less time and budget. Referred employees are 55% faster to recruit as compared to candidates sourced through job sites. Also, 82% of employers believe that employee referral is the greatest source of the highest return on investment. 

Referrals from trusted employees give you high-quality candidates while also saving your efforts, time, and money. Nither you have to invest in advertising nor you have to spend a lot of time screening the candidate. 

For easy and best recruitment solutions, consider introducing an employee referral program. When any employee suggests the right candidate, and he/she gets selected, award the employee with some bonus amount. With the help of your existing pool of agents, you can recruit more talented real estate agents.

2. Leverage Social Media 

About 79% of job seekers use social media for searching for the right job. Also, a lot of passive employees spend most of their time on social media. So, having a social media presence of your real estate firm can help you attract and recruit better candidates effortlessly. For instance, you can create a Facebook page of your real estate company to promote your business and also attract the best real estate agents. Facebook Ads are also an effective way to attract prospective employees.

From employer branding to job posting and marketing, social media offers you many benefits, and you must make most out of it. Other platforms like Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. are also helpful for the real estate job posting and hiring promising real estate agents. 

3. Ring The Changes

If your existing hiring efforts aren’t showing effective results, try changing your strategies. Try experimenting with the different recruiting methods that break the conventional strategies.  

You can’t get highly- motivated and interested candidates by posting jobs with the same basic script or a template. To fetch the best candidates’ attention and stand out from the rest agencies, you must try improving your job posts, change your posting strategy, and other practices, and identify if you can get better results. If you are still placing real estate job ads in the newspaper, it is time to switch to job websites or build your online presence. 

Embracing the new hiring approaches and changes will help you attract a bigger pool of candidates and hire the best ones. 

4. Update The Career Section

Besides showcasing your property listing, your real estate website can help you hire the best real estate agents. Career page is where candidates get detailed information about the job post, work culture, and other needed things. Also, a candidate can explore your company information on your website and make his/her mind to join your firm. 

Try to update and improve the career section on your website to make recruitment much easier and effective. Update the page with an attractive headline like “best opportunities in a real estate career” and have an intelligible call to action. Also, share your career page link across social media platforms to get maximum traffic and applications. 

A career page will help you showcase the job posts on your website while saving much time and money. Also, it can help improve your business credibility and online presence. 

5.  Choose The Right Recruitment Tool

A lot of free recruitment soft wares is available, and thousands of agencies or employers use them. With so much crowd on these free platforms, your job posts may get lost or get late responses. Also, many of these free tools require employers to enter and manage applicant’s data manually. Thus, it is advisable to choose your recruitment tools wisely. Choose the recruitment software/tool that makes things easier for you rather than wasting your time. 

It’s best to invest in niche platforms or tools to speed up your real estate recruitment and get effective outcomes. Choose a software specially designed for real estate recruitment that lets you easily manage applications, track each lead, onboard your new recruits, schedule follow-ups, and coordinate with teammates. Such efficient tools help to save your recruiter’s time and let you focus on other important tasks. 

6. Reach Out Local Career Centres

A lot of candidates prefer and join career centres to find the best career opportunities. 

Thus, reaching out to local career centres can help recruit talented real estate professionals. Reach out to the renowned career centres in your region, put up posters, or post on their sites to attract candidates looking for real estate job opportunities. 

Whether you are looking for temp recruitment or permanent real estate agents, career centres can assist you with the right referrals of candidates. 

7. Promote Your Work Culture

Not just fresher’s, but many experienced real estate professionals look for better opportunities. They want to switch the current job for many reasons, and work culture is one of them. Promoting your work culture and various benefits of working at your organization can greatly attract these professionals. 

For instance, showcase how your agency has maintained a culture of collaboration that allows comradeship among team members. You can also highlight if your agency invests in the professional growth of your real estate agents, or conducts training and mentorship programs

8. Keep Recruiting

It is a common practice to stop recruitment when you find candidates to fill the positions. However, many real estate agencies and recruiters get in trouble with this approach. They scramble at the last moment to get a perfect replacement for an agent who has left the job suddenly. You can easily deal with such an issue by embracing an always-recruiting approach.

Keep your eye on new, talented, and promising agents, and put them in different recruitment stages until you are ready to hire them completely.

Consistent recruitment is the best way for real estate agencies or brokers to keep the real estate agent positions filled and ensure seamless operations. 

9. Hire People With Different Experience Levels

Every real estate agent probably wants to hire the top agents. It is a tough job to convince highly experienced agents to switch their job and join your firm. 

If you already have experienced professionals in your team, why waste time searching for more experts? Recruiting entry-level agents with appropriate skills is a wise strategy to speed up recruitment while saving time and money. Also, a team of real estate agents with different experience levels can be easy to handle and bear fruitful outcomes.

10. Reach Out To Local Colleges And Universities

As said earlier, hiring entry-level agents is a cost-effective way to build a strong real estate team. If you wish to build your organization quickly and with less investment, reach out to the colleges or universities in your region. Here you will find the entry-level talent suitable for your real estate business. 

The best way to attract the best entry-level agents is to personally visit colleges/universities, promote your company, and communicate with candidates. 

Wrapping it!

In a nutshell, for effective and swift real estate recruitment, you must focus on embracing the changes, latest technologies, and proven tactics. When hiring real estate agents, try to make most of the latest recruitment tools/software, social media channels, and seek assistance from renowned recruitment agencies Darlington or your particular city.