QuickBooks is an extensively used accounting tool and despite its wide usage, users of this program usually encounter certain problems. One such problem is QuickBooks Error 80070057.

What are the symptoms that indicate a QuickBooks Error 80070057?

By keeping the following points in mind, one can easily identify the QuickBooks Error 80070057:

  • If the QuickBooks software windows are constantly crashing 
  • If the overall system is crashing again and again 
  • The slow and sluggish response of the QuickBooks software to inputs
  • If the error box shows up upon an attempt to access files
  • When users are informed about not having permission to delete the file
  • Because of QuickBooks errors, the system also usually freezes and stop to respond 

How can QuickBooks Error 80070057 be fixed?

It is very easy to fix QuickBooks Error 80070057 with the following step by step guide. There are several solutions to fix the error. 

Solution 1:

1. Update your QuickBooks software to the latest version

Updating your QuickBooks software can resolve the issue. You can update it by following the given steps.

  • Select the update QuickBooks option from the help menu
  • Initiate the update and select the reset box only if you want to delete the earlier update downloads 
  • Now click on the get update options
  • After the necessary updates, check whether QuickBooks Error 80070057 is resolved or not?

2. Alter the extension

  • First of all, create a new folder and paste copied company files in this new folder
  • Right-click on the new folder and then rename the QB extension with the .qbm
  • Save changes, restore the portable file through opening the QuickBooks Desktop 
  • If having difficulties open the QuickBooks application, change the extension to .qbb
  • Open the QuickBooks and select “Restore the Backup”
  • If the file does not open, rename the extension to .qbx
  • Now convert the file to an Accounting copy
  • Paste the copied company file into another folder in an external drive

Solution 2:

  • Right-click on the company file
  • After that, hit the “properties” button
  • Now hit the QuickBooks’s display icon
  • In the Filename field, notice the file extension and then open the QuickBooks 
  • Finally hit the “ok” button

 Solution 3:

This is a simple solution to fix the error by performing a clean install after uninstalling QuickBooks. 

Solution 4:

Solution 4 revolves around the configuration of BitDefender so that QuickBooks Desktop communication can be performed. It has the following easy steps:

  • Select Antivirus by going to the BitDefender 10.0 main menu
  • Select “Custom Level”
  • Select “Exclude path from the scan”
  • Now select the “New Item”
  • Finally, select UNC path used for browsing company file

Solution 5:

Access QuickBooks as system admin is another viable way to solve the QuickBooks Error 80070057.

  • Locate QuickBooks display icon and then hit right click on the icon
  • Choose “Run as administrator”
  • If the company file does not open, select the company file and then select open
  • Now check if the error is still existent or not

Solution 6:

Rescanning your company file through QuickBooks database server manager is another easy method to solve QuickBooks Error 80070057.

  • Hit the “Windows key” at the keyboard and type “QuickBooks Database Server Manager”
  • After that, you will have to add a folder to show browse folder window
  • Choose the folder where the company file was saved and now click on “Ok” icon
  • Now scan the database server after hitting “Scan Button” 
  • Once the scan is finished, reopen the file once

Solution 7.

It is also possible to resolve the QuickBooks Error 80070057 issue with locating company files to a default location. 

  • Close your QuickBooks Desktop before proceeding and then search for the location of the company file
  • After locating the file, copy it and then paste it to the default location (c:/users/public/publicdocuments/intuit/QuickBooks/companyfiles)
  • Now open the QuickBooks software and select the option to find the company file 
  • Finally, choose the correct file and hit open to open the company file

Solution 8:

Configuration of the firewall setting is another effective solution to sort out QuickBooks Error 80070057.

For the correct configuration, follow the following easy steps:

  • The first step is to add an exception to the firewall 
  • Then follow the firewall provider’s standard procedures and instructions to change the firewall setting and hence allowing the user to receive and send data
  • If the error still exists, uninstall and reinstall the firewall application

Solution 9:

Accordingly accessing the QuickBooks company file can also prove handy to get rid of the QuickBooks Error 80070057.

  • First of all, it is necessary to work on Windows version and then move to the QuickBooks 
  • Then select the version of QuickBooks that is to be initiated 
  • Now check whether the company file is opening or not
  • If the company file is not opened, repeat the process to make sure the opening of the file
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